Lance Campers: 2018 Updates

As the leaves change and we start planning for fall holidays, RV enthusiasts are thinking about the new year, and the release of 2018 RVs. The new models are exciting, and many avid shoppers are searching for the latest and greatest. At Guaranty RV, we constantly follow industry news and the most exciting trailers, motorhomes and campers of the season. Which is why we created this blog, all about one of the hottest, most searched update of the 2018 models- the 2018 Lance Truck Camper. Today, we are going to take you through why we love this truck camper and all the coolest updates in the new model.

Truck Campers- The versatile travel companion

Last month, we talked about one of Lance’s competitors in the truck camper landscape, the Northwood Arctic Fox. In this blog, we mentioned the perks to owning a truck camper. Owning a truck camper means more mobility to hit the backroads, without the hassle of a trailer or larger motorhome. Truck trailers also tend to get more miles to the gallon, and are relatively less expensive to maintain than motorhomes and big trailers.

Another reason why campers tend to love truck campers is because they give you the option to pull a boat, quad, set of kayaks or any other fun recreational toys you desire. Many shoppers also love that truck campers allow for an easier overall experience. Although we love our bigger Fifth Wheel and Class A RVs, truck campers have a shorter list of to-do’s both before and after camping. Truck campers, especially the ones with automatic hydraulic systems, allow for you to flip a switch and back up to put the camper on your truck, and you’re off on your adventure. When you return, you can easily park your truck camper, and there is significantly less of a cleanup process than with larger vehicles.

Some of the biggest fans of truck campers are hunters. Hunters generally don’t spend as much time in their RV as, say, snowbirds, and they usually need to pull a boat or small utility vehicle with them. There are plenty of reasons why hunters would choose a Lance as their hunting companion, so now let’s talk about what makes a Lance one of the leading brands of truck campers.

Lance 2018 Updates

As we mentioned earlier, Ford is one of the top picks for consumers today. The new 2018 models feature significant upgrades, including an all new diesel engine for the first time ever. The newest generation of Ford beds feature a “AlumaBody” which is an all aluminum body and bed. The bed of this truck is slightly deeper and wider than previous models. For camper shoppers, a dreamy vehicle becomes less dreamy when they realize truck campers that fit will be harder to find. Lance, being the innovative company we know they are, wanted to make sure RV’ers using the new 2018 “AlumaBody” truck could continue to camp without fitting blocks around the truck camper. The new 2018 Lance campers are redesigned to accurately fit in the new truck beds, and they also fit perfectly over the redesigned Ford Truck bumper.

The 2018 Lance models feature a large exterior redesign, but it still includes all the 2017 interior redesign. Generally, RV interior design decisions are based upon what is trending in the home interior industry. In the 2018 model, all the inside color options feature white and grey, and give the overall RV a modern, elegant feel. The inside of the Lance truck campers looks modern with silver window covers, a large sink, a residential faucet and all stainless steel appliances. Lance models also have storage throughout. Inside of this truck camper, the engineers didn’t waste any space, and even added storage underneath the front steps.

Following the trends in residential housing, Lance also updated the countertops from fiberglass to medium density fiberboard (MDF) which feels more residential, and weighs less. These countertops feature a seal that prevents leaking, and require less structurally. The new countertops allowed for even more great features—such as a larger sink. If you choose the model with the dry bath, it also features the new MDF countertops.

In the new 2018 models, you will also find the latest and greatest in microwaves (because heating leftovers is important while on the road). The new microwave actually doesn’t have the glass plate on the inside that turns. Instead, this “flatbottom” microwave allows for you to use containers of all shapes and sizes, and generally the food is cooked more evenly, plus they are easier to clean.

Lance engineers also focused on an easier entry into the new 2018 truck campers. The bumper of the new 2018 model is specially designed to fit the new Ford truck, and it also features redesigned steps, for easier access. The entry keys have been redesigned, and they now feature a “Keyed-Alike System,” which means you won’t need to carry separate keys for the main door and all the storage compartments.

All About Lance:

Lance’s main factory or “campus” as they like to call it, is based in California, south of our Supercenter in Oregon. They call their factory a campus because they are always learning the needs of both the customers and the dealerships. Campuses aren’t just for learning, but also teaching, which is another attribute we love about Lance. As one of Lance’s dealerships, we are always participating in Lance certified training.

As a company, Lance excels at listening to customers and adjusting their product accordingly. Their engineering is truly one of a kind and creates a quality product. This is why Lance has been awarded the Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) award year after year.

For shoppers who prioritize buying from eco-friendly brands, Lance has an Eco Green promise. The California Lance Headquarters features energy efficient lighting, and is a part of the power savings program in the area. Engineers have also thought through how to make the product more earth-friendly and efficient. For example, Lite-ply woodwork is used throughout the RV and is created using renewable resources.

If you enjoy camping in the middle of winter, Lance campers are a great option for you because of their four-season package. The four season package includes insulation throughout the camper, and it even includes snap on insulation covers for hatch coverings. Insulation is important not only for temperature regulation, but also to prevent mold and leaking in your camper. Plus, with more insulation, external sound will be muted, giving you a more peaceful camping experience. When you are camping in the extreme heat or constant cold weather, it is also important the ducts distribute air properly in order to maintain even air circulation.

Innovation through the years:

When we think of Lance as a company, innovation is the first adjective that comes to mind. Lance always looks for new ways to enhance every product, every year. Two years ago, Lance celebrated its 50th anniversary and they continue to be one of the leaders in the truck camper industry, because of their ability to listen to customers and adapt their technology for a more satisfactory product.

In our blog on Truck Campers and Lightweight Travel Trailers: Lance Has You Covered, we talked about how Lance was one of the first in the RV industry to adopt CAD engineering into their overall build process. CAD engineering allowed for Lance to reduce the margin of human error, which provides a more seamless and precise product. This is a great example of one of the ways that Lance took the first step in innovation and technology.

Lance has made several changes throughout the years, which is why Lance is one of our shoppers top picks. The largest, most spacious model, the Lance 1172, features two slideouts, and continues to be lightweight. This innovation allowed for Lance to stand out among competitors.

According to Kelly Blue Book, Ford F-150’s are the number one best-selling vehicles in the country. Short bed trucks are popular among Americans, which is why in 2016, Lance launched a new model, the Lance 650, which was designed for smaller, short bed trucks such as the Ford F-150.

Lance listens to their customers at such detail, that they even created a one-of-a-kind bed system called the Lance Bed-Maid System. This system was designed to help campers find an ultimate state of comfort while sleeping. Lance recognizes that finding the perfect temperature while on the road takes time and space, and with the Lance Bed-Maid System, comfort is easier than ever. The system has a duvet that can be flipped from the cooler, “summer” side to the warmer, “winter” side, depending on your sleeping temperature. The system allows for you to easily adjust your temperature, and eliminates the need to pack extra blankets, which means more space for your favorite camping accessories.

These are just a few of the ways that Lance has updated its features to elevate the customer’s experience with the product. For the new 2018 product line, Lance has added an updated its product line, and we’re here to give you the inside scoop.

If you’re in the market for a new RV, and you like the idea of purchasing a mobile, innovative product, be sure to check out Lance truck campers. Lance features several different models, from smaller campers, to larger, double slide campers. These updates and features are what make Lance campers the highest quality lightweight truck campers on the road today. If you want to tour one of the new 2018 Lance truck campers, or talk with one of our specialists, please contact us today!

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