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Last Free Park Day For 2018

A Brief History

It takes an Act of Congress to establish a new National Park these days! I am having a little fun at our government’s expense, but actually it is true that Congress must approve any new National Park. This wasn’t always the case, in fact when Yellowstone became the first National Park in 1872 there was no designated process and no assigned government agency to oversee the fledgling program. It wasn’t until 1916 that President Woodrow Wilson signed an act that created the National Park Service. At that time the act brought 35 national parks and monuments under control of the Park Service. Today the National Park System includes more than 84 million acres and is comprised of 417 sites, including national parks, national historical parks, national monuments, national recreation areas, national battlefields, and national seashores. There is at least one national park in every state. The largest unit is Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska. At 13,200,000 acres (53,000 km²), it is over 16 percent of the entire system. The smallest unit in the system is Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial, Pennsylvania, at 0.02 acre (80 m²). Last year alone, 331 million people visited national parks spending $18.4 billion, which supported 318,000 jobs across the country and had a $35 billion impact on the U.S. economy. Why is this important? It’s important because our National Parks are an integral part of the fabric of our country, both economically and idealistically. As former National Park Service Chief of Public Affairs David Barna says, “Never in its [1] has this nation needed the National Park System more. It stands as a collective memory of where we have been, what sacrifices we have made to get here, and who we mean to be. By investing in the preservation, interpretation, and restoration of these symbolic places, we offer hope and optimism to each generation of Americans.”


It amazes me that nearly 150 years ago, when our fine nation was a much more wild and wide open space, some forward thinking folks decided we needed to protect and preserve our natural wonders from the “progress” marching steadily towards the horizon. Our National Parks have since come to be referred to in some circles as Americas Crown Jewels, and are often held up against the castles and cathedrals of Europe as historical wonders of the world. Even with the modest fee increase to visit many of our National Parks and monuments coming this year the memories made visiting these wonders will last a lifetime, and that is priceless. Now what if you could visit our National Park System for free? Well, you can on November 11th which marks the last Free Entrance Day for 2018. “National parks connect all of us with our country’s amazing nature, culture and history,” said National Park Service Deputy Director Michael T. Reynolds. “The days that we designate as fee-free for national parks mark opportunities for the public to participate in service projects, enjoy ranger-led programs, or just spend time with family and friends exploring these diverse and special places. We hope that these fee-free days offer visitors an extra incentive to enjoy their national parks in 2018.”

RVers - The Modern Explorer

While Guaranty is not designated as a National Park or monument, we have been a fixture in our community for over fifty years and in 1983 the giant American Flag that proudly flies over Guaranty Chevrolet was dedicated, by then Governor Victor Atiyeh,

“This flag is dedicated to the great people of Oregon in recognition of one of our freedoms. The freedom of mobility as part of America’s heritage”.

Oddly I think that the people responsible for our National Park Systems inception, well over a century ago, and the modern RVer share an explorers spirit and a reverence for the power of nature. Pretty amazing considering in 1916 cars were just becoming affordable to the masses. RVs and National Parks go together like peanut butter and jelly, and while the parks are experienced at handling a high volume of visitors we strongly recommend checking with your intended destination ahead of time to get the specifics of the Free Park Day and if there are any recommendations from the park staff. If you have any pre-trip needs for parts or service, or you need to an inviting campground to stay over on your way to or from a National Park, our Guaranty RV Travel Center and RV Park have you covered.

Thanks To Those Who Went Before

Touring our Amazing Nation in a motorhome or truck and trailer satisfies an age old wander lust that is a fundamental human desire. Thanks to the many brave explorers who happily risked life and limb to not only see what lies over the next hill, but bring the information back to the rest of us, we get to enjoy some of the most grandiose spectacles nature offers without any risk ourselves. Well, maybe there can be line for the bathroom but that is a risk I am willing to take to enjoy America’s Crown Jewels!

