Thoughts on the coming year

This is my last message to you for 2017 but not my last message, as I plan to continue these in 2018. In only a few more days, it will be a brand new year, full of possibilities, triumph, joy, a little sadness perhaps, we just don’t really know what this year is going to bring. To me, that great unknown is very exciting, I just love the possibilities, and I don’t fear the other things that might happen, that is what makes a life. As I look back over 2017, and forward into 2018 I try to understand the things that we did not do well, and make corrections to avoid repeating any of the missteps that kept us from our goals. I also, look at the things that went just right, and try to make sure we recognize them and duplicate that. I think we are going to have a great year in 2018. As you are all well aware, we have invested heavily in our facilities and we anticipate that it will clearly result in increased business for us. The economy, regardless of how you view our politics, is humming along very well, interest rates are still very low, banks are lending, unemployment is at its lowest level in 16 years, the stock market continues to set records and consumer confidence is high.

However, those are things we do not control, what we control is how we take advantage of all those good elements and bring joy to our customers lives by the products and services we provide. I just purchased a new pickup from the Chevy store, and I forgot what a thrill it is to buy a new vehicle for yourself and it reminded me that it is that way for most of our customers, and it should be that way for all of them. 2018 needs to be our year of harvest, we have invested millions the past three years, and it is now time to enjoy the fruits of that labor and invite our friends and neighbors and customers along on what is going to be a great ride in 2018. I hope all of you are getting ready to have the best year of your life starting right now, I intend be right here with you.

Happy New Year.


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