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The #1 Trailer: Jayco Jay Flight

One of the most practical ways to enjoy the back road is with a trailer. As we’ve mentioned before, trailers are convenient because they can be towed with a variety of different vehicles, are usually less expensive than a full sized motorhome and you can take the tow vehicle on smaller excursions or errands while leaving your trailer at the camp ground. This week, we want to talk about one of our trending trailer models—the Jayco Jay Flight. Jayco has been the #1 selling travel trailer for 12 years now. These best-selling trailers are advertised as “America’s Most Liveable RV” for good reason: these towables offer a luxury camping experience during every season. Jayco has an outstanding history and these RVs are built with every detail in mind—which enhances your next trip and maintains the value of your RV.

Top Picks from Jayco:

Jayco, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Lloyd J. Bontrager. The combination of handscrafted Amish workmanship and technological innovation makes Jayco unique in the industry. Ever since its establishment, the mission of Jayco has remained the same— to produce an exceptional product. Although Jayco was recently acquired by Thor and now has plants in Indiana and Idaho, their family-owned operation has gained the reputation of having some of the best customer service in the industry. Because of Jayco’s handcrafted detail and exceptional quality, the brand has become a top pick for travel trailer shoppers at Guaranty.

One of the missions of Jayco is to sustain our environment and keep our campgrounds clean. Jayco is committed to sustainability with their EcoAdvantage program. With this program Jayco leads the industry with smarter, more efficient manufacturing, which requires less energy and water use. The Jayco EcoAdvantage program also outlines cutting back in the waste associated in packaging. With the EcoAdvantage program, Jayco has worked to use more sustainable products while still producing quality RV’s.

A buyers dream warranty:

There’s no better feeling than buying with confidence. Jayco provides one of the best warranties in the market. Most manufacturers warranties are one year, but Jayco has doubled this with a two year warranty. The Jayco 2- Year Limited warranty protects your purchase, while the 5 year parts and labor coverage protects the camping trailer lift system, roof, floor and frame. Our team at Guaranty will provide warranty support on your Jayco, as well as free annual roof inspections.

Jayco is a well established brand, with plenty of floor plans and options available on the market today. These trailers have been created with your family in mind, with Jayco’s unique manufacturing process. Many trailer manufacturers modify the frame of the trailer during production, but Jayco custom builds each frame to maintain the strength of the product. Jayco also assembles all cabinets above the main floor, which keeps the assembly separate from the trailer assembly—adding to efficiency. The diverse floor plans offer something for every family. From the active couple to the family of ten, Jayco is sure to have just the right floor plan for you! Our team here at Guaranty RV wants to make your shopping experience easy, which is why we put together a list of the top Jayco models.

Jay Flight SLX:

The Jay Flight SLX travel trailer is one of our most popular travel trailers at Guaranty. It features one of the strongest foundations in the industry. This model is known for its Magnum Truss roof, which can withstand more than 50% more weight than other trailers. These trailers are lightweight and are just under 2500 lbs, so they can be towed with a minivan, crossover or SUV. Although the Jay Flight SLX is compact, the Jayco team has maximized living space with plenty of pantry storage, and a kitchen that is perfect for cooking real food on the road instead of settling for dry goods and snacks. You can watch a full video tour of the Jayco Jay Flight SLX on our Youtube channel for more information.

Two of our most popular floor plans for the Jay Flight SLX are the Bunkhouse Model 267BHSW and the Bunkhouse Model 264BHW. The unique part about these floor plans is the bunk house, otherwise known as two stacked twin size beds. This model is popular because you can sleep children or guests in the middle, and still have a private separate space in the front with a full queen bed. This trailer is our hottest seller because it sleeps 6-10 people, has a large pantry, a full-sized tub and features a sofa in the slide out for maximized living space. Like we mentioned before, Jayco trailers have exceptional quality. The flooring in the Jayco Flight SLX has real tongue and groove flooring, which means the wood is fitted together to form one single piece of wood. The tongue and groove process prevents wet floors from disintegrating because the flooring is all one tightly joined unit, unlike laminate flooring where the edges can get wet and start swelling within hours. Jayco also includes quality appliances such as a Norcold fridge, and in 2017 they’ve updated the Jay Flight to have full LED lighting throughout. Most models come with a fully functional outdoor kitchen, with plenty of storage space for your favorite cooking tools. Another feature that sets the Jayco trailers apart from their competitors is the quality in the cabinets. Many people overlook how important little details like cabinets are. Jayco's cabinets are held together with screws—not glued or stapled, allowing for improved wall stability, which increases the quality and longevity of your trailer.

Similar to the Bunkhouse Model 267BHSW is the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 32BDSW. This Jayco model is slightly different because the double twin sleeper is in the back, separated from the main cabin. The cool part about this model is that instead of a double bunk, the RV features one bunk, a fold out couch and a second bunk with storage underneath it. This means friends or kids can stay in their own space in the back, with storage for all of their belongings.

