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Where Can I Buy a 2018 Winnebago Revel?

You could buy the rugged 2018 4X4 Winnebago Revel at any authorized Winnebago dealer, but you should buy it at Guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City Oregon! Why? Because, in our humble opinion, our after sale service and longstanding relationship with Winnebago make us the only place to buy your new 4X4 Winnebago Revel and start exploring destinations unlimited.

Who Needs a 4X4 RV?

This isn’t your grandparents RV industry. The RV industry continues to expand its offerings based on customer demand, and as the customer base widens so does the demand for new and inventive vehicle design. There are many ways to enjoy the RV lifestyle but not every RVer enjoys parking a 40-foot diesel pusher in a luxury campground. An increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts have embraced RV camping as a more comfortable base camp for exploring the great outdoors.
looking out These folks are more concerned with where the kayaks or bikes go than how many flat screen TVs the RV has, and until now they had very little option. Enter our good friends at Winnebago! Winnebago has been leading the industry in quality and innovation since their founding in 1958, with countless awards and accolades to prove it. The 2018 Winnebago 4X4 Revel is a perfect example of award winning innovation and quality construction. Voted the RV Pro 2018 Best in Show this no-nonsense adventure machine is long on innovation and quality. Built on the proven 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, with a powerful 3-liter turbo-diesel engine that provides 325 foot-pounds of torque to the on-demand 4WD system, featuring a high/low range mode for added off-road capability, means your chassis and power plant are some of the highest quality and long lasting available.Couple that with the RV design and construction quality of Winnebago and you have a true 4X4 RV that opens up a world of possibilities.

The Perfect Off-Grid Camper

As we mentioned before a growing segment of RVers are not content to leave the hustle and bustle of daily life only to park ten feet from your neighbor in a manicured RV park. Limited options often relegated this group to a 4X4 truck with a cab over camper, a tent trailer, or a modified utility trailer. None of which are ideal solutions to remote camping. Lack of gear storage and lack of creature comforts made these options incomplete. The other issues off the grid campers faced were power and fuel consumption.
A traditional RV has an electric power system and uses LP gas to heat the unit and to heat water. The Winnebago Revel does not use LP in any manner; instead it uses its electrical system and the Espar hydronic heating system for hot water and coach heat. The Revel is a diesel powered Class B motorhome and the hydronic heating uses that onboard diesel fuel to heat a glycol mixture that is then circulated through heat exchangers that provide a highly efficient heating and hot water system, even in sub zero temperatures. Being a Winnebago vehicle the engineers have even run the glycol system past the heavily insulated holding tanks to keep them from freezing. The Espar system is extremely efficient, in fact the Winnebago folks tested the system for 24 hours in 25-degree weather and it only consumed roughly a gallon of diesel fuel. To the outdoor enthusiast this means that now camping can be a year round prospect and the absence of LP gas makes the Revel safer in rugged terrain. Another benefit is you are now only concerned with one fuel source eliminating the need to break camp to fill up the LP even though you aren’t done camping. The electrical system is also an example of the intelligent design Winnebago is known for. A 200-watt solar panel array, 3 deep cycle AGM maintenance free 105amp hour batteries, and a 2000-watt inverter create a system that provides clean 12v and 110v power through out the coach. The balance of consumption and replenishment of power by the solar panels is nearly perfect, allowing worry free camping for long periods of time. That’s just the inside, the exterior features of the Revel also play a significant role in making it the off grid camper. The Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 chassis provides greater ground clearance and the optional all terrain TA’s from BF Goodrich ad another full inch.

The roof rack and ladder system allow for nearly endless gear
and toy storage options and if you still need more room,
Rear Doors and Ladder
Revel Garage Area the rear garage area provides an additional 140 cubic feet of storage when the power lift bed is raised. There are even built in tie-downs and a one piece, heavy duty, vinyl flooring for easy clean up.

Still not enough room for your stuff? Maybe try less stuff or use the powerful Mercedes diesel engine and the 5,000lb rated hitch to pull a trailer.
Revel Galley Inside, the Revel features a full galley, including a 2.5-cu. ft. compressor style refrigerator, and a surprising amount of counter space provided by the built in sink cover and the counter extension.

Lavatory Coset combination

The combination gear closet and all-in-one wet bath boasts a cassette-style toilet that eliminates the need for a separate black water holding tank and the need to drive the entire vehicle to the dump station. You can simply remove the toilets built in holding tank, much like a porta potty, and use a dump station or a gas station bathroom in a pinch. Add a dinette with a pull-up table that converts to additional sleeping space, and many more innovative features and the result is the new Revel: quite simply the most off-road capable RV Winnebago has ever built.

Why Winnebago, and Why a Winnebago from Guaranty RV Super Centers

Spoiler alert, it’s because we are both awesome! Guaranty and Winnebago go together like peanut butter and jelly, or chocolate marshmallow and graham cracker for our Campers out there, and we have been proud to sell the Winnebago product for over thirty five years. Winnebago is one of the largest independent RV manufacturers in the world with decades of experience making high quality and durable vehicles. Guaranty RV Super Centers is the largest single location independent RV dealer on the West Coast with decades of experience helping RVers get the most out of their RV and the RV Lifestyle. The longevity of both company’s should provide peace of mind that there will be support if for some reason you need technical advice or vehicle repair, and the shared philosophy of customer service as priority one means owning a Winnebago from Guaranty doesn’t make you a customer it makes you part of the family. And, as if you needed another reason, remember that here at Guaranty RV Super Centers “We Don’t’ Just Sell Fun, We GUARANTY It!”