Strength In Community From Strength In Commitment

Nice To Meet You, Neighbor

It's hard to believe that another year is coming to a close. Yes, we have a couple months left in 2018 but we are into the tail end of the fall foliage here in Oregon, and that means the whirlwind of the holiday season will be upon us. Halloween is the opening act to two months of traditions that center on spending time with family and giving gifts to our loved ones. Family gatherings, hearty meals, and unwrapping warm socks from under the tree are my memories of the season, but sadly not everyone looks forward to the holidays. For some fond memories are in stark contrast to their current situation and bring more pain than pleasure. The traditions of the season only put more pressure on those who struggle to make their way in the world. Couple the added need for assistance and the giving spirit of the holiday season and the holidays are a time when compassion and charity thrive. But, what about the rest of the year?


Guaranty Locally Owned Chevrolet and Guaranty RV Super Centers are nationally recognized leaders in their respective industries, but we are still a family run business that prides itself on a small town America approach. Collectively we have over four hundred employees and I would be surprised if Shannon, GM and RV Principle, didn't know all but the newest team members by name. Same could be said for a good number of our customers who are greeted on a first name basis when they enter our dealerships. This simple act means the world to people, even if they don't realize it. Knowing and using someone's first name means you have taken the time to care about them as a person you value as an individual, and they are appreciated. To me this is an example of the nature of our ownership that is permeated throughout our work force. Everyone wants to be valued and appreciated, or at the very least recognized as a person, even those who have been less fortunate or made some unfortunate choices in life. That's where the rubber meets the road, pun intended, when it comes to small town treatment. Treating people as neighbors and friends is ingrained in our day to day. This country was built on helping friends and neighbors raise a barn or bringing a pie to the family that moved in next door. Maybe this is why we are so active in our community, or maybe we're active in the community because it's the right thing to do. I guess, if you think about it, being active in the community is the right thing to do because it helps our friends and neighbors. So as the holidays approach remember our community needs us year round, and Guaranty is proud to oblige.

Consistency In Generosity

You can find more in-depth information on the many charities we support and the various donation drives that go on here at Guaranty RV Super Centers and Guaranty Locally Owned Chevrolet by reading our previous blog "Guaranty Supports the Community Because the Community Supports Guaranty ", but here is a quick synopsis.
St. Vincent De Paul - over thirty thousand socks and counting ( the number one requested item in homeless shelters) and over 1000 hand knit hats
Lane Blood Center - at least four times a year the blood mobile visits Guaranty - blood is need every two seconds and by 1 in 7 people entering a hospital making blood donation maybe the most "important" donation drive we participate in
The Cosmos Bellotti Foundation - hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and in-kind product donations to local non-profits and schools in the area
Lions Club - nearly one hundred pairs of eyeglasses donated that are recycled and provided to mid to low income families and seniors
Bags Of Love - provides necessities and comfort items to children who are in crisis due to neglect, abuse, poverty or homelessness, Guaranty has donated cash and clothing through donation barrels at our facilities
Junction City Local Aid - a local food bank serving an average of 250 households per month, Guaranty has donated nearly a ton of food and several thousand dollars
Grandview Rehabilitation Home - a local senior residential facility, every Christmas Guaranty adopts the residents and donates gifts specifically requested by the seniors who live there
That's enough to keep us busy year round but Guaranty found the time and energy to add to our community involvement and our support of local and national charities in 2018.

New Friends For 2018

In addition to our annual Socktober drive going on now our HR department has organized what started as a winter coat drive and has become more of a clothes closet. It is accessible to employees in need and the remaining items will be donated. Originally we had planned to donate them to one of the usual suspects, Goodwill or St. Vincent De Paul, but a forward thinking parts employee who volunteers at the Egan Warming Center in Eugene proposed cutting out the middle man and donating them directly to folks who could really use some warm clothes.

Habitat for Humanity is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening communities by building or improving places families call home. Strength of community is also a goal for Guaranty and that makes our relationship with Habitat for Humanity a special one. Not only are we proud to support the organization, but we are also proud to sponsor their events like the recent Tenth Annual Blues Build. A fundraiser disguised as an all-day Blues festival. Habitat for Humanity has even provided a long time and extremely dedicated Guaranty employee and his wife a lovely home here locally.

