What Is The Most Affordable Class A Motorhome?

If you look at only the MSRP of the motorhome that is a loaded question, but if you look at the value in your investment the only answer is the all new 2018 Winnebago Intent. There are certainly cheaper offerings on the market, but as we have discussed before, the cheapest option is almost never the least expensive. We’ve all done it, gone cheap and after much frustration and the occasional outburst that would have your Grandma running for the soap, we replace the cheap option with the more expensive one and, low and behold, you get what you pay for. With the Winnebago Intents four floor plans you don’t get what you’ve paid for, you get much much more. The Winnebago name alone brings value to the vehicle through their longstanding tradition of making some of the highest quality RVs in the industry. In fact Winnebago’s have been on the road so long, for many they have become synonymous with the term motorhome itself.

Is This A Stripped Down Motorhome?

Remember those ads where they give you an amazing price on a car or truck only to have the announcer set the land speed record while they read the “one at this price” disclaimer? Ever actually tried to buy that one at this price vehicle? At your average dealer those vehicles have “already sold” but there is a nice, much more expensive alternative. If you do happen to find it the rubber floor, roll up windows, and AM radio give you clear picture of why it is so cheap. No rubber floors in the Winnebago Intent, and no lesser quality components or construction than you would find in any Winnebago RV. The Intent doesn’t cheap out to achieve a more affordable price point, Winnebago has simplified some of the systems and reduced the amount of bolt on bells and whistles that look impressive but do little to enhance your camping experience. So, no, the Winnebago Intent is certainly not a stripped down motorhome!

Not A Minimalist Motorhome, But A Simpler One

Winnebago set about redesigning the Class A gas powered motorhome to provide a quality offering at an entry level price point. The design was driven by direct customer input, which oddly is a new way to design a motorhome, but some Winnebago traditions are still in place. Winnebago has always made safety a priority, using the same testing standards on their motorhomes that are used for school busses, and the Intent is no different. It does not compromise safety to reduce costs, and it is built on the same kind of superstructure found on their more expensive offerings. The Intent also features a redesigned narrowed A-column, which is the pillar between the windshield and the side window, for greater visibility in the campground and on the highway, making it safer to park and to drive. Wondering how they managed to make a new and improved motorhome that is less expensive than it’s predecessors? Winnebago magic? No, just smart manufacturing practices and a focus on function, safety, and comfort. They streamlined the production of the Intent line, completely retooling one of their assembly lines for increased efficiency, but did not cut corners or use lesser quality materials. In fact the Intent line features a residential refrigerator as a standard feature, an option on even on more expensive coaches. Speaking of features generally found in more expensive coaches, every Intent has an outside kitchen or “Tailgate Package” with a compact refrigerator, sink, pullout counter space and a spot for a flat screen, a 15,000BTU air conditioner, and a 4,000watt Onan generator. Nothing entry level here!

What Makes The Intent Different? It Looks Just Like A Winnebago Motorhome.

Starting with what Intent production manager Niles Whitehouse calls, “a clean sheet of paper,” allowed Winnebago to focus on what areas they would not compromise in and to break from the industry mindset about what an entry level RV should be. For a company as large and successful as Winnebago to, in some ways, reinvent how they operate is a very difficult undertaking, but it shows Winnebago’s focus on the ownership experience. Did Winnebago need another entry into the market? Not as much as the market needed a high quality, lower price point Class A. So Winnebago delivered the Intent line with a clean, white fiberglass exterior accentuated by contemporary graphics and” on-trend” interior design with rich real wood cabinetry, gorgeous countertops, and inviting comfortable furniture. And yes, the Intent does look like a Winnebago, and that was no accident. Just because you redesign something doesn’t mean you throw out the good with the bad, and looking like a Winnebago is a good thing. There are a couple features unique to the Intent. The swivel radio/back up monitor built into the dash means you can adjust its position for optimum viewing no matter who is driving, making maneuvering the Intent easier and safer. Not to mention no more sore neck from craning to see the back up monitor. The “Pet Pal” is such a simple feature, but if you travel with furry family you will find it to be an incredibly thoughtful addition. It is a permanently attached anchor point for your pet’s leash that allows them to join you under the power awning without having to keep a watchful eye on them all the time. The entry steps hide storage compartments designed for shoes but could easily hold seashells or other treasures and then there is the propane system on the Intent line. Instead of a fixed propane tank mounted on the frame rail the Intent has two twenty pound, or five gallon, bbq style tanks and the ability to accept two more for a total of eighty pounds, or 20 gallons, of propane on board. No more breaking down camp to fill up the propane, just remove one of the bottles and have it filled. Genius, and its more economical than an underbelly tank from a manufacturing standpoint. And that is the Intent in a nutshell, economical but still as functional, if not more, than what the competition would like you to believe is a similar product.

Winnebago and Guaranty RV Super Centers, A Partnership Forged In Iron

The Intent really is the best of both worlds. It has the long-standing Winnebago traditions and pedigree behind it, but it is full of innovation. Guaranty has been a world class RV dealership for over Fifty years, and we have the industry awards to prove it. We have been proud to receive the Winnebago Circle of Excellence Award year after year, including 2017, and Guaranty is consistently ranked as a Top 50 RV dealership by RV Business. Including a Top 5 dealer award for 2015. You do not receive these accolades by staying still, constantly improving systems and innovation are vital to growth and to meeting the demands of today’s RVer. So you could say Guaranty is also the best of both worlds, with long standing traditions and innovations all designed to provide a world-class experience, including our 4.5 Star Google rating for our RV service department that is open seven days a week and our new 55 space RV Park. From the moment you step on our lots or browse our inventory online, you will find an RV dealer who values the customer experience now and down the road. With shared philosophies in how to provide the most enjoyable RV camping experience through quality products and exceptional service and that customer loyalty is earned the old fashioned way, not expected, Guaranty RV Super Centers and Winnebago couldn’t be more in step. The Intent of both companies is to bring new RVers into the fold and foster their love of exploring the great outdoors. Buy your Winnebago Intent from Guaranty RV and have the confidence that two of the longest tenured members of the RV industry will be here to support your RV adventures today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. And remember at Guaranty RV Super Centers

”We Service What We Sell, And We Do It Well”

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