Guaranty Trivia – Win Prizes!

Are you on Facebook? Have you visited and clicked “Like”? If so, fantastic! You have a chance to win a great prize, just like Guaranty fan Kristy Nash!

Kristy was our first winner in Guaranty Trivia. Our first question was “What model year was the first slide out introduced on a motor home, and what brand was the motor home?” Kristy correctly answered that the year was 1991, and the brand was Newmar. For being the first “Facebook Fan” to answer correctly, Kristy scored a cool little backpack stocked with everything a coffee lover would need…including mugs, travel creamer and sugar, and a gift card to Starbucks!

If you haven’t joined Facebook, remember that it is free and a great way to network with the family, friends, and businesses you care about. Plus, Guaranty will be giving out prizes to our trivia winners…but that’s only on Facebook! Join us online today.

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