Truck Campers and Lightweight Travel Trailers: Lance Has Had You Covered for 50 Years – Part 1

As we’ve rounded the bend into 2016, we’ve started to think about family camping. Never mind that it’s been pouring rain for weeks on end—we’re dreaming about summer, packing up the travel trailer or the camper and heading to the Oregon Coast or one of our favorite state park campgrounds. So of course we’re also thinking about truck campers and travel trailers, and one of the manufacturers that comes immediately to mind when we consider the best of the best in these RV types is Lance.

Guaranty RV originally became an authorized Lance dealership way back in the day because our research proved to us that this manufacturer goes the extra distance to build some of the highest quality truck campers on the market. Their construction methods not only surpass those of many other manufacturers, but Lance also practices admirable Eco-Green construction methods and offers four-season options that our customers love. This commitment to quality and innovation is what’s made them a leader in truck camper manufacturing since the early days of their business, and has earned them twelve RV Dealers Association DSI Quality Circle Awards. So when Lance started building travel trailers in 2009, it was a no-brainer to bring them onto the Guaranty RV lot. Since then, their Ultra-Light Travel Trailers have become some of the best-selling models among customers who are looking for travel trailers to tow behind their SUVs, ½-ton pickups and crossover vehicles. Both Guaranty and Lance have now been around for half a century and it’s a relationship we’re proud of. That’s why we want to spend some time in this blog talking about Lance manufacturing and the models that might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned truck camper or lightweight travel trailer in 2016.

This week, we want to give you some of the important details about what makes Lance truck campers and travel trailers stand out from the pack. Check back with us next week to get details about the models that we love the most and also some exciting information about Lance’s newest services.

3D Advanced CAD Engineering Means a Perfect Build Every Time

Lance was one of the first RV manufacturers in America to incorporate 3D advanced CAD engineering and Computer Numerical Control machines into their manufacturing process. The combination of precise CAD plans and machinery that can make the finest, perfectly accurate cuts over and over again means the parts that make up every Lance RV fit better and therefore last longer. Their “zero tolerance allowance” leaves no room for human error, resulting in the best possible quality every time.

Lance also brings in materials that provide the ultimate in durability and beauty. For example, they build the interiors of their RVs with European-made Lite-Ply plywood, which is stronger than other wood products while being 50% lighter, and is sustainably harvested from renewable poplar trees. (Lite-Ply is used by jet manufacturers for the same reasons.) Lance incorporates this product in tongue and groove and dovetail construction methods for even more durability. With Lite-Ply construction and precision engineering, they can produce a lighter weight RV that still stands up to the rigors of camping, road tripping and time.

A Commitment to Green Construction
Lance believes that green construction isn’t just good for our nation’s natural wonders and campgrounds; it makes good business sense too. That’s why they created the Lance Standard for being Eco-Green. They started with a state-of-the-art manufacturing campus that is tied into the local power grid in such a way that they participate in power savings programs. Their buildings utilize natural light and employ a metered heating and air conditioning system that looks at every office separately. Even the lighting is “smart”, so that they never use more than they need.

Lance also set out to find the best materials in building their RVs to be both the best quality and easy on the planet. As well as working with Lite-Ply for the interiors of their campers and travel trailers, they also replaced traditional wood structures with Azdel, a composite product that is 50% lighter than wood and doesn’t rot or mold. Because it contains no formaldehyde, it is significantly safer than other construction materials, and it has the added bonus of being a good sound barrier. By using these products with the precision Computer Numerical Control machinery, Lance gets the most out of every sheet of product and produces less waste than the vast majority of RV manufacturers.

As of 2015, all Lance products are also mercury-free because they are as committed to your family’s safety as your are. By taking good care of our resources, our land and our people, Lance is looking ahead to make sure our children’s children have beautiful places to go camping and get back to nature.

Four-Season Construction, Because We Like To Camp All Year
Hunters and winter sports enthusiasts have known for a long time that Lance truck campers are the perfect RV to take to the wilderness when the temperature drops. The qualities that make them winter-worthy also make them great choices for hot weather. Lance’s Four-Seasons Certified options include all the necessities that make camping or road tripping in extreme heat or cold a pleasure: dual pane windows, advanced ducted heat and air conditioning, water heater bypass and winterizing valves, insulated hatch covers, heated tanks, insulated bed pads and more. The use of thermoplastic Azdel products adds another layer of insulation and keeps out the rot and mildew that are common with wood-built RV construction. Other options, like snap-on insulated hatch covers, make your living space all the more cozy when Jack Frost is busy outside.

Next week we’re going to spend some time looking at the Lance truck campers and Ultra-Light travel trailers that we like the most, and also tell you about their new Roadside Service. If you’re in the market for either a new or pre-owned Lance, be sure to give us a call or come on over to Junction City and walk through some Lance products to see the quality for yourself.

Photo: Guaranty RV

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