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We’re a family business, and proud to be the largest RV dealership in Oregon, with over 700 new and pre-owned RV’s in stock.
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At Guaranty, we love RVing! We know we’re lucky—we get to spend all day every day thinking about RVs, researching the best makes and models, learning about great road trips and campgrounds, and generally keeping up on the latest RV-related trends, news and lifestyle tips. Best yet, our team of RV-enthusiast bloggers get to share all of that with you! If you’re curious about the latest and greatest in RVs and RVing, we invite you to visit the Guaranty Blog. Be sure to check back with us regularly for updates.

Half a Day Away from EVERYTHING!

The Guaranty 7 Wonders RV Park is Half A Day Away from EVERYTHING!

Oregon is half a day away from our Junction City facilities, making the Guaranty 7 Wonders RV Park an excellent gateway to the RV Paradise that is our fine state.The Dunes of the Oregon Coast are only an hour away and I-5 is fifteen minutes away, making exploring the OMSI Museum in Portland or catching a performance at the world renowned Shakespeare festival in Ashland a simple endeavor. Being 5 minutes North of the Eugene airport also puts us in close proximity to Eugene, Oregon and the University of Oregon. Thanks in large part to the university Eugene is a more cosmopolitan city than its size would lead one to believe. Yo Yo Ma makes regular appearances with the Eugene Symphony and the Hult Center offers national touring companies, a-list comedians, and a varied collection of well know musical acts. If you like concerts the Cuthbert Amphitheatre is an outdoor concert venue popular in the Summer months. Of course fishing and hunting are large parts of the outdoor lifestyle in Oregon and the Guaranty 7 Wonders RV Park is close to any number of rivers, lakes, and streams. Junction City even has a stocked pond that was written up on Best Fishing In

Staying with us is a walk in the park

Great availability, a great location, and great accessibility make the Guaranty RV Park the perfect base camp from which to explore all that the great state of Oregon has to offer.

Our 55 paved, full hook-up 50amp service RV spaces (36 of which are spacious pull through sites) await in our beautiful park setting to accommodate RVs both large and small, and we’ve been getting a lot of compliments about how roomy all our sites are. No being shoehorned in next to your neighbor here.

The Guaranty RV Park is just a stones throw away from the Guaranty RV Travel Center with 11,000 square feet of RV parts and accessories, an exceptional RV Service Center, Cafe & Grocery, Laundromat, and Propane Fill Station so if you forgot or broke it, need to wash it or fill it we have you covered. Plus the food is delicious and the beer and wine selection has got to be the best at any RV store in America.

Bright Lights, Big Country

Located in beautiful and scenic Junction City, Oregon the Guaranty RV Park offers a country setting with all the city resources including a national chain grocery store, fast food, and a good old BiMart. The park is quiet, except on Summer Friday nights when there is live entertainment in the pavilion, and there’s even a friendly evening security service for added relaxation while you’re our guest.

The Best State to RV

Oregon was recently named the best state for RV travel by the readers of Trailer Life Magazine. Quite a feather in the states cap as Trailer life has been one of the most popular publications for RVers for over seventy-five years.
The diversity of the flora and fauna, natural wonders, historical sites, and well-maintained infrastructure make an Oregon RV vacation enjoyable at any pace. Travel Oregon designates seven different regions in the state by location and by ecosystem.
Oregon boasts abundant coastal tidal pools and stunning high desert tundra that would inspire even Louis L’Amour. Portland is a hip and thriving metropolis while Mt. Hood and the Columbia Gorge are world renowned for their appeal to the outdoor enthusiast.
Crater Lake is often included in any list of the top natural wonders, and the Willamette Valley is a hot bed of incredible wine, craft breweries, and fresh produce thanks to the many seasonal farmers markets. Central Oregon offers year round outdoor experiences from epic mountain biking, rafting, and fishing in the warmer months to skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. There are even a growing number of world class golf courses in Oregon, and our friends at the Shadow Hills Country Club allow exclusive access to their amazing course and restaurant as a special perk to Guaranty RV Park guests.

Be Our Guest

So whether your Oregon Vacation plans include seeing every square inch this beautiful state offers or a restful and leisurely weekend, the Guaranty RV Park should be on your list of destinations. See you soon.

