Winnebago EKKO

Winnebago 22A with raw sienna graphics
Winnebago 22A with Raw Sienna Graphics

Winnebago may be a familiar name to you, and it likely is, as the company has been involved in recreational vehicles since 1958. Even in their early years, the company has made their name synonymous with quality motor homes, travel trailers, and fifth wheel products. This claim holds its weight as Winnebago is the only RV manufacturer to receive the RV Dealers Association Quality Circle Award consistently since their first unit rolled off their lot.

Nearly 60 years later, when the Class B Winnebago Revel Camper Van made her debut in 2017, it was the first mass-produced, four-wheel-drive camper van available in the United States. With that experience, dedication, and innovation in hand, new paths were paved for the upcoming 2022 releases.

Hold onto your winter hats and batten down the boot buckles, because the all-new Winnebago EKKO is coming!

What is a Winnebago EKKO? Motorhome Sales Manager, Don Fults, at Guaranty RV Super Centers enthusiastically explains, “This coach fits a special niche in the present and future market with its unique ability to adapt to the real outdoor enthusiast as well as the urbanite’s tame jungle. Its target point in the market is aimed at the younger and ‘younger-at-heart’ outdoor enthusiast.”

In fact, the EKKO is a revolutionary RV that combines the compactness, quick setup, and the maneuverability of a Class B footprint with the capacity and luxury amenities expected of a Class C motorhome. It is an all wheel drive RV that sits on a Ford Transit chassis with winter escapades in mind–but will excel in all of your year-round explorations with plenty of amenities, storage, interior space, insulation, safety features, and some surprises.

The EKKO comes in two floor plans, the 22A and the 24C. Two color choices and two design schemes are available within each color: raw sienna and raw sienna with graphics or verdant and verdant with graphics.

Product specs indicate both versions are noticeably tall at 10-feet 6-inch tall and 7-feet 2.5-inch wide. The 22A model measures 23-feet 2-inch long, whereas the 24C is 25-feet in length. Interior height of both units is an impressive 6-feet 8-inch with an interior width of 6-feet 9-inch. The 22A wheelbase measures at 156-inch and 178-inch for the 24C. Each version has a 13-feet awning, a GCWR of 15,000-lbs. and GVWR at 11,000-lbs.

For those deep in the wild, relaxation and comfort are paramount, and the EKKO delivers with the all seasons insulation filling the deep pockets within the roof, walls, and floors. The front cab area (and heat or cold) can be blocked off from the main cabin area with an easy snap-in-place insulating curtain. No need to remove the curtain if access to the cab area is needed as a center zipper allows quick access. In addition, the dual paned acrylic windows, and the Truma heater partnered with a Truma AquaGo hot water heater are all designed to keep everyone cozy and comfortable.

Some safety features expected with the EKKO models are: adaptive cruise control; lane keeping assist system; pre-collision emergency braking; driver alert; blind spot monitoring (sensors are housed on both sides of the steel bumper); marker lights all around; automatic HID headlights and fog lights; LED brake lights; rain-sensing windshield wipers (which activate the headlights); Winnebago-branded running boards (with a D-ring for tethering a pet or bike); internally controlled and heated side mirrors; and a sturdy, lockable screen door made of wire mesh—not a typical screen-door material—protecting you from wildlife and other possible intruders.

Winnebago 22A Floorplan
Winnebago 22A Floorplan

It is clear a lot of thought went into the overall design of the EKKO 22A and the attention to comfort and convenience it provides are obvious.

Here is what we mean:

  • (2) 32-by-76-inch twin beds and (1) 60-by-80-inch Flex bed enable the unit to sleep up to four
  • Four seats: captain’s chair, co-captain’s chair, and two jump seats
    • The jump seats have three-point harness seat belts and child seat tethers that are accessible by popping off the bottom cushion.
    • The captain and co-captain chairs both swivel to make an inclusive seating area
  • Heated gear garage below the sleeping deck. Say what? More on this later…
  • Valuable pantry space
  • Extensive number of 110-volt, USB, and 12-volt outlets strategically placed throughout coach
  • Large, thin, off-the-ground, refrigerator
  • (1) two-burner, propane cooktop
  • Spacious wet/dry bath… a delightful surprise!
  • (2) 455-watt solar panels
  • 50-gal. freshwater tank; 51-gal. gray water tank
  • 31-gal. fuel tank, provides more fuel than the average 28-gal. tank usually found with this type of unit
  • Optional outdoor kitchen
  • Two awnings stretch out to expand the outdoor living space
  • Water hookups are at standing height
  • Counter/working space is expandable with a pivoting and adjustable table

Let us dig deeper into the details of the 22A, starting with the basics, like what makes this coach mobile. The engine is a 310 hp, 3.5-liter turbocharged ecoboost V6. It has 400-lb-ft of torque with a 10-speed automatic transmission and runs on gasoline. All this power is mounted on the AWD Ford Transit chassis.