We made a lot of amigos at the Noche Cultural celebration this year, and had some amazing tacos. Thanks Shannon. Noche Cultural is a gathering to celebrate the history, folklore, and traditions of Mexico. It's meant as a celebration of both family and community, seems like I have heard that somewhere else, and it's a chance to explore Mexican culture through traditional music, folkloric dancing and Charreria which is horsemanship and roping. Horsemanship may not do the demonstration justice, the horses were even dancing to the traditional music.

Thursday September 20th was United Way's Day of Caring and Guaranty sent a delegation to volunteer at NAMI Oregon, the National Alliance on Mental Illness's Oregon chapter dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals living with mental illness, as well as their families and loved ones. According to United Way, “Day of Caring is a fun, meaningful way for your business or organization to strengthen teamwork while actively improving the community. One day a year, hundreds of volunteers perform service projects for dozens of non-profit agencies across Lane County. It’s a great way to connect, get out in the community, and lend a hand to local non-profits." This year forty participating companies assisted 43 non- profit partners in 5 cities across Lane County. That’s 902 volunteers who gave 3,608 total hours with a total monetary value of $89,081!

A Strong Need For A Strong Community

There may be no time in my memory when there was a stronger need to remember the old fashioned way to treat each other. In the grand scheme of things if you are not family then you are a neighbor, whether you live next door or a world away. Our local communities can have a global impact, and strong communities are vital in that struggle. Charity and community support are very important here at Guaranty and they are the most evident ways we strive to strengthen the community. Less obvious is creating a place where you are valued for who you are and recognized as an individual. Being valued gives you confidence and confidence lets you achieve things you may have thought you were incapable of. A community comprised of confident citizens can achieve unheard of heights. It may be hard to believe but changing the world could start with greeting everyone with their first name. Maybe not, but let's give it a try. Come on in to Guaranty RV Super Centers or Guaranty Locally Owned Chevrolet and let us get to know you on a first name basis. My name is Quinn and I look forward to meeting you, neighbor!

RV Camping

Which is the Best State for RV Destinations and RV Travel?

The best state for RV Travel with an abundance of unique RV Destinations is Oregon, as voted by the readers of Trailer Life Magazine. Of course now you may be tempted to not read this article because we just gave away the ending, but there is that part of you that wants to know why. Plus we live in Oregon, there is no way we can be objective right, so you better read the whole thing in case I start making stuff up.

Oregon's RV History

Oregon and Guaranty share a long history with the RV industry dating back to the days of Country Camper, which evolved into Country Coach in the 1960's. At one time Oregon was the RV capital of the world, with many well-known brands built here in Junction City. In the hay days people would tour the Monaco or Country Coach plants and then visit Guaranty to purchase a vehicle fresh off the local assembly line. Today Winnebago runs a facility in the city limits and Forest River and Marathon Coach are just a few minutes away.

Voted #1 by the readers of Trailer Life

If you RV you are no doubt familiar with the publication, Trailer Life Magazine. It has after all been informing RVers about the industry and the lifestyle for over seventy-five years, reaching over a quarter of a million monthly subscribers and double that number online. That means nearly a million RVers had the opportunity to vote on the state that they felt was the best overall state for RVing. Even with a serious SuperPac that many votes would be hard to sway. So it’s safe to say it is the unrivaled scenery, the myriad of quality private and state campgrounds, and the abundance of RV support services that make Oregon number one!

RV Camping

In a way RV Campers built the American West. At the time we called their RV a covered wagon, but the concept is remarkably similar. Taking your house and possessions with you on the open road, eager to see what lies around the next bend. Of course most RVers today intend to return home after their adventures, but some still pursue the next destination as full-timers.

It is this natural wanderlust that brought Lewis and Clark to the shores of the Pacific Ocean, where they constructed Fort Clatsop near modern day Astoria Oregon. Looks like Oregon has been a destination for a long time.

The advent of the automobile was a precursor to the RV lifestyle, and by the time cars were affordable to the majority some inventive people were outfitting them for more than just a Sunday drive. They were building camp kitchens and incorporating sleeping arrangements into their vehicles from the beginning. In 1910 camping trailers began to roll off the assembly line and by 1920 there were multiple companies manufacturing “trailer coaches”, including Airstream, and by the 1930’s the canned ham trailer was beginning its popularity.
The Tin Can Tourists of the 1920’s and 1930’s and their Tin Lizzies braved the dust and mud before there were any transcontinental roads, camping on the side of the “road” and heating their meals in tin cans over gasoline stoves, giving them their affectionate moniker. It wasn’t until after World War II that the RV lifestyle really took hold. Improved roads and more available campgrounds helped accelerate the RVs popularity, while being able to travel in a lesser expensive manner appealed to family’s looking to spend their vacations enjoying the great outdoors.


