Freshen Up at the RV Travel Center

Hey RV travelers, you are the most well-kempt, sweet-as-a-rose smelling roadtrippers and campers out there. Your home away from home has everything you need to keep you looking and feeling fresh on the road: a hot shower, plenty of storage space for toiletries, temperature control, and more. This makes you feel pretty great, huh? You stