The Oregon Civil War “Big Bet” Is Back For 2013

If you don’t live in our fair state, you may be forgiven for not knowing that Ducks and Beavers are natural enemies— but any Oregonian will tell you how wrong you are. At Guaranty, we sit almost exactly halfway between the two competitors of the biggest rivalry in the state: Oregon State University and University of Oregon. And for the next six weeks or so, we’re bracing ourselves as we prepare for the 2013 Civil War.

The historic rivalry between these two Oregon football teams is a longstanding one, and it’s one of the most-played civil war games in the nation. The first game was played in 1894, with OSU defeating the Ducks in Corvallis. But things have evened out since then, and the Ducks have dominated over the past five years.

Given the history of the civil war, imagine a family split down the middle in terms of allegiance: Guaranty’s founder, Herb Nill, graduated from University of Oregon. But his son Shannon, Guaranty’s owner, is an Oregon State University alumnus. And here in Junction City, Guaranty RV Super Centers is right here in the middle.

So it only seems fair that each year, Shannon and Herb make a bit of a wager based on the outcome of the civil war. Right?

The Guaranty civil war bets have been going on for years, and have created lots of talk and many laughs in our community. A couple years ago, the loser had to shave the opposing team’s logo into the back of his head. As you can see, Shannon’s Beavers didn’t fare so well that game:

Last year, Shannon and Herb’s bet was featured in the New York Times. Read the article for an explanation of the unusual Civil War trophy, too.

Well, it’s that time of year again and the big bet is back! The 2013 Civil War takes place on November 29th in Autzen Stadium, Home of the Ducks. We can’t wait to see who will walk away with the trophy this time—which team will you root for?

Regardless of whether you’re a Duck or a Beaver, you’re on friendly turf here at Guaranty. We’re always looking for new bet ideas for the Civil War. Got a suggestion? Tell us on Facebook.

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