Guaranty has implemented a 6-foot distancing policy between all individuals in the workplace is follows;

Both the work activities and the workplace will be designed to eliminate the need for any worker to be within 6 feet of another individual to do their duties. If there is an instance, where employees and other individuals cannot be separated by at least 6 feet, whether indoors or outside, everyone is required to use masks, face shields, or face coverings in accordance with state guidelines.

Any vehicle carrying employees or customers who are not in the same household, regardless of the duration or distance must wear a face mask and are limited to half its legal passenger capacity or two individuals in total. This does not apply if all individuals are members of the same household

Masks, face shields, and or face coverings are required and Guaranty will require that all individuals, including customers, vendors, and or patrons 5 years and older, not actively eating, drinking, or smoking at the workplace or other premises under Guaranty’s control will be wearing one whenever the 6-foot distancing requirement cannot be assured.

Guaranty will provide masks, face shields, and or face coverings for employees at no cost to the worker. If an employee wishes to wear his or her own instead of those provided by Guaranty that will be allowed.

In any room where the available space is less than 35 square feet per individual, Guaranty will require you to wear a facemask or face covering. If an employee is working in an area with at least one individual in an indoor room that is smaller than 200 square feet, all individuals must wear a facemask.

Guaranty will identify and target all commons areas accessible to employees or the public for regular cleaning or sanitation. Common areas are defined as shared equipment used, and all high touched surfaces. Guaranty will provide employees with supplies necessary to sanitize.

Guaranty will post the COVID-19 Hazard Posters provided by OSHA in Human Resources as well as any points of entry into the workplace, bathrooms, lunchrooms, breakrooms, or any other designated area where employees can eat or smoke.

Guaranty will use existing heating, vacuuming, and air conditioning (HVAC) system(s) at the workplace to circulate air whenever there are employees in the workplace. In accordance with the manufactures instructions and design specifications of the HVAC system as frequently as necessary, Guaranty will ensure the following;

All air filters used are maintained and replaced to ensure the proper function of the ventilation system and all intake ports that provide outdoor or fresh air to the system will be cleaned, maintained, and cleared of any debris that could affect the performance or ventilation.

Guaranty, has designated Ed Morgan as our Distancing Officer. He will be responsible for all policies and procedures including implementing physical distancing, facemasks, and sanitization procedures.

Guaranty will also do a risk assessment, regardless of the use of personal protective equipment or face masks or face shields & face coverings. The risk assessment will address the following questions;

  1. Can employee’s telework or otherwise work remotely and is it encouraged to reduce the transmission of the Covid-19
  2. What is the working distances between employees during non-routine and routine work and do they need to change
  3. Are there any modifications that need to be made to provide the 6-foot distancing between individuals
  4. Do we have a facemask policy in place and how is it communicated
  5. Have employees been notified of the COVID 19 policies including quarantine requirements
  6. Have engineering controls such as ventilation, airborne infection, or general building systems and physical barriers been sufficient
  7. Have administrative controls such as traffic been used to minimize employees exposure
  8. How are sanitization methods being implemented and communicated
  9. Are we implementing and staying on top of periodic updates and guidance by the CDC and state
  10. Are we assuring all these policies and procedures are practiced in all worksites

The exposure risk assessment will also involve feedback and participation from employees. Guaranty will also record the COVID 19 exposure risk assessment in writing by documenting the following information;

The names, job titles, and contact information of those who performed the exposure risk assessment; the date the assessment was completed, the job classifications that were evaluated, and a summary of the answers to each applicable exposure risk assessment questions.

Guaranty will provide information and training for everything listed in this policy and solicit feedback from employees.

Guaranty will also implement a notification process based on known contact or suspected of being exposed to COVID 19 by exposed employee. Guaranty will notify affected employee(s) that he or she had work-related contact with if the individual tested positive for COVID 19. Guaranty will notify you within 48-hours of Guaranty being aware in accordance with all applicable federal and Oregon laws and regulations.

If the Oregon Health Authority, public health agency, or medical provider recommends an employee be quarantined or isolated due to COVID-19, such as for contact tracing, the affected worker(s) may be temporarily reassigned. If a temporary reassignment occurs, the duties will not involve in-person contact with workers or the public. If no such position exists, the employee may qualify for FFCRA leave.

Please contact your Supervisor or Human Resources for any questions.

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