Remember to count your blessings no matter what

Dear Team:

I am sitting here at my desk getting ready to write my weekly message to you all, and I am completely uninspired. Not so much uninspired, but just distracted, something I try never to be at work. Like many of you I suspect, I have my bad days, I conflict with people in my life, I fret over all the little details and big events here at work, I feel badly about the decisions I make that people don’t like. So, sometimes I just wallow in this feeling of self-pity. But, inevitably, I start to realize that yes, I have my problems, and yes, they are important to me and yes, they might even be relevant, but when I look at my life and compare it to people with real problems I just can’t stay down for very long.

In actuality, I have a great life, I have my dream job, with a great company, a chance to make decisions that make a difference. I work with great people, all of you, and together we do good things. Ok, we don’t cure cancer or end world hunger, but we provide joy to many people’s lives with the products we sell, and services we provide. I start to think about all the ways I am lucky, and I just can’t stay down for very long. So what is my message to all of you?

Remember to count your blessings no matter what. Sure your problems are real and meaningful but if you look even a little bit, you can find a lot of people with bigger problems than yours. Our year has started, as I said last week, I am excited to see how it unfolds and I am determined to be grateful for the chance to live it. I hope you are too.

Have a great weekend.


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