Guaranty’s Big Bet: Are You a Duck or a Beaver?

Guaranty’s Big Bet Civil War promotion is back, and this year, the stakes are higher than ever. Guaranty owners and father-son duo, Herb and Shannon Nill, are rooting for their rival teams: Herb’s University of Oregon Ducks versus Shannon’s Oregon State University Beavers. They’ve shaken hands on their annual wager on which team will win, and they’ve proposed another big bet this year where, no matter which team takes the glory, Guaranty customers are the real winners. This November, Guaranty will give customers $1,000 if we can’t beat another dealer’s bona fide offer. Interested? Read on for more details about this year’s Big Bet. We’ve also included an overview of the biggest college football rivalry game in Oregon and its history. Get into the football spirit in your RV this month!underdogs, take the victory, ending Oregon’s winning streak and obligating Herb to decorate his

Guaranty’s Big Bet 2014
Civil War season is a great time to buy an RV in Oregon; we’re offering over $4 million in end of the year markdowns on RVs. Our motto at Guaranty is, “Eggs are cheaper in the country and so are cars, trucks, motorhomes and trailers,” and this year, we’re here to prove it with our Big Bet challenge. Find the best deals on motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, truck campers and pop-up campers right here in Junction City at Guaranty RV. If we can’t beat a bona fide offer from any other dealer in Oregon, we’ll hand you $1,000.

Whether you’re a Duck or a Beaver, you’re on friendly turf at Guaranty RV. Did you know that Guaranty’s owners Shannon and Herb Nill are divided when it comes to the Civil War? Herb, Shannon’s dad, attended the University of Oregon (UO) and even served as the president of the alumni association. Shannon, on the other hand, was not swayed by his dad’s loyalties and completed his education at UO’s rival school, Oregon State University (OSU). Shannon and Herb Nill have tossed down the gauntlet in their own Civil War Big Bet for years now and they’re continuing the tradition in 2014. Will Herb’s Oregon Ducks prevail this year, forcing Shannon to deck out his truck in UO gear for a whole 30 days? Or will Shannon’s Beavers, the valiant truck in OSU orange and black? The Nill family’s friendly rivalry is so famous that Guaranty’s Big Bet challenge was featured in the New York Times in November, 2012. With split loyalties that run throughout our organization, Ducks and Beavers alike will find fellowship at Guaranty.

With Civil War tensions rising, it’s a fun time to visit us at Guaranty RV. Take advantage of end of the year RV specials and don’t forget to call around. Remember: we’ll pay YOU $1,000 if we can’t beat another Oregon dealer’s bona fide offer.

The Civil War: An Oregonian Tradition
The Civil War has been the biggest college football game in Oregon for 120 years and it’s had a fascinating history of dramatic defeats, rioting fans, double overtimes and unlikely upsets. As the 7th most played college football rivalry game in the United States, the entire nation will be watching the tense match up this year. UO is currently on a winning streak, having won the last six Civil War games, but OSU has the home field advantage this year. Let’s not forget, that the Beavers won the very first civil war game 16-0 back in 1894. Though, the following year, in 1895, the Ducks earned their first victory in the series with a crushing win of 44-0. This is also the largest win in the history of the Civil War.

Other memorable games over the years include the 1972 upset when Oregon shut down Oregon state’s eight-year Civil War winning streak 30-3 in Corvallis. Elated Oregon fans then ran out onto the field and tore down the south goalpost, but Beaver fans jumped in before they could get to the north goalpost and the two sides brawled. Then in 1983—a year every Oregonian who was alive at the time remembers with shame—the “Toilet Bowl” Civil War game ended in a 0-0 tie. It was one of the worst games in college football history with both teams fumbling, throwing interceptions and missing field goals, although the poor performance on behalf of both teams may have had something to do with the torrential downpour they experienced that day. And, of course, we can’t forget the 1998 Civil War where the Beavers triumphed with a 44-41 win over the Ducks in double overtime, the first ever overtime to take place in the series.

The 118th Civil War will take place on Saturday, November 29, 2014. Will the Ducks and Beavers make history again this year?

Use Guaranty RV as Your Jumping Off Point for Football Season Fun
Leading up to the Civil War game, there’s a lot more football fun to be had. The Beavers have two more Pac-12 home match-ups before the big game and the Ducks have one more. If you’d love to tailgate at an upcoming game, remember that you can rent an RV at the Guaranty RV Travel Center. Or snag one of our end of the year deals on a new or used RV and show it off at your next tailgater. If you don’t have a stadium parking pass, or you’re from out of town and you’re planning to attend one of the remaining games, park your RV for free with us. Junction City is just about smack dab in the middle between Corvallis and Eugene. Whichever team you’re heading out to support, you’ll be a convenient 26 miles from Reser Stadium in Corvallis or 17 miles from Autzen Stadium in Eugene. So grab some last-minute Ducks or Beavers tickets and make Guaranty RV your home base when you’re headed to one of the final games of the season.

Take the Guaranty RV Big Bet This Year
Don’t worry, we won’t make you deck out your car in your rival team’s colors, depending on who wins the Civil War game this year. We will, however, make good on our promise to offer you some of the best RV deals around, or we’ll owe you $1,000. To snag an RV at a great end of the year price, or to take a spin in a rented RV for your next tailgater, or if you’re looking to park overnight for free when you’re headed to one of the remaining college football games, stop by Guaranty RV. And be sure to contact us if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Photo credit: OSUbeaver2000

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