Northwood Arctic Fox

Last month, we spent some time talking about some of our top selling RVs the Jayco Flight SLX and the Winnebago Navion 24G. We’re back to talk about one of our most popular four-season RV brands. Here at Guaranty, we love Northwood’s Arctic Fox line for the RVer shopping looking for something that is durable, Oregon-weather friendly and easy to maneuver.

The Northwood Arctic Fox line has a wide variety of models available including travel trailers, 5th wheels, lightweights, toy haulers and the most maneuverable of them all—the truck camper. The truck camper has a wide variety of different sizes, lengths, weights and features. We’ll take you through each model, so you can find the perfect floorplan for your next excursion. But first, let’s talk about why a shopper would consider a truck camper, and more specifically, why a shopper would choose the Northwood Arctic Fox line.

Why buy a truck camper?

Like all of our different types of RVs there are advantages to choosing a truck camper as your travel companion.

Cost Efficient: A truck camper is cost effective because it does not have its own set of wheels, which means the bulk of the maintenance will go into your truck’s tires and brakes. Since the truck camper is separate from the truck, if you need to update the truck or the camper, you can do so without replacing the whole unit like other types of RVs. However, you should still stay up to date with all routine maintenance on your truck such as oil changes, tire rotations, and routine check-ups.

Fuel Efficient: Compared to other RV styles, a truck camper lives on your truck. The MPG will differ depending on the make and model of your truck, but on average, truck campers are more fuel efficient than other RVs, which can be a huge dollar saver.

Mobility: One of the best features about a truck camper is the ability to have complete mobility without sacrificing the nice features of a larger RV. Truck campers can go on roads where other types of RVs would get stuck. Plus, a truck camper is easier to park and store, and is harder to steal than other types of RVs, if you properly store the truck camper, and keep the remote controller for the jacks in a safe place.

There are plenty of other great reasons to explore owning a truck camper, and there are even more reasons to explore a Northwood Arctic Fox.

One of our top brands for good reason

The Northwood Arctic Fox is one of our favorite and top selling brands here at Guaranty. What makes Northwood so great is their Oregon-proof RVs. The factory is located in La Grande, Oregon, so they know how to build a vehicle that is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. The chassis of these truck campers are built from structural grade steel with double-primed welds to strengthen the joints. Each frame is tested and certified by Pacific West Associates, Inc, and they are tested for lifetime use.

Northwood knows the importance of an RV that can withstand a harsh climate so they created the Arctic Fox models that are considered to be “All Conditions Units” or “4-Season Ready,” perfect for winter friendly RVing. The dump valves and the holding tanks are fully insulated to prevent the key mechanics of your vehicle from freezing. The insulated holding tanks also circulate the warm air around the suspended tanks to promote safety during cold weather. The Arctic Fox line is also insulated with eco-friendly thermal insulation. This residential quality foam “Radiant Barrier” works just like your favorite insulated coffee cup or your water bottle. The Radiant Barrier insulation reflects the sun’s heat, which keeps the insulation cooler and your truck camper cooler as well. This insulation also works to keep the interior of your truck camper warm in the cold by trapping the warmth.

The Absolute Northwood

One of the great bonuses to purchasing a Northwood RV is the Absolute Northwood promise. This includes all of the quality insulation, but also a vacuum bonded roof, bonded roof deck, insulated residential flooring and hardwood cabinets. The cabinets were built like the cabinets in your house, which makes them extra durable and stable. The roof is built as a “walk on” roof—because of its durability, it can withstand several people walking on the roof. The roof is built with premium, long lasting decking, that is then glue bonded to the bow trusses (which prevent standing water from sitting on the roof). To protect you from the elements, the roof is sealed with a thick membrane. All of the Arctic Fox truck campers also have a seamless front-end that will keep your unit from leaking in the future.

Truck campers are limited in space, which makes the design more difficult and limits the floorplans. However, there are some subtle differences in the different floor plans of the Northwood Arctic Fox models.

Northwood Arctic Fox 811

The Northwood Arctic Fox 811 is one of the smallest Arctic Fox campers, with an overall length of 19 ft. Without air conditioning, this truck camper is only 6 feet 7 inches high which means you have plenty of mobility on the road. The Arctic Fox weighs 2,873 pounds dry and can carry 50 gallons of fresh water. This truck camper is perfect for the first time RVer, or the small family looking for a fun camping accessory.

