About hiring dynamic individuals and what exactly that means

Are you Dynamic?

I was asked to proofread and comment on an employment ad we were placing earlier this week and those were the first three lines of the ad. I immediately took exception to them, asserting that nobody really knew what that meant and they should be removed. Terry (who wrote the very rough draft) and I had a spirited debate over the course of a couple of days and it spilled over into every conversation we were having until finally someone actually looked up the meaning of the word. Here is what we found. Dynamic, “of or relating to physical force or energy” and “marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change”. Well, as much as I hated to admit Terry got it right and I got it wrong, he had the right word, so the ad went out with those first three words.

Those are the type of people we are looking to hire, people with energy and force, continuously productive and active and willing to change. Not only are we looking to hire those people, those are the types of people we want working here now. There is no magic to what makes us successful, we have to be willing to work harder and longer than our competition, take better care of our customers and each other, go the extra mile and don’t settle for mediocrity.

So I ask you again, Are You Dynamic?


Have a great weekend.


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