Video Evidence

If you haven’t already seen our walkthrough video on the 2018 Winnebago Revel it is extremely informative and our presenter, Matt Elliot, has been selling Class B motorhomes for Guaranty RV since 1992 so he knows a thing or two.

A New Definition of Progress

Guaranty’s Word of the Year 2017 – INREACH

There has been a lot of attention given to Guaranty RV and Guaranty Chevrolet’s Community outreach in the past several blogs, but today we are going to talk about Guaranty’s INREACH. I know that’s not a word, but by the end of this article you will see that it is a perfect description.

In The Beginning….

Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, our founder, Herb Nill was always looking for ways to grow and expand his Chevrolet-Oldsmobile dealership here in Junction City. While growth and expansion are a good measure of the economic health of any business Herb and now Shannon, Marty, and Eric Nill understand that growth and expansion is not only good for the bottom line it is good for the community as a whole. The larger and more successful the business the more corporate and property taxes they pay. Rare is the person or business that likes paying taxes, but they are necessary to maintain infrastructure, police and fire departments, and local schools. Property tax is used primarily in the local community while corporate tax is used statewide, and Guaranty is proud to pay our taxes here in the Willamette Valley and the great state or Oregon. More tax dollars going into the coffer is a pretty obvious benefit to having healthy businesses in the community, but don’t forget that those healthy businesses employ your friends and family.

Ripples In The Pond

Employment is also a pretty obvious benefit to the community, but that benefit is kind of like the rock thrown into the pond. Once you throw it in, you see how many ripples it creates. Employing your friends and neighbors gives them a living wage and allows them to spend money on housing, food, entertainment, transportation, and the other basics of American life. They spend the majority of this money in the local community, which in turn provides health and stability to other businesses, which means growth and expansion, which means the need for more employees, which means more people spending money in the community, which means … well you see the ripples now. We touched on taxes earlier and with each additional person employed the tax base also grows. Many individuals pay property tax as well as income tax to both the state and federal government, which are used in the same manner as corporate taxes, with direct and indirect community benefit. Another ripple.

A New Definition

So our case for getting INREACH into Webster’s for the New Year is still a bit vague, but here come some examples that should concrete the definition. Speaking of concrete a lot has been poured around Guaranty Chevrolet and Guaranty RV this past year. A new building was constructed on Third Street that temporarily housed Guaranty GM Certified Auto Service while an incredible remodel took place in their permanent home on First Street. Guaranty’s Auto Service department was in the same building for sixty years and was designed for the volume of business at the time. The Auto service remodel expanded our Chevrolet Certified Service Center to eighteen, state of the art, full lift bays and more than doubled the square footage of the previous building.

These improvements lead to better service for the community, with estimates that say we can now handle twice to the volume of customer vehicle repairs, and that leads to the need for more qualified employees. Yes, another ripple. And since we are discussing INREACH and quality employees we cannot ignore the 215% of the required training, compared to 86% nationally, and the 250 years of combined experience in the department. The building that temporarily housed Guaranty GM Certified Auto Service during the remodel is now being retooled to become the permanent home of the Guaranty RV Body Shop, which will also be a state of the art facility including a paint booth big enough to accommodate todays larger RVS. This allows Guaranty to expand the abilities of the current Guaranty Auto Body Shop and provides the facilities to physically separate the Guaranty Detail Center into dedicated teams for RV and Auto detail. All of this leads to better ability to serve Guaranty customers and, stop me if you have heard this before, that leads to more employees, which leads to even more ripples.

Gateway To The RV Wanderland

Guaranty is fortunate to have the community support that we do, and we do not take that lightly. From the top down we are committed to a world-class customer experience with the belief that we are making friends, not dollars. Another of the many ways Guaranty supports the community is by bringing in revenue from outside of our area, and even outside our state. Guaranty’s vehicle sales, parts, and service on both the Auto and RV sides of the business have consistently earned high Google rankings and our reputation in the community is a positive one. These amenities and their reputation bring folks from all over to do business with Guaranty and while they are here they are likely to go out to eat, grocery shop, fill up their vehicle with gas or diesel etc. all adding ripples to the local economy. Continuing in that vein is the newly opened Guaranty RV Park that boasts 55 camping spots as well as facilities for groups and rally’s to gather. More ripples! More people coming to the area, more goods and services needed, more jobs created, and of course more taxes to support our community.


Shakespeare is widely known to have made up words to convey a meaning or concept that had no previous description. I am no Shakespeare, but I believe we have done a decent job of defining INREACH. By continually putting resources back into our dealership the Nill family is Guarantying our success. That success is a strong factor in the stability and health of our community, both economically and physically. Growth can be difficult and sometimes even painful, and Guaranty has experienced a degree of both during the course of the construction projects over the last tear. But, as the old saying goes, no pain no gain, and there is tremendous gain from Guaranty’s inreach. As Guaranty creates external growth through continued inreach we will continue to throw rocks in the pond that ripple out into the community in a positive way. As those ripples expand our community and our business we will need more qualified employees and so will our community at large, even further expanding community growth and well you see where I am going here. Ripples.

Shameless Plug

Help keep Guaranty and our community growing by applying for one of the many career opportunities available here. You may be the next rock in the pond, where would your ripples go?

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