Off-Road RVing: RVs for the Road Less Traveled—Part 1

We’re writing this blog for a certain sort of RVer. Here are some traits that typify this special kind of RVing enthusiast:

You’ve always loved getting away from civilization, out to where all you can hear are the crickets and coyotes.
However, your back is not going to be happy with you if you make it haul a tent and gear into the wilderness to get away from said civilization.
That same back is going to wage a full mutiny if you sleep on the ground for several nights in a row.
And you’ve discovered over the years that having a few creature comforts while you’re getting away from it all actually makes the whole camping experience much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Yes, what we’re talking about here is that special breed of camper who loves “off-road” RVing. They want to get completely off the grid and soak in the peace of nature, but with the comfort and resources an RV offers.

Plenty of RVers go “boondocking” or “dry camping”—when you park someplace without water, sewer and electric, and use your RV’s battery and/or generator, solar power, propane and water storage to run your lights, heat, appliances, bathroom, etc. You can boondock in a Walmart parking lot, but what we’re talking about in this blog are the RVers who love to take boondocking to the next level, those hardy souls who are ready to head to the hills for a few days of R & R, and need the kind of RV that will take them there.

If you’re longing to “boldly go where no man has gone before”, or maybe just where most people can’t get to, you’re going to need a special RV that can stand up to that kind of terrain. Most RVs are built for highways and campgrounds, for taking the family to the local lake, or for heading out on that epic road trip to see America’s byways. They’re just not built to withstand the rigors of a steep, pot-holed, gravel or dirt track that leads to a hidden meadow campsite or the perfect stream for trout. If you’re in the market for an RV to take you off-road, you’ve got to look to the manufacturers who do it right.

In this two-part blog, we’re going to talk about some RV models and manufacturers who have a reputation for building tough RVs with the kind of clearance and flexibility you need when you head for the hills. This week, we’re going to start things out with the newest addition to Guaranty RV’s inventory—the SylvanSport GO—because this is the RV that will take you, your family and all your gear to places that were previously only accessible by the hardiest truck camper or camper van. Best yet, the GO will take you there at a fraction of the price of a typical RV.

The SylvanSport GO—This New Kid on the Block Changes Everything!

Is it a trailer or a pop-up camper? It’s both! The GO is being called the Swiss Army knife of camping trailers, and it really is one of the coolest examples of how great designers and engineers can create an amazing RV. Everyone is raving about this combination of utility trailer, gear hauler and tent camper. National Geographic ADVENTURE magazine called the GO “the best base camp of the year” and said it was the “Coolest. Camper. Ever. The SylvanSport GO is the camp trailer for people who’ve never even thought about camp trailers.” It’s already won a host of awards, including the Gear of the Year award from Men’s Journal, for its innovation, efficiency and ability to “transform from gear-hauling storage mode to an adventure camper in less than 10 minutes.”

Let’s break it down:
The SylvanSport trailer weighs 840 pounds dry and can hold up to 800 pounds of cargo. It has excellent suspension and design for smooth towing, it’s extremely fuel efficient and can be pulled by almost any tow vehicle. It will securely and easily haul bikes, kayaks, coolers, firewood, etc., but can also be used as a utility trailer to move furniture and appliances, and because it is smaller than any other towable on the highway, it’s simple to park and to store. You won’t have to sacrifice comfort when you get to your destination, however, because when the GO is in camping mode, it will sleep four people. Just unload your gear, and you can pop the tent camper up in no time.

Because it has three primary configurations—Travel Mode, Transport Mode and Camping Mode—it’s much more than just an RV. In fact, it’s an investment that you can use every day.

In Travel Mode, this small, light, aerodynamic trailer can easily carry coolers, tents and other gear safely under the hard top, while securely managing your bikes, kayaks, ski equipment, etc. above. It has a standard 2” ball coupler, flat 4-wire electrical connector, LED tail lights, and high-speed trailer tires. It’s easy to tow and easy to store in a typical urban driveway or garage.

You can transform the GO into Transport Mode in five minutes, and suddenly you’ll have a utility-trailer that will serve you day in and day out, whether it’s to transport twelve kayaks, your riding lawn mower or an ATV. You can help a friend move furniture, bring home a new refrigerator, or haul 800 pounds of lumber. It can be used either with the top on or off, so you can keep things dry or have a true open trailer. It’s even got a control-tilt deck that makes loading and unloading so much easier, without the need for a ramp.

In just another five minutes, you can transform your GO into Camping Mode, an innovative tent that sits on the trailer, sleeps four people, and is tall enough for a 6’ 4” human to stand upright. With multiple living and sleeping configurations, you can change the layout to include twin beds, tables, or a big 10’6” X 7’ bed. Plus it includes a lockable 9 cubic foot storage pod that functions as a built in cooler. You’ll have all that is wonderful about tent camping, including huge windows so you can enjoy the beauty around you and appreciate the sound of the river lulling you to sleep at night, but you’ll also have a four self-inflating beds that will make your back a happy camper.

And for the off-road RVer, the best part is that the GO has high ground clearance and truly great off-road capabilities. If your tow vehicle can get where you want to go, your GO camping trailer will come right along behind.

Want to see the SylvanSport GO in action? Check it out here. And come down to Guaranty to see it for yourself.

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of tent camping and RVing, then the SylvanSport GO may be a perfect choice. However, if you’d really like to bring a bathroom along with you into the wilderness, or maybe tent camping has lost its charm for you, then you’ll need to look at other options. Fortunately, there are a number of great choices in truck campers, camper vans and travel trailers. Check back next week and we’ll talk about some of our favorites in these categories.

If you have any questions, give us a call.

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