Top 3 Class B Motorhomes for 2013

2013 is going to be a great year for RV’ers, and the latest releases of Class B motorhomes show why!

Here are our top 3 Class B motorhomes this year:

1. Roadtrek Agile SS
This class B is available brand new, with 0 miles, and is a beautiful model for any RV enthusiast. Even though it runs on diesel, the Agile SS has great fuel economy, especially for its size. Although it’s a bit pricier than gas engine models, a diesel engine typically means more longevity, and it could last you a lifetime if well maintained. With seating for five and sleeping amenities for two, it is is ideal for nearly any occasion.

2. Pleasure-Way Pursuit B Plus Motorhome
Complete with a hardwood maple interior, this class B motorhome is easy to drive and achieves excellent fuel economy. Since it runs on gas, this model comes with lower upfront costs and is less expensive to fuel. With 32 cubic feet of exterior storage, and entertainment features like a 32″ LED LCD TV and Blu-Ray, the Pleasure-Way Pursuit is great for traveling with the family.

3. Roadtrek Versatile 170
This rounds out the top 3 class B motorhomes as the It also runs on gas instead of diesel, and is much more fuel-efficient than most camper vans of similar sizes. The Versatile 170 is easier to maneuver than other models, and is spacious enough to seat 7 and sleep up to 4. This makes it a great model for traveling with larger parties at a decent price.

All of these, along with the rest of the 2013 models, show great steps toward improved fuel and cost efficiency for all motorhomes. For more information on any of the above models, or to check out the rest of our inventory, please contact us.

For more information on how you can begin your RV journey, email us.

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