Go Glamping

Imagine waking up amongst plush white down comforters and pillows, a tray of steaming lattes set next to your bed along with the local paper and a bowl of fresh fruit. As you stretch lazily and begin to wake up, you breathe in the crisp morning air wafting through the screens of the tent-cabin. (Sound of needle scraping on record). Did we say, tent-cabin? Yup, welcome to “glamping,” the new glamor camping that’s taking the world by storm.

RVers were way ahead of the curve on this one, having signed up for glamping decades before the term was coined. Think of your RV, the supple leather seats, the soft wool carpet, the smooth granite countertops, and cozy king bed that awaits you in your suite… You haven’t needed a tent in years! You’ve been touring around some of the most gorgeous scenic sights the country has to offer and all from the comfort of your RV; glamping the whole time and not even knowing it!

If you did want to take the RV to a Glamp-site however and experience what is essentially a hotel stay in a tent instead, here’s how to do it. First, go to this website.

This is actually a worldwide phenomenon, but you can enjoy it in the US as well. You can saddle up your Diesel Class A to the Airstreams at Big Sur, the breathtaking location in California that is nestled in the coastal mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Whatever your plans to go glamping, we can help you get there in style. From rentals to new RVs and trailers, Guaranty RV Super Centers is happy to help. Contact us for more information.

Happy Glamping!

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