The great state of Oregon has some of the most diverse and varied geography of any state in the union. Travel Oregon designates seven different regions in the state by location and by ecosystem. Oregon boasts abundant coastal tidal pools and stunning high desert tundra that would inspire even Louis L’Amour.

Portland is a hip and thriving metropolis

while Mt. Hood and the Columbia Gorge are world renowned for their appeal to the outdoor enthusiast.

Crater Lake is often included in any list of the top natural wonders, and the Willamette Valley is a hot bed of incredible wine, craft breweries, and fresh produce thanks to the many seasonal farmers markets. Central Oregon offers year round outdoor experiences from epic mountain biking, rafting, and fishing in the warmer months to skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. No matter what type of flora or fauna you find beautiful and soul stirring, Oregon has that.
Oregon is only 395 miles wide East to West by 295 miles long North to South making 98,466 square miles of volcanoes, abundant bodies of water, dense evergreen and mixed forests, as well as the high deserts semi-arid shrub land. The majority of Oregon enjoys a generally mild climate, though given the variety of landscapes across the state there are areas that see some harsher conditions. Western Oregon, defined as anything west of the Cascades, which makes up roughly one third of the state has an oceanic climate heavily influenced by the Pacific Ocean and is populated by dense evergreen mixed forests. This western third of Oregon is very wet in the winter, moderately to very wet during the spring and fall, and dry during the summer. Oregon's southwestern portion, particularly the Rogue Valley, has a Mediterranean climate. This means drier and sunnier winters and hotter summers, similar to Northern California. The northeastern portion of Oregon has a steppe climate, and its high terrain regions have a subarctic climate. Similar to Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest in general, Oregon is considered warm for its latitude, and the state has far milder winters at a given elevation than comparable latitudes elsewhere in North America. However, the state ranks fifth for coolest summer temperatures of any state in the country, after Maine, Idaho, Wyoming, and Alaska. Much of the eastern two thirds of Oregon, largely high desert, is semiarid to arid, has cold, snowy winters and very dry summers. Most of Oregon receives significant snowfall, but the Willamette Valley, where 60 percent of the population lives, has considerably milder winters and typically only sees light snowfall. Oregon State Oregon State Parks page lists 196 state parks, recreation areas, and heritage sites with 46 of those listing RV camp sites. Private campgrounds are harder to quantify because not all campgrounds are willing to pay to be in one or all of the various directories. This means that to get an accurate count there are spread sheets and excel formulas involved, and well, we simply don’t have that kind of time. For sake of simplicity we will say there are far more private campgrounds than there are state run and the fact that they may or may not pay to be in the directories has no bearing on the quality of the park.
The beautiful Guaranty 7 Wonders RV Park is not listed in these directories, but it is a beautiful RV Park and conveniently located half a day from everything Oregon has to offer. There are online directories and booking sites that will list the vast majority of private campgrounds, and like most anything these days you can get an idea about the park by reading online reviews.

How to See All Oregon Offers

While Oregon is not large geographically, it is abundant with natural beauty and opportunities for recreation. Interestingly the amount to do and see throughout Oregon makes it a great vacation destination for those who like to plan every moment and those who like to see where the day takes them. You can plan a route and see specific sites and attractions, or you could wander and still happen across enough things to do that they may not all fit in one day. In fact it is our estimation no matter how you RV here it would take a month or better to see everything Oregon has to offer and then you would have to come back for the other three seasons to have fully experienced our great state. Of course a centrally located base camp is a wise choice whether you are a planner or a wanderer, and the Guaranty 7 Wonders RV Park is half a day away from everything. So whether it is your first RV adventure in Oregon or you know the out of the way attractions like the back of your hand, we look forward to having you stay with us now and next time.

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