Start Of The Second Camping Season

Breaking With TraditionLabor Day traditionally coincides with the kids going back to school, the weather turning a little crisper and has long been the unofficial final weekend for the RV industry.
While tradition is nice everything evolves and the RV lifestyle is no different. So many manufacturers have begun to offer a wide variety of four season RVS that even camping in the snow of the deep winter months is warm, dry and comfortable. The proliferation of campgrounds public and private means you are never far away from a weekend getaway, and the kids don’t miss any class time. School is important and there is no stopping Mother Nature, but the good news is Labor Day is no longer the end of the RV season.

Four Seasons Of Camping
Here in the best state in the union for RV Camping, Oregon, we enjoy all four seasons and September is often one of the best months to enjoy RVing. Reduced numbers at the campgrounds means more available campsites and less over highway traffic, so you can get to where you’re going that much sooner. September temperatures are mild and the leaves begin to turn the warm tones of the gorgeous fall foliage to come. I have lived in areas of the world where you don’t get all four seasons. For example Southern California experiences summer and summer light. This may sound nice in the doldrums of a gloomy Northwest Winter, but in my opinion there is something about four distinct seasons that helps keep our lives in rhythm. Not to mention the fact that a gloomy winter makes one appreciate the first blooms of spring all the more.

Four Season RVs
Northwood RV manufactures some well-known brand names, including Arctic Fox, Nash and the Desert Fox in La Grande, Oregon.
The Arctic Fox is so named because it was designed for the tough, unpredictable conditions of northern climates. Arctic Fox travel trailers, fifth wheels and truck campers are all certified for four season use. This includes heated and enclosed tanks and dumping valves, as well as top-quality insulation.

Heartland’s RV offers the Yeti Extreme Weather Package. If you’ve got a luxury fifth wheel in mind, be sure to look at Heartland, and find out about the Yeti Extreme Weather Package. Yes, you’ll get a heated, enclosed and insulated underbelly, R-38 insulated floors, dual pane windows, and some of the other features that you find in other Arctic packages, like 120V electric holding tank heating pads on the holding tanks that you can turn on with one easy switch. But you’ll also get even more protection from the cold, thanks to a layer of R38 Radiant Technology insulation inside the front and rear caps, which reduces heat loss through the ends of the fifth wheel. The Pex plumbing in the extreme weather package is tested against freezing, but just to give you added peace of mind, the main waterline is insulated and has a 12V heater line that senses when the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically turns on to prevent frozen lines.

If you like the idea of a motorhome, Jayco has one of the best rated cold weather Class C motorhomes, the Redhawk, and Newmar is the leader in interior temperature control thanks to the high R values of the insulation used throughout. Newmar even insulates the roof of their slide outs, an uncommon practice in the industry.
The Best RVs Are The Best For Cold Weather
The theme here is that many of the best brands we sell here at Guaranty also happen to be some of the best four season, and especially cold weather, brands as well. That isn’t an accident or a coincidence. Guaranty is consistently recognized as one of the top RV Dealers in the country and much of that rating comes from customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction in the RV industry is equal parts the quality of the brands you sell and the quality of a dealerships response when something inevitably goes wrong. It’s not a popular admission in the RV industry but no matter how much the initial cost of your RV it will have issues that need repair in its life. Your house just sits there and it needs upkeep and repair, imagine if it experienced an earthquake every time you’re home. So the trick is to buy a better quality RV from a better quality dealership, like Guaranty. The good news is we stock the 5 top rated trailers and the best motorhomes in their class from the likes of Newmar, Winnebago, and Jayco. The better news is that when you buy one of the better rated RVs chances are it is a four seasons RV.

So let’s begin a new tradition. Let’s begin to think of Labor Day as the official beginning of the second camping season.

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