When you are ready to make your reservation please call 1-855-6RV-Park or email us from 8am-6pm Mon-Fri or 10am-4pm Sat & Sun pacific time or book with us online at

A Safe Place

Guaranty is Proud to Offer a Safe Place for Anyone in Need

As an expecting father I was told that once you’re a parent to one child you’re a parent to all children. While that phrase is a bit of an awkward explanation, what it means is that somehow having a child opens your heart to the joys and sorrows of the experiences of all children. Heart wrenching stories in the media leave me wishing I could open my doors to every child in need, but sadly there are a large number of our youth that need some sort of assistance, or simply a Safe Place.

How it Started

While I wasn’t present thirty five years ago when the Safe Place program was born, the feeling of being a parent to all children and having only so much to give as an individual had to have a big role in its inception. Safe Place is a national youth outreach and prevention program for young people under the age of 18 (up to 21 years of age in some communities) in need of immediate help and safety. As a collaborative community prevention initiative, Safe Place designates businesses and organizations as Safe Place locations, making help readily available to youth in communities across the country.”

A History of Community Support

Guaranty has a long history of supporting organizations that serve the less fortunate in our local communities, like our annual St Vincent De Paul sock drive and our proud association with Bags Of Love. Becoming a Safe Place location is just a natural extension of that commitment to the community, and being able to help at risk youth in the community bears a special significance for our ownership. “As a family business Guaranty is proud to offer a Safe Place for anyone in need of special assistance or shelter from any turmoil.” Shannon Nill, Guaranty Dealer Principle.

Safe Place

Where does a young person look for guidance or comfort when they find themselves in crisis? This question is exactly why an organization like Safe Place’s existence is so important. Safe Place locations include: libraries, YMCAs, fire stations, public buses, various businesses, and social service facilities and display the yellow and black Safe Place sign.

Here’s how Safe Place works:

Step One – A young person enters a Safe Place and asks for help.
Step Two – The site employee finds a comfortable place for the youth to wait while they call the licensed Safe Place agency.
Step Three – Within 30 minutes, a qualified Safe Place volunteer or agency staff member will arrive to talk with the youth and, if necessary, provide transportation to the agency.
Step Four – Once at the agency, counselors meet with the youth and provide support. Agency staff makes sure the youth and their families receive the help and professional services they need.
Along with accessing Safe Place in person, youth may also TXT 4 HELP to receive information about the closest Safe Place location and chat with a professional for more help. TXT 4 HELP is a nationwide, 24-hour text-for-support service for youth in crisis. When a young person uses TXT 4 HELP, they will text SAFE and their current location (address, city, state) to 4HELP (44357) for immediate help.
Within seconds, a message including the closest Safe Place location and contact number for the local youth shelter will be delivered. Youth will then have the option to reply with “2chat” to immediately text with a professional for more help. TXT 4 HELP is *free, quick, easy, safe, and confidential. *Message/data rates apply. *If there is not a Safe Place in your community, TXT 4 HELP will connect you to the closest youth service organization.

A Strong Community

“Communities are made of individuals and families, and the stability of communities is dependent upon strong and stable families. Community problems, including crime, addiction, and discord arise from issues that go deeper than what appears on the surface. Some of the issues communities face begin with youth and family discord and strife. Providing Safe Place as a resource for youth provides a safety net for them, thereby strengthening families and communities.” Through charitable contributions, community involvement, and employing 400 of your friends and neighbors, Guaranty continues to help strengthen our community both economically and socially. We pride our selves on being a family business and on our country hospitality, and while these may be antiquated ideals to some they are what keep us rooted in the community. It may be that a return to these values would go a long way in strengthening all communities. Organizations such as Safe Place are where positive intervention comes from. So the next time you see the yellow and black Safe Place sign; thank that business or library or fire station etc. for their commitment to improving your life through an improved community.

Used RV for Sale

What To Look for When Shopping for a Used RV

The best new RV makes the best used RV! If there was time for only one, short, piece of advice for anyone looking at used RVs for sale that would be it. In the current RV market the initial quality of the offerings found in a similar price point are roughly equal, however the rate of deterioration is not. The best RV manufacturers will use materials and manufacturing processes that produce a higher quality, longer lasting vehicle. An inferior manufacturer will cut corners in both production and quality of materials in order to maximize profits, a shortsighted approach. The superior manufacturer hopes that the quality of your current RV will have a large impact on what you purchase as your next RV, leading to repeat customers and allowing for more profit over a longer interval.

