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Picture this: you wake up in the bed of your Newmar Bay Star, turn on the coffee maker and open your shades to admire the picturesque views of nature that encompasses your campsite. But—unlike your other camping trips– among the grass, trees and river, you also see a swimming pool, putting green and a spa. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to glamping.

If you’re a seasoned RVer, the idea of glamping might sound a little ridiculous. Why do I need all these amenities, you’ll wonder, when the point of camping is to get away? Trust us, we understand your hesitation, but for many people glamping represents the perfect balance of camping fun and at-home comfort.

What’s all the fuss about?

Glamping has its roots overseas, but in the past few years it’s taken the United States camping world by storm. Even those who aren’t camping enthusiasts are intrigued and excited to try this new type of getaway. It all started with campsites offering upgrades from the traditional tent—things like yurts, tree houses and tepees. This way, campers don’t have to worry about the hassle of setting up camp and a fire upon their arrival. While these types of glampsites are certainly still out there, today there are also many glamorous campsites designed specifically to accommodate RVs.

What will you see at these luxury RV parks? The truth is: just about anything! You’ll probably welcome the use of electricity, running water, and private bathrooms (complete with personal pampering items!) As if this isn’t enough, all of these amenities will be in the heart of shopping, dining and spa facilities. Some luxury RV parks even come with a wait staff to assist you in your personal campsite!

But, in many glampsites, you’ll still enjoy what is perhaps the most luxurious thing of all: no cell phone coverage and no WiFi so you cannot connect with the real world. Even with all the glamor, it’ll still feel like a camping escape thanks to this.

Also, most luxury RV parks are still more eco-friendly than other forms of traveling and overnight accommodations, since many are committed to being “green.” Check if a park has a composting system, reduced energy use, recycling and gardening programs to see how it measures up on the eco-friendly scale.

Glampsites to See

Glampsites were once few and far between, but these days they are popping up across the United States and beyond. The Log House RV park and campground is located here in Oregon. It boasts hot showers, on-site laundry, fire pits and private yards for your RV parking. This campground is great for sightseeing as it sits right on the beautiful Wallowa Lake.

Now, if the concept of glamping didn’t shock you, check this out: the Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Resort. Guests choose a treehouse to fit their needs—anything from the Treezebo, Serendipitree, Balcontree or others! Park your RV below and spend your days relaxing above the ground. Plus, there are lots of activities on the site such as rafting, horseback riding and zip lines that cover more than a mile.

The Desert Shores Resort isn’t your typical luxury RV resort, because spaces are available as part of a membership rather than simply for overnight use. But when you’re surrounded by lakes and waterfalls, a tennis court, a dog park and luxurious living spaces, the monthly fees might just be worth it!

Glamping is sure to be a unique camping experience no matter where you stay. For more information about how to find the right luxury RV park, please contact us today.

photo Korzun

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