If you’re shopping for an RV that really does fit everything into one space at just 30 ft in length, this model is perfect for you. To shop all of our new or used Jay Flight trailers, see our full inventory here or give us a call today.

Jayco White Hawk

If you add several upgraded features to the Jay Flight, the price will start to look comparable to Jayco’s next step up, the Jayco White Hawk. Since the two are comparable in price with upgrades, we thought we would share some of the notable features in the Jayco White Hawk as well. If you are looking for a more luxurious trailer experience, a White Hawk may be a better choice for you than a Jay Flight SLX. One of our most popular White Hawk floor plans is the White Hawk 24MBH, which features a Murphy bed. The best part about this model is the ability to have a comfortable bed at night and a couch during the day, which means more space for entertaining.

Jayco always keeps family comfort in mind, which is why most models come with an electric awning, perfect for shade on a hot summer’s day. The LED lights and electric steps make it easier to safely make your way inside after enjoying some of your favorite campfire meals.

Another process that makes Jayco unique is their vacuum floor lamination process. This process is more accurate than other floors and walls laminates. The vacuum process creates seamless walls because all of the materials are first glued, then vacuumed together to eliminate any space for water to enter. Shoppers at Guaranty tell us they love the special vacuum lamination process, because it makes their trailer walls more durable and less likely to leak.
So how does the Jayco White Hawk stack up vs the Jay Flight? The Jay Flight is slightly heavier, being made of wood framing and aluminum siding, while the White Hawk is is an ultralight trailer with aluminum framing and composite sides, with fiberglass caps. For some shoppers, the frame and siding materials are of lesser importance, while for others it is crucial to have a particular material. If you have any questions about the difference between aluminum and fiberglass, please contact us today.

Jayco Eagle

When shopping for a trailer, you should consider all of your options before buying. So far, we’ve discussed the most affordable model and the almost comparable mid-line model. Now we’re going to go over Jayco’s most luxurious model, The Eagle. The Jayco Eagle is nothing short of luxurious, and Jayco just upgraded the later 2017 models for even more space, taller walls, taller showers, bigger slides and yes, bigger refrigerators. With full Corian® counter tops, solid wood floors and a kitchen big enough for all your friends and family, The Eagle takes your adventure from camping to glamping. This fifth wheel has enough comfort to be a residential, all year vehicle, without the bulk and weight of other fifth wheels. Just like with the other models, there are multiple floor plans so you can find the best fit for your family. If you need more space for the kiddos, Jayco’s got it. If you need more space for entertaining, these trailers have theater-style living rooms, perfect for a late night movie.

With the included fifth wheel insulation package, the Jayco Eagle is 0-100 degree rated, with insulation in the flooring, the walls and in the slides. Unlike many other trailer manufacturers, Jayco actually publishes their cold camping data, which means they put their trailers to the test in a chamber for 24 hours at zero and 100 degrees. While the trailer is in the chamber the testers set the internal temperature to 70 degrees to see what will happen to the trailer on the inside as well as the outside. Because of this test, Jayco engineers and builders know exactly how these RV’s will withstand different climates. The best part? Jayco shares these results with the public and they were the first company to publish the results of their testing, and are still rated one of the best in manufacturing insulation satisfaction.

Should I Buy a New or Used Jayco Trailer?

Now that you know all the different Jayco models and floorplans, it is time to decide if you are looking for a new or used Jayco Trailer. As we mentioned in our Finding Used Travel Trailers blog, it’s important to determine your budget and camping needs before shopping for the perfect trailer. There are many benefits to buying a used RV, but if you are a first-time buyer, consider buying used until you discover what you really like. Just like when you bought your first car, your first RV might not be ideal. Maybe you fell in love with the large, beautiful, new RV and then realized it was too much maintenance to manage. Or maybe you wanted the larger 5th wheel, then realized you enjoy roads that are difficult to maneuver on and you need a smaller trailer to reach your favorite hike. Used RVs give first time RV buyers the opportunity to get a feel for what they might really like before committing completely.

Some bargain shoppers come looking for a RV that they can remodel. This is great for travelers who have time to spare before hitting the road. A a DIY RV renovation also allows you to add personal touches to your used RV, so you can feel right at home while on the road. Whether you decide to buy a used trailer and renovate it or not, make sure that you ask all the right questions before buying a used RV.

Used RVs are great for first time buyers or shoppers on a budget, but in some cases, buying new just makes sense. For seasoned RV veterans, buying new means you get a brand new factory warranty, (and a great one if you buy Jayco!) no dings or previous problems and the ability to get exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you decide to buy a new or used Jayco, these vehicles are known for holding their value because of Jayco’s exceptional manufacturing process, so you can rest assured you’re making the right decision.