Don't Get Stuck on the Sticker

How much an RV costs is an important factor in the buying decision, but it can carry too much weight. If an RV is overpriced we tend to move on, but if an RV is at an unbelievably low price we are drawn like a moth to flame. Problem is we often forget that there must be a reason it is so cheap when we are caught up in the thrill of the hunt. The low priced RV either has some issues or it started out less expensive than other brands, sometimes both. A lower retail price brings a lower sale price. So the low priced RV started out inferior and has issues in need of repair. I think this moth is beginning to realize that flame is a bug zapper. There are many ways to get a rough market value of an RV you are interested in, but RV Trader is probably the most reliable source for current RV values. It may take a little math, to find the average add up all the prices of the RV make and model you are interested in and then divide by the number of RVs. For example I searched for a Jayco Jay Flight 28BHS on RV Trader and found five listings within my search range priced from $29,000 to $39,000. I added all the sale prices and divided by five to find the average cost of a Jayco Jay Flight 28BHS in my search area is $36,000. I know better but I am attracted to the $29,000 price, I am also curious why it is priced so low. It’s worth investigating, but ask a lot of questions and look it over thoroughly. I include a short list below of common issues to look for in used RVs.

Less Stress

Buying an RV, new or used, is like buying a house and a car at the same time. Even if you prefer a towable style RV, it doesn’t have a motor but it has all the running gear a car would. Buying a house and buying a car are important decisions and can be tremendously stressful. Part of the stress is that when you purchase one or the other there is generally a pressing need for shelter or transportation. When you buy an RV it is usually because you want to enjoy all the RV lifestyle has to offer, not out of necessity, reducing the stress level some. Doing your homework by researching the makes and models that interest you and knowing what a fair price is helps to reduce the stress further, and knowing what your camping habits are will help you identify the “right” RV for you.

The Right One

The right RV for you is a topic that requires a blog of its own but here is a brief overview of the normal consumer type and the RV Class designed to meet their needs. Obviously there is an exception to every rule but the breakdown is as follows;
• Folding Campers (Tent Trailer), Smaller Towables, Class C Motorhomes – Traditionally the price point and design of these types of RV are great for families with school age or younger children, and are the most common choice for first time RV owners.
• Truck Campers, Toy Haulers – Traditionally outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, fishermen find these RVs to be the ideal RV type. They can still be very functional for families but allow the transport of toys.
• Class A Motorhomes (Gas & Diesel), Larger Towables, Class B motorhomes – Traditionally this group of RV is owned by the experienced RVer and not normally the first RV a newcomer to the lifestyle will purchase. They are often some of the more expensive offerings but much of that is because they are designed with the full time RVer in mind in terms of amenities and overall size.

If you take the whole motley crew of neighborhood kids, or your hunting buddies out a couple times a year a Trailer that sleeps six or a Class C with the overhead bunk should fit the bill nicely. Quiet fishing trips or rowdy weekends spent trail riding or spraying sand on the dunes? A Truck Camper or Toy Hauler is practically the only option. Long trips, extended stays in warmer climates, having the occasional visitor or additional passenger is more comfortable in the larger, more long term livable RVs.

Where To Buy It

You know what you want and how much you are willing to pay, do you buy from a private party or from a dealership? Both have their advantages, and both have their disadvantages. A private party will often have a lower price than a dealership, but you roll the dice on that person’s honesty. A dealer has the same opportunity to be dishonest, but thanks to the myriad of consumer review websites it’s quite easy to get a feel for their reputation. Plus there are laws regulating vehicle sales businesses in every state and a dealer that does not abide by them is not a dealer very long. In the eyes of a lender an RV loan is more of a gamble than an auto loan because, in theory, an RV could be driven off into the wilds and never be seen again, all while you enjoy your new ill-gotten cabin in the woods without making any more payments. You could do this in a car, but a restroom and sleeping quarters make the RV more susceptible to outlaw behavior. Buying from a dealer does not guarantee you will be approved for a loan, but the number of lenders and the added reassurance of a trusted dealer can help soften some of the loan requirements. Buying from a dealer also doesn’t guarantee you get a quality used RV.

