Travel trailers are the new tent!

If you love camping, but would like more comfort and security than what an old-fashioned tent has to offer, travel trailers are a perfect solution. They are more affordable than other RVs, and have a number of other advantages.

First, a travel trailer offers mobility— something a tent clearly lacks! If you travel from campsite to campsite, your travel trailer requires no setting up or taking down. Just hop back in the car, and you’re back on the road!

If you’re traveling with a larger party, and storage space is a concern, travel trailers will still meet your needs. Travel trailers like the Jayco White Hawk incorporate plenty of storage space, including plenty of cabinetry throughout. And because you already need to tow your travel trailer, you’ll have all the storage room of the truck bed that might otherwise not be available when driving a larger motorhome.

For those who may be skeptical about the drivability of a motorhome, travel trailers can ease your worries; they are easier to drive than larger recreational vehicles and achieve better gas mileage, too.

Also, travel trailers are easier to maintain than motorhomes. Because travel trailers are hitched to the back of your vehicle, they obviously don’t require any engine maintenance. And when they do need to be serviced, it simply means unhitching from your truck at the service site and still having the use of your regular vehicle.

These are just a few of the reasons we believe the travel trailer has replaced a classic tent for camping. To see our selection of affordable travel trailers, contact us today.

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