Jayco is one of our favorite brands here at Guaranty RV because of their unique attention to detail, family-oriented business model, and the all-around durability of the RVs they sell. Whether you are an experience RV veteran or a first time buyer, Jayco should be on your list of models to check out. If you want to tour one of these models on our lot or have any questions, contact us today!

RV Lifestyle: RVing on a Budget—Part 1

RVing can be one of the most budget friendly ways to travel. In fact, a 2016 study by PKF Consulting USA for the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) found that RV travel is 23% to 59% less expensive for a family of four, compared to car or airplane travel, renting a hotel or guest house, and eating meals in restaurants. Similarly, a 2015 report in Money Magazine showed that a road trip for two people in a small RV could cost as little as $55 a day, including the cost of RV ownership and maintenance, gas, campground fees and groceries—a full 30% to 40% cheaper than a traditional vacation with car travel, hotels and restaurant meals.

In order to get the most savings and make your RV vacation truly budget friendly, however, you’ve got to plan ahead and do a little research to find the best deals. In this two-part blog, we’re going to talk about tips and tactics for RVing on a budget. This week we’re looking at ways to save while you’re camping or road-tripping, including saving on campground fees, food, gas and more. Next week, we’re going to talk about how to save the most on an RV purchase, so that you can enjoy your RV without the stress of overspending.

The Least Expensive Campgrounds

Full-time or long term RVers are a great resource when it comes to finding the least expensive camping spots. Whether you’re thinking about campgrounds, boondocking or overnight parking, you can find all kinds of people online who’ve already done a lot of the legwork for you. Take a look at for excellent resources. Also Stephanie Henkel is a full-time RVer who shares valuable information over at AxleAddict about ways to save money with Discount Camping Membership Directories, BLM camping on public lands, camping in national parks and more. And be sure to check out the “ Find Low-Cost Places to Park Your RV” blog over at Trip Savvy.

Two books to check out on this subject are Guide to Free Campgrounds (published 2014) and Camping with the Corps of Engineers (published 2015) by Don Wright. The Guide to Free Campgrounds is a guidebook to 12,000 U.S. campground with overnight fees of $12 or less. It includes national parks and forests, BLM campgrounds, state parks and forests, wildlife areas, and more. *Note: be sure to get the newest edition—there is an older edition that is out of date.

Dumping Your Tanks on the Cheap

Finding free dump stations to empty your holding tanks has gotten harder over the years. They used to be readily available at campgrounds and interstate rest areas, but abuse of the dump sites made them too expensive to maintain and clean up; thus we’re seeing less and less free or cheap options. The best way to find the least expensive options is to plan your route and map out where the dump stations are ahead of time. You’ll find an online RV Dump Station Directory and a U.S. dump station directory over at You can search by region, ZIP code, city or state. Be sure to also check out their new smartphone app while you’re there!

Pay Less for Gas

Fuel is obviously one of the most expensive items to chip away at your RV road trip budget. And gas prices are different all over the country, so it can be hard to predict how much you’ll spend when you’re in different regions. Fortunately, there are apps that will help you find the stations with the lowest prices. Take a look at Gas Buddy and Gas Guru for information while you’re on the road. Also, an app like Gas Cubby can help you track your fuel economy.
The other way to save in this category is to maintain and drive your RV for the best fuel efficiency. We’ve talked about this important piece of RVing on a budget before, so we won’t go into a long diatribe here, but remember that properly maintaining your RV will help it perform at its best, and you can save yourself a lot of money with little things like staying at a consistent speed, utilizing your cruise control and not over-packing the RV.

Cook Your Own Food

Using your RV kitchen instead of eating out can save you a LOT of money. A 2015 study reported in Business Insider broke down the costs of eating at chain restaurants. The cheapest of the restaurants studied reported that the average check per person was $12.17. Even if you subsisted on a fast food diet that cost you $5 per person per meal, it adds up quickly and isn’t a healthy choice. Cooking in your RV is both healthier and more economical. Even if you only have a 2-burner stovetop and a microwave in your RV, there are better food options for you. Check out our blog “ Rving for Foodies: Cooking on the Road” for great ideas and tips. Also there are a number of “camp cooking” apps you can turn to, like Coleman’s Classic Camping Cookbook & Meal Planner or the Trail Chef Camping Menu Planner app.

Of course it’s also important to give yourself those special meals out, so plan them carefully into your budget, and remember that you can often get discounts at certain times or on certain days. Take advantage of happy hour specials or Tuesday margarita discounts.

RVing on a budget doesn’t have to be hard. Little things add up to big savings. If you’re in the market for an RV, check in again next week when we’re going to look at the most economical way to purchase the RV of your choice and an up front cost that can save you money in the long run: Solar.

If you have any questions, give us a call.

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