The size and scope of a dealership has both positive and negative effects on the buying process. The larger the dealership the more overhead, which can lead to higher prices, but the hope is that the dealership has inspected and repaired the RV before you purchase it, offsetting the higher initial price. The negative to buying from a larger dealer is you may not find much in the way of a “hunter’s special” or any other flowery term for rough but functional. While they exist on the smaller Mom and Pop lots it is often because a larger dealer has sent the RV to auction or sold it directly to the smaller lot because the RVs condition does not meet their standards. This is definitely true here at Guaranty RV Super Centers. We are proud that we take anything on trade, but that doesn’t mean that trade makes it back to our lot for sale. Llamas and Beanie Babies aside, a trade in on an RV is an RV 99% of the time. Less than 50% of those trades make their way through our service department and onto the various sales lots. That means over 50% of the RVs we take on trade are of an age or quality that do not meet our standards. Not all dealerships are this stringent, but at Guaranty we have the benefit of being able to be picky thanks to volume at which we are able to help the RV shopper become an RV owner.

The Best Used RVs Started As The Best New RVS

To recap the best used RVs started as the best new RVs. The reputation for each RV manufacturer is easily found online and gives you a reasonably clear idea of their overall quality and owner satisfaction. We happily recommend any of the brands we carry with Newmar, Winnebago, Jayco, Heartland, and Northwood being some of the best of the best in our inventory and in the industry. If your camping plans or your disposable income mean the right RV for you is on the lesser expensive side you can still buy a good used RV. You may even find that, at a dealership, an RV that is out of your price range on the sticker may have manageable payments. No matter where or how you buy a used RV here are some things to be mindful of.

• Water is the sworn enemy of every RV ever built! Ever! Look at any entry point in the roof like vents and skylights, look for tears or patches in the exterior roofing material. Inspect the interior ceiling panels for water stains and gently push at the corners and the perimeter of the vents and skylights. The ceiling should give slightly but if it crunches that could mean hidden dry rot. Open all the exterior compartments and look for signs of water damage to floors and structure. Locate the water heater’s interior access and inspect there for water damage. Water heaters are notorious for leaky fittings on the rear thanks to the changing temperatures the fittings encounter making them swell and shrink repeatedly. Check the four exterior corners using the same gentle pushing technique. Aluminum or fiberglass siding will again give slightly but if it crunches it’s probably not good. Take a look at the vehicle as a whole for any signs of it settling on the frame. Aluminum sided trailers will often have a lower panel that is protruding and with fiberglass siding look for stress cracks and delamination (bubbles under the paneling).

• Use your nose, it always knows. A warm musty smell can indicate water damage, and an ammonia smell can mean the fridge is bad. Bathroom odors can indicate the previous owner may have not taken as thorough care of the RV as they should have. In a motorized coach engine smells like oil and gas fumes can indicate the same. A strong perfume smell may be thoughtful or it may be hiding something.

• Tires have a roughly seven-year lifespan no matter if they have gone 1 mile or 1 million. RV tires are almost never changed based on wear, but rather based on age and condition of the sidewall (common area for dry rot – small cracks in the tires rubber above the rim and below the tire tread). The last four digits of the DOT code indicate the manufacture date of that tire, with the first two indicating the week and the second two the year. A DOT code of 0409 means that tire was made the fourth week of 2009. No matter what the tire looks like if it seven years or more past this date they should be replaced.

• Fuel lines need to have fuel run through them at least occasionally to keep them from drying out. So a low mileage motorhome has a sweet spot between under and over use. Mileage that is unusually low can indicate an RV sat more than they normally do and it will have been extra important to run the vehicle on a regular basis to keep everything supple. This applies to generators as well, whether the RV is motorized or not.

Please remember at Guaranty RV Super Centers we are always here to help. While we would love an opportunity to help you own your Dream RV, we are also here to help to make the most out of the RV you already have. Our RV service team can perform a full pre-delivery inspection before or after you buy an RV elsewhere and they can fix whatever needs fixing. The Guaranty Travel Center and RV Park has 10,000 square feet of parts and accessories, a delicious café, and is staffed with helpful and knowledgeable folks who can get you the right part, the right beer or wine pairing for your meal, or get you the perfect site in our beautiful park for a few days to a few weeks. So call, click, or come by for a cup of coffee and let Guaranty help you enjoy the RV lifestyle. Remember We Don’t Just Sell Fun, We Guaranty It!

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