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Winchester Bay RV Resort

Oregon RV Resorts For Those Who Like Vacationing in Style—Part 1

No two RVers have the same needs. In fact, we know RV-goers are as diverse as they come. For some, a tranquil escape is the thing that hits the mark; for others, it’s a family-friendly location with plenty of amenities and easy access to local attractions. Whether you’re looking for an RV resort to cater to all your needs, or an RV campground tucked into the mountains, there’s …

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Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

Our goal to become a world class company

I am excited today, for lots of reasons, but most especially, we are nearing the end of almost 3 continuous years of construction projects, starting with the GTC remodel, then the construction of our eventual collision center at 3rd Street, on to the complete tear down and rebuild of Auto Service, and the construction of our new RV Park. Never in our history have we undergone this level of new c…

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2018 Nash 29 S Travel Trailer

Nash Travel Trailers

For more than 24 years, Guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City has been the dealership for Northwood Nash travel trailers. In fact, Guaranty was one of the first Northwood Nash dealers in 1993. With seven different floorplans to choose from, and custom built durable chassis, Northwood Nash Trailers are a top pick for Guaranty shoppers. Northwood Manufacturing Northwood manufacturing is in N…

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Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

"Bring the Fire" even when you are tired

Dear Guaranty: It has been a long week, I am fighting off a cold, I have been dealing with some customer issues and employee issues and it is Friday and I am tired, mentally and physically. I have to hold a meeting at 9:00 with a group of managers and introduce a very dynamic speaker, at least in my mind, but I don’t know how the crowd is going to like him. He has a slide show that he has …

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RV with a motorcycle on a lift while towing a vehicle

How To RV With Your Motorcycle: Lifts, Trailers and Toy Haulers

When we think of RVing, we think of adventure. For some people, adventuring means hauling a quad, motorcycle or jet ski. Here at Guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City, we want you to travel with ease. This month, we’ve put together our top picks by style and model, to get you and your motorcycle on the road with ease. Trailers, Toy Haulers, and Lifts, Which Is Best? We often get a…

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Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

Thoughts on racism and prejudice

Dear Guaranty: When I was a young man, I remember watching the news one evening and they were covering a story on some tragedy in Africa, or the Middle East I don’t remember which, but the picture was of a mother holding her child who had died of malnutrition. I am ashamed to this day that I watched that segment with a feeling of indifference as if just because this woman lived in an impov…

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2018 Lance 1172 Truck Camper

Lance Campers: 2018 Updates

As the leaves change and we start planning for fall holidays, RV enthusiasts are thinking about the new year, and the release of 2018 RVs. The new models are exciting, and many avid shoppers are searching for the latest and greatest. At Guaranty RV, we constantly follow industry news and the most exciting trailers, motorhomes and campers of the season. Which is why we created this blog, all about …

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Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

Thoughts on the path to greatness

Dear Team: The conversation started at 3:30 this morning. You have only made it two days this week, why not miss another day? I should take a day off to rest. I have an early meeting, so I won’t be able to get a full workout in. That pool is so cold. What if the hot tub isn’t hot? And so it goes just about every morning of my life. The easiest thing to do is just turn o…

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Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

F&I: Finance and Insurance at Guaranty

How many of you know what F&I means? Certainly those of you in sales know who these people are and how important they are, for the rest of you, allow me to explain. First of all, F&I stands for Finance and Insurance and identifies their primary sales duties of arranging financing for customers who want to finance a purchase, and offering Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for sale to customers…

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Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

Smoke and the Willamette valley

Well as we can all see, it seems as if our entire state is covered in smoke and a good portion of it is. It is unsettling to me, and I know it is to all of you as well so I wanted to get with you all and put a little perspective on this. Before Europeans settled the Willamette Valley, grass and forest fires were common. Most of the grass fires were started by the Native Americans who inhabited t…

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