Holiday Happenings and Year-Round Generosity

At Guaranty, our over 300 employees know that we’re more than just a company…we’re a family that cares greatly for our community. Activities that support our friends and neighbors happen year-round at Guaranty.

Most noticeable is our bi-monthly hosting of Lane Blood Center’s “Bloodmobile”. We typically have the Bloodmobile parked outside our Chevrolet showroom, located at the corner of Highway 99 (Ivy) and River Road (1st Ave). We welcome the public to come donate alongside our employees, and encourage anyone interested to sign up with Heleene Breckenridge at 541-995-3149.

As many folks know, Guaranty is proud to support our local Boy Scouts of America. Yearly fundraisers for scouting in the Applegate Trail District involve the efforts of both the ownership and employees of Guaranty, who work to help low-income youngsters to attend summer camps via fundraising efforts. Additionally, the 9,400 square foot Boy Scouts of America/Oregon Trail Council facility in Eugene is named for Guaranty and the Nill family, for their special efforts in bringing a new building into fruition. Boy Scout troops in six Oregon counties are served by this office.

The needs of our friends and neighbors always comes to mind even more strongly around the holidays. That is why we have several sharing opportunities at the end of the year.

One of our longstanding and unique tradition is the Christmas-time “adoption” of a long-term care facility in Junction City. Every year, individual employees buy a requested gift for one of the residents. The gifts are all festively wrapped, and can be viewed underneath Guaranty’s Christmas tree in the Chevrolet showroom in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Then, Guaranty employees transfer the gifts to the residents in time for their annual Christmas party. We’ve long cherished this special relationship, and look forward to continuing the tradition.

Another way our employees (and customers, too!) help out during the holiday is season is with our annual Sock Drive. We have a fun and friendly competition to see which department can collect the most pairs of new socks. The socks are then donated to St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, who then distribute the socks to needy adults and children. As you can see, we’re able to generate a truckload of donations!

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