Once parked at the spectacular view of your choice but lacking a 30-amp shore power hookup (aka boondocking), (3) 455-watt solar panels and a 2,800-watt quiet gas generator will meet or exceed all national park standards provide power to the coach. One 350-amp hour lithium battery (a second battery is optional and will effectively double operation time but removes the generator) and a 2,000-watt inverter (make sure to turn this off during storage time to prevent parasitic draw) are also included. Numerous pods of (2) 110-volt, (2) USB ports, and (1) 12-volt outlets are strategically placed throughout this unit to keep various devices charged and all within easy reach.

Winnebago 22A Exterior BaysThe outside of the EKKO has plenty of storage bays to keep things organized. One thing to note is the exterior doors (including the entry door) are CNC routed out of the wall panel to achieve the same thickness and insulation level as the surrounding area—never mind, a superior fit.

If you would rather not cook inside, or tend to have large meals to prepare, the storage bay just to the left of entry door can hold a nifty optional kitchen! It offers a propane cooktop, a quick-connect and flexible hose and faucet with both hot and cold water, a collapsible sink basin (that when flat, may be used as a cutting board or additional prep area), and large utensil hooks. Below the cooktop, is a handy cooler-style fridge and freezer unit!

Moving to the rear of the EKKO, you will find the lockable gear garage! This remarkable pass-through storage space goes the full 7-feet across, is accessible via three doors (one on each side, and one in the rear), and is both heated and insulated. Designed to hold two bikes, or any other outdoor gear of your liking, each of the four corners has full-width L-Tracks with tie-down loops.  Inside each side door resides a single switch light along with 12- and 110-volt outlets. The two side doors themselves have Molle Panels, a standardized rack used in the military and can each hold up to 50-lbs. of hanging items. For further protection and sturdiness, the ceiling and wall between garage and interior are steel-backed.

Winnebage 22A Batwing and Standard AwningsWhether moving about or lounging outside the EKKO, with one touch of a button, you can protect yourself from the warm or cool weather and extend the traditional 13-foot awning on passenger side or walk out the 270-degree batwing awning. The batwing unzips from a pouch and covers the driver side compartments in the rear as well as the rear garage door. The sun-resistant awning fabric comes sourced from South Africa and has Velcro strips at top allowing wall attachments to create a screened-in room or privacy while using the exterior shower. An extendable leg and tie downs can be used for extra support (always retract the awning when the wind starts to pick up) and a strip of LED lighting lets owners know where the awning rests at nighttime.

Accessing the outdoor water center is easy while in the standing position and contents are kept visible with an exterior light above and a light within the bay itself! Inside the water center, there is an exterior shower with cold and hot water (available from the immediate and continuous tankless water heater), city water hookup, 50-gallon gravity fill freshwater tank (designed to fill your tanks without the need for pressure or threaded wire), water and winterization valves. Owners will also find satellite, cable, and TV inputs with their respective 12- and 110-volt outlets. The door has a Molle Panel for more hanging accessories, and as an added bonus, an illustration shows all handle positions related to dry camping, city water, sanitizing, and winterizing.

Upon entering the EKKO, the steps will automatically extend out or can be set in position with a single touch of a button. The heavy-duty wire mesh “screen” door magnetizes to the main door and leaves no worry about breaking the latch attaching the two.

To the right of the entry door is the cab area with two swiveling chairs for both the captain and the co-captain. Both seats are adjustable via dials and levers and are within an arm’s reach of their own cup holder and large Nalgene-bottle-type size pocket. A 12-volt, USB connection, and cellphone pocket are all also nearby.

The driver has control over the adaptive cruise control, speed limit control, horn, stereo volume, Bluetooth controls, lane departure warning system, lights, variable speed wipers, and an adjustable steering column. Six driving modes are available to the driver: normal, eco, slippery, mud/ruts, tow-haul, and auto traction control. The radio, satellite, navigation system, Apple Carplay/Android Auto, clock, and sound volume is all user friendly and easy access on an 8-inch panel display. Also in the cab area is a battery boost button, an integrated trailer brake controller (no need to add an aftermarket product if the trailer you pull needs brakes), and a blind spot monitor that will indicate if something is too close.

Winnebago 22AAt the top of the cab is an area for an optional entertainment center. This space is prepped with an HDMI input, cable input, and a 110-volt outlet to power the 24-inch television with sound bar and SONY blue ray/DVD player.

When the two front seats face toward the common area, the captain’s chair has access to a large, yet compact, flip-up table that is also usable by the two jump seats on the far side. Next to the co-captain’s chair is a Lagun table that is adjustable in height and can be pivoted to use as a desk or positioned as a kitchen countertop extension.

A large window is on the wall along the two automotive-grade jump seats and driver’s chair. All the acrylic windows outside the cab area are dual-paned (for the quietest and best-insulated performance) and have a pull-down airflow screen that clicks in place or a privacy screen that slides up! Also next to the jump seats, is a push on/off light, and a RAM track system to customize to your needs.

Winnebago 22A

The well-equipped full galley has lots of storage in the overhead cabinets with doors that stay open via a magnet to the ceiling. Two large and deep drawers are under the counter and a small pantry closet with adjustable shelving is located next to jump seats. A regular microwave pairs up with a two-burner propane cooktop for cooking and a large-capacity, tall, thin, 12-volt compressor-driven refrigerator/freezer unit is at standing height (no need to crouch down!). The tall cabinetry beneath the stovetop hides the drinking water filter but has plenty of room since it pushes out to the exterior wall. A large, one-bowl, stainless steel sink has a cover that doubles as a bamboo cutting board and a residential-grade, single-handle faucet with a pullout extension.

Simple touches in the kitchen such as under-counter lighting and accent lighting along the ceiling create a lovely ambiance. The smoke detector and fire extinguisher are a step to your left from the sink. The fuse panel, breaker box, CO2 and propane detectors are easily accessible in a panel below the fridge and a large pop-out window, overhead fan, and two more power banks round out this functional space.

Winnebago 22A Bathroom

The bathroom of the EKKO 22A is a simply beautiful design. At initial glance, one would not know it is actually a two-for-one space. Room one presents the vanity area with mirror, residential-sized sink and faucet, towel hook, two-shelf medicine cabinet, (2) 110-volt outlets, window, and a cassette toilet with swivel seat that provides more seated legroom. The cassette has a 5-gal. capacity and is on wheels (like rolling luggage) for easy transport to a proper disposal area.

Here is the fun part. The “wall” that holds the sink and mirror is actually a floor-to-ceiling panel attached to the exterior wall via a magnet. Gently pull and pivot the panel to the right to repurpose the restroom into a spacious shower stall—thus creating a solid barrier that keeps the sink and toilet area dry. A ceiling track keeps the shower curtain in place and surrounding area dry while showering under the Oxygenics shower head. This special fixture uses less water but puts out more pressure and has its on/off switch on the shower head itself.

Winnebago 22A Sleep and Storage AreaQuality sleep is as important to Winnebago as their quality products. The two full-time twin-size beds have a special spring system—called WinnSleep, and unique to Winnebago—that give an extra cushiony feel similar to the memory foam mattress. The center cushions fold up to create a nightstand or unrolls to create a queen-size mattress area. Pop-out windows are on both sides of the coach with a pull DOWN screen or a pull UP privacy shield. Two deep drawers are under the sleeping deck of both twins as well as hanging wardrobe space on both sides. Extra space is available and accessible by lifting the flip-top cover under the mattress. Also located under the mattress is the fresh water tank. A privacy curtain hangs between the sleeping and living for privacy and restfulness. The overhead storage at the head of mattress comes wired for power with (1) 12-volt, (2) 110-volt outlets, and (2( USB port on both sides and the driver side compartment holds the roof access port for a satellite connection, etc. The wall at the foot of mattress has a cable output and two 110-outlets for a small television hookup.

The EKKO is a game changer in the recreational vehicle world and is the perfectly compact motorhome to travel, explore, and simply adventure…any time of year. Shannon Nill, Dealer for Guaranty RV Super Centers eagerly awaits the EKKO at Guaranty, “The RV Industry is excited to celebrate the arrival of the new Winnebago EKKO for its affordability, thrifty size and ability to utilize smaller RV spaces and wayside viewpoints. Chalk up another win for Winnebago!”

As of this writing, Guaranty RV Super Centers has both the 22A and 24C models on order with the 22A anticipated on our lots in Summer 2021. The 24C will follow later in the year. The Winnebago EKKO price expects to start at $163,662 MSRP.

To learn more about the Winnebago EKKO, please contact a product expert at Guaranty RV Super Centers. Guaranty does take pre-orders and expects this product to sell out quickly. To learn more about Winnebago product offerings at Guaranty, please visit this webpage.


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