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Beat the Heat- Air Conditioners for your RV

Summer is the best time of the year to camp, because the kids are out of school, campsites are abuzz with excitement and the clear blue skies make us long for endless nights under the stars. But during a heatwave, there’s no desire to hit the backcountry without an air conditioner.

When you buy new, most RVs and trailers come with air conditioning units. But if you bought used or if you bought a unit that had all the bells and whistles on your list without air conditioning, you can always add a unit later. This week, we are going to talk about the best air conditioners for your RV, and air conditioning basics and maintenance, so you can stay comfortable on the road!

RV Air Conditioner Basics

It is important to understand BTU’s (British Thermal Unit), the unit used to measure the strength of the air conditioner. Most new RVs come with 13,500 BTU AC units, which is important to remember so that you can determine what strength works best for your lifestyle.
When determining what strength of air conditioner you should purchase, first ask yourself how often you plan to use the air conditioner. If you only need it sometimes, look for an air conditioner under 13,500 BTUs. However, if you are looking to run your air conditioner more often, and absolutely can’t stand the heat, you should look for an air conditioner over 13,500 BTU.

Ductless vs. Ducted

Most RV air conditioners are roof-mounted, and they typically come as either non-ducted or ducted units. You’ve probably seen non-ducted air conditioners in the past, since they are the ones on the ceiling and many of them have had vents installed by the manufacturer. These types of RV air conditioners often have vents that you can open or close to change the airflow throughout your vehicle. Ducted units, like non-ducted A/Cs, are installed on the roof as well. Ducted units are generally quieter as they are bolted to the roof of your vehicle, but they don’t usually have a control unit on the ceiling inside. This means that you’ll have more headroom inside your RV, and you can install several units if you have a larger vehicle or plan to travel in particularly hot weather.
Ductless air conditioners are generally more expensive but they distribute the air more evenly, while ducted units keep the air more contained in one area, and work well for Rvers who rarely use air conditioning units.

Consider the Size of Your AC Unit

You may want the biggest, strongest, fastest air conditioning unit for your RV, but it is important to keep in mind that the bigger the unit, the heavier and taller your RV becomes. If you are the type of RVer that enjoys the back road, or might need to park in places with height restrictions, it is important to choose an air conditioner that doesn’t add much height to your RV.
Consider the size of your vehicle as well, because if you have a big Class A motorhome, you should consider purchasing two units. This will help disperse the hard work of one air conditioner, and it will keep the vehicle cooler.

Solar Power

More and more RVers are using solar power because it allows for them to go completely off the grid, has environmental benefits and will help your air conditioner run more efficiently. When you run your air conditioner on full blast 24/7, it can use large amounts of power and it will strain your generator. Solar power will work great in this instance because it will back up your generator, and provide enough power.

Tips for Success

Living with air conditioning in your RV is different from air conditioning in your house. In fact our friends at Gone With the Wynns, wrote an entire blog on air conditioning in your RV, because they have found several different pro-tips while living with air conditioning. Here are some tips to keep you cool and comfortable on your next adventure.
  • 1. Stay in the shade. The more you keep your RV shaded, the less energy you will use, and the cooler your RV will stay.
  • 2. Invest in good shades. The key to keeping your RV cool is to make sure the cold air stays inside and stays cold. Invest in some good shades to keep in the dash of your motorhome and darkening curtains or shades for the windows in your RV.
  • 3. Avoid using air conditioning while driving the vehicle uphill or driving for long periods of time. This will keep your vehicle from overworking and overheating. If your vehicle does end up overheating, turn the air conditioning off and turn the heater on, this will help get the hot air off the engine.
  • 4. The fan is your best friend- Install or buy an RV fan that will circulate the air, and can easily turn on and off. You can also purchase a cheaper fan for the inside of your vehicle, or a window fan. At Guaranty, we offer a variety of fans that can be purchased or we will install them for you.

The Best Air Conditioners

Atwood- Atwood creates an efficient, sleek product. The low-profile design will not add height to your vehicle, which allows for you to explore more of the back roads. Atwood is the leader in the RV air conditioning market because the products are extremely durable and are known to last years. Plus, these air conditioning units come with a 2-year product warranty.
Gree - Gree is one of the world's largest air conditioning manufacturers. These products go through a rigorous testing process, with over 20 different data points. These air conditioners come with a great warranty that protects the compressor for 5 years and a full factory warranty for 2 years.
Advent - Advent has an effective, quiet unit that is a popular air conditioner among shoppers.These rooftop air conditioners have been designed to withstand harsh climates.The fan has three different speeds, which means you can get the level of comfort you want.
Dometic- Dometic air conditioners have been engineered to be aerodynamic and reduce drag while your RV is in motion. Dometic has an outstanding reputation in the air conditioning industry because they were one of the first brands to make air conditioning units. Shoppers love Dometic air conditioners because they have a wide variety of different products which allows for flexibility in the type of air conditioner that you purchase.
Every brand is different, and at Guaranty we would be happy to help you shop for the perfect air conditioner for your vehicle. To check out our full stock of air conditioners please check out air conditioner related items on our parts website.


It is important to familiarize yourself with your air conditioning unit after installation. This will help you understand what parts need to be maintained on your air conditioner. Here are some tips for maintaining your air conditioner so that hitting the road in the summer heat is a breeze!
  • Clean the fins- Just like in your house, the fins of the air conditioner will collect dirt and debris from the road. It is important to clean the fins of the air conditioning unit.
  • Make sure the fins are flat- Sometimes the fins of the air conditioner bend, and it is important to make sure these fins are straightened or else it will affect the air conditioner's ability to effectively cool the RV.
  • Keep an eye on the outside condition- When you run routine checks on the roof of your RV, you should also check on the outside of your rooftop air conditioning unit. Are there any cracks? It is important to keep the outside of the unit properly sealed to protect it from the elements and harsh weather conditions.
  • Leaks- Check out the unit for any type of leak or water intrusion.

If you have any questions about servicing the air conditioner in your vehicle, or how to maintain your air conditioner at max efficiency, please contact us today.

Photo: Aleksandr Kozlovskii

How To RV With Your Motorcycle: Lifts, Trailers and Toy Haulers

When we think of RVing, we think of adventure. For some people, adventuring means hauling a quad, motorcycle or jet ski. Here at Guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City, we want you to travel with ease. This month, we’ve put together our top picks by style and model, to get you and your motorcycle on the road with ease.

Trailers, Toy Haulers, and Lifts, Which Is Best?

We often get asked which option is best for hauling your quad, motorcycle, or even golf cart. The first step to buying the perfect motorcycle hauler is to decide what kind you want. Between trailers, toy haulers and lifts, there are many different options for bringing your adventure vehicle on your next trip.

Trailers: Shoppers love trailers because of their versatility. Trailers can be pulled behind your RV or car, which to most RVers means there are more opportunities to use the trailer. There are plenty of options for those interested in a motorcycle trailer, from flat bed trailers to enclosed trailers to collapsible single track trailers.

Toy Haulers: Toy haulers are a great choice for RVers who want to haul multiple motorcycles, quads or dune buggies. If you choose a Toy Hauler, you’ll get the residential feel of a bigger trailer or Class A, combined with the convenience of a trailer. The other thing we love about Toy Haulers is their ability to provide an extra closed off room for a guest, or you can keep the large garage door open, and throw out some lawn chairs for additional camping space.

Lifts: Shoppers here at Guaranty love motorcycle lifts, because they are easy to attach to any RV, can be stored easily, and there are so many kinds that shoppers can buy exactly what they are looking for. Similar to trailers, lifts can be attached to long tongue trailers, or most cars. The other great part about buying a lift compared to other types of motorcycle haulers, is the ability to still tow a trailer behind you. This means more toys, or more storage for more fun!

Now that we’ve covered the different ways you can haul a motorcycle, quad or more with your RV, let’s cover what types and brands are best within each category.

The Best Brands For Motorcycle Trailers

Just like RV shopping, there are lots of great options when searching for the best way to haul your favorite toy on your adventure with you.

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers: Enclosed motorcycle trailers have many perks. You can pull then behind your RV when you want to travel with your family in the main cabin. When you choose an enclosed motorcycle trailer, you have the ability to take your motorcycle in inclement weather, and you can pack multiple motorcycles, quads or dune buggies in one trailer. The other great part about owning an enclosed motorcycle trailer is the ability to bring extra supplies along with your motorcycle. If you need more packing space than what’s in your Class A or Class C, a motorcycle trailer might be a great addition to your family. Featherlite trailers are great because they are lightweight, and provide plenty of space. Plus, these trailers have an easy-to-use ramp, which makes loading and unloading easier. Pace American is another favorite brand for motorcycle shoppers. This brand is well-loved by motorcycle enthusiasts, because they are equipped with features that these thrill-seekers love, including a beavertail, motorcycle wheel chocks, optional flame decals and more! Plus, this brand offers three different models which will help you find the perfect option for your lifestyle. Wells Cargo is another well-known and loved trailer because it is known for great gas mileage, and it’s easily to maneuver. These motorcycle trailers are also built with quality, and reviews say this trailer lasts years.

Flatbed Trailers: Flatbed trailers are great because they can be used to haul a variety of things for home improvement projects, or your camping and fishing accessories. Flatbed trailers are relatively easier to maintain than fully enclosed motorcycle trailers, which means less to maintain, and less to store! Here are some of the best flatbed trailers: Carson Trailers offer a wide range of different flatbed trailers, including single axle, two axle, quad side-load, RV special, and motorcycle trailers. H&H Trailers provide steel open trailers, aluminum open trailers and steel enclosed trailers. This way, you can decided if you want a more lightweight aluminum trailer or a timeless, full steel constructed trailer.

Collapsible Trailers: It’s all in the name, collapsible trailers are nice because they are collapsible! There’s nothing better than being able to store your trailer easily in your home garage, or even in your RV itself. Stinger makes some of the best collapsible motorcycle trailers in the business. They are powder coated for long lasting use, and they rate well for freeway use. These trailers are well known for easily towing behind your RV, or even your car for day use. The downside to a collapsible trailer is that you are limited to what you can tow on the trailer. Most all collapsible trailers are specifically designed for motorcycles only, and not for ATV’s, dune buggies, and others.

Toy Haulers: The All In One Option

As we’ve said before, toy haulers are so much more than just a basic storage space for your toys. In fact, there are plenty of options of different toy haulers, there are basic toy haulers, with just enough to help you enjoy a camping or adventure trip. But, if you want a little more, check out our full selection of luxury toy haulers. So what’s the best of the best in the toy hauler industry? Here are some suggestions from our team at Guaranty RV Forest River is extremely popular with our shoppers because they offer a wide variety of floor plans, and are built with high-quality construction. The Eclipse Attitude also offers several different options for their toy haulers.

If you’re looking for a luxury feel in your toy hauler, look no further than the Heartland Cyclone, a powerhouse of a toy hauler, with a residential feel on the inside. Most of these large toy haulers have plenty of storage for your belongings, and space for up to eight people! One of our favorite parts about toy haulers is the ability to use the garage space as a workshop room, a guest room, or even an extra outdoor play space for the kiddos.

The Best Motorcycle Lifts

Motorcycle lifts are a popular choice for adventure enthusiasts because of their effortless and compact design and its ability to still haul a trailer behind the RV if needed.There are several things to consider before buying a motorcycle lift. Will you be towing an extra vehicle with you? How much does your RV usually weigh? Your RV tires have a maximum weight capacity, which is why it is so important to think about how much the RV weighs. Plus, when you use a motorcycle lift, it is generally safer than using a ramp. Our parts and services department receives orders for several different kinds of lifts, but now we are going to talk about our two favorite brands, Hydralift and Tow Dolly Cruiserlift.

One of the most popular motorcycle lifts that we frequently order for our customers is the Hydralift. They have several different models, and are capable of carrying ATV’s, side-by-side ATV’s, trikes, Can Am Spyders, cargo and motorcycles. The lift makes it easy to bring your motorcycle with you, and can be operated by one person. And of course, our service team at Guaranty will install the Hydralift for you.

The Tow Dolly Cruiserlift is built to last. Most of these models have a wheel at the end to provide stability, and decrease the chances of your vehicle fishtailing while towing.

There are lots of options to take your quad, dune buggy, motorcycle or golf cart on your next RVing adventure. Whether you decide to pull your adventure-mobile behind you in a trailer or put it on a lift, we would love to talk with you to discuss options. If you’re in the market for a new solution, please contact us today!

Image courtesy of hydralift

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