The floorplan in the Arctic Fox 811 is like the other models (we will talk about those next), except the 811 has a wet bath in the back, with an optional bunk across from the kitchen, and a bed up top. One of the features in the Arctic Fox 811 that our customers really like is all the storage. Northwood packed storage into places that would otherwise have wasted space. For example, this Arctic Fox has a small pantry with a basket for all of your favorite spices and canned goods.

This layout is practical, with sleeping space for four. There is the bed above the truck bed, and there is enough space around the bed to store clothes in the cabinets. The dinette has a convenient, easy to use spring under the table that allows for the table to easily convert to a bed. The bed above the cab has a cathedral style ceiling, so there is plenty of headroom for all the tall people in the world.

Northwood Arctic Fox 990

The Northwood Arctic Fox 990 is similar to the 811, but it has more space for RVers who need more storage. The 990 is one of our top selling RVs here at Guaranty, in fact, one of our biggest complaints is that we can’t keep these campers on the lot long enough! This camper is designed for long bed trucks, because it is a bigger, longer camper. With more space and length, comes more weight. The Arctic Fox 990 has more floor length, 1 foot more than the 811. If you explore a 990 model, you will notice the extra space in the bathroom. The real porcelain toilet is on the same wall as the sink, which means your legs have more room to stretch. The Arctic Fox 990 is a couple hundred pounds heavier, weighing in at 3,010 pounds dry.

The interior of the Arctic Fox 990 is upgraded with stainless steel appliances. Like all Arctic Fox products, the kitchen nook has plenty of cabinet storage, and has two deep drawers for pots and pans. Northwood continues to give the RV a modern feel with LED lights throughout the interior and exterior of the camper.

Northwood Arctic Fox 992

If a wet bath isn’t really your style, you can step up to the Arctic Fox 992, and get a dry bath. This camper is even longer than the 811 and 990 models, and it also weighs 200 pounds more than the 990 model.

The unique feature of this floor plan is the refrigerator is next to the dinette, instead of in the kitchen corner like the other units. However, the Arctic Fox 992 features a 3 Way 6 Cubic Foot double door refrigerator, meaning you can take all of your favorite groceries on your adventure.

Like the other models, Northwood is sure to make storage available all over the camper. The Arctic Fox 992 features an even larger closet in between the bathroom and the kitchen.

Northwood Arctic Fox 1140 & 1150

The Northwood Arctic Fox 1140 and 1150 models come with either wet or dry baths. These two units are basically identical in almost every way. With a length of 19 feet, with a floor length of 11’4, this model is the longest Arctic Fox truck camper.

Both floor plans have more storage overall than any of the other models. The 1140 features an 8 cubic foot refrigerator, as opposed to the smaller 6 cubic foot refrigerator in the 992 and 1150. Another small detail is that the 1140 has the fridge right next to the sink, whereas in the 1150 the fridge is across from the cooking area, next to the dinette.

Since both floor plans are nearly identical, deciding between the two becomes a personal preference. Some buyers think one model feels bigger than the other because of the slight difference of the larger refrigerated placed next to the sink in the 1140.

Special Options:

Northwood’s Arctic Fox line comes with several options to help make your next RVing adventure a breeze! To help with accessibility, you can purchase an EZ Open Handle and extra steps to help get in and out of the vehicle. One of the step sets our customers enjoy is the Arctic Fox Landing. This step set allows for you to enter from the left or right side of your RV while the camper remains connected. It has a large entry platform, and of course is aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel.

If you are looking to hit the backroads where you won’t have much access to power, you can also add a 60 or 100 watt solar panel, 2.5 Onan LP generator as well as a 11k BTU air conditioner. Northwood has options for everyone for every camping level.

As an Oregon-based RV dealership, we love promoting other Oregon brands, especially one like Northwood’s Arctic Fox. The quality of these truck campers can’t be matched, and the way the units withstand all-year weather makes this brand our top pick for winter or 4-season RVers.

When shopping for any RV, we always encourage our customers to shop new and used RVs, as well as read reviews from customers. As always, if you want to see any of our truck campers, or any of the specific models we talked about in the blog today, please contact us!

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