Our Review of the Onan Generator

It’s a beautiful evening at the campground. After s’mores and ghost stories, you’re finally all nestled in, ready for a good night’s rest before the festivities that the next day will surely bring. Just before drifting off, you suddenly wake up to the screeching, whistling racket from your campground neighbor’s generator. Don’t be that person. With an Onan RV generator, you won’t be.

Cummins prides itself on producing quiet, reliable and innovative RV power. The best-selling RV generators on the market come from this manufacturer, including diesel, gasoline and liquid propane generators. Read on for our review of Cummins Onan generators, and more detail about which model may be right for you.

Diesel RV Generators
These generators are built for all types of motorized RVs, and they are top of the line. They are easy to maintain thanks to several access points, and are known for sound control. An Onan diesel generator is quieter than the National Park Service sound level requirements, meaning you can fire it up as you please during your stay at a national park.

One of our bestsellers is the Onan 12.5 Kw diesel generator:

Cummins Onan Diesel Generator, 12.5Kw
The 12.5Kw will run two or three 13500 BTU air conditioners, and have some leftover power. It makes troubleshooting easy thanks to self-diagnostic tools, comes with remote operation and meets U.S. EPA emission standards, like the rest of the Cummins Onan repertoire. Plus, an intake silencer and sound-controlling muffler mean you’ll be comfortable and have peace and quiet.

Although diesel generators work for all motorized RVs, we recommend the 12.5Kw Cummins Onan diesel for larger RVs, which will make use of that much power.

Gasoline RV Generators
On the other hand, gasoline RV generators are great for smaller rigs, like travel trailers and truck campers. These will run one air conditioner with some power leftover. They’re lightweight, easy to maintain and install and have low fuel consumption. A great one is the MicroQuiet 4000 watt generator. It’s C.A.R.B. approved, and comes protected for mechanical fault, starter overcrank and loss of AC sense. It, too, has an intake silencer and sound deadening material. If you’re looking for the powerful yet quiet Cummins Onan, but have a smaller RV, this generator is right for you.

Propane RV Generators
The other type of generator produced by Cummins Onan is the propane RV generator. These are built for fifth wheels, class A and class C RVs. These models, like the others, are quiet. It’s built with an enclosed muffler and low vibration levels for a reason!

At Guaranty, we aren’t surprised that Cummins Onan makes the best-selling RV generators on the market. They are quiet, high quality and very powerful. If you have questions about how to power your RV, or if you’d like to check out our inventory of Onan generators and other RV parts, please contact us today.

Photo: finchlake2000

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