A Blog Challenge

Over the past 4 weeks, you have been treated to blogs created by some of your team mates, Jolene, Claire, Terry and Paul Willman. I want to thank the four of you for being willing to share a part of you with us. It takes a certain amount of courage to do that and I applaud you for it.

One of the best things about being a part of this organization is all of you, I am constantly amazed at the lives that lie hidden beneath your work selves. Your talent, creativity, the hobbies you have and how much you can care for each other, and others in your lives. At one of our corporate retreats a few years ago our facilitator had us do an exercise called Two Truths and a Lie. Some of you have done that in some of our meetings as well. It is a very interesting exercise where you write down 3 things about yourself, two of them true, and one of them false then people try to guess which ones are true. You would be surprised at what you find out about people you think you know. Those of you who supervise others here will find out how well you know your people.

So, team, I have a challenge for you all. I would like to devote the next I don’t know how many blogs to profiling one of you and at the end of the profile, I would like you to give us two truths and a lie and we can see how many of the rest of us get them right. Maybe we can talk some of our customers into that as well.

Here are two truths and a lie about me, good luck.

Ed Morgan

1. Has ridden a train across Australia
2. Has kayaked the Grand Canyon
3. Has climbed Mt. Adams in Washington

Have a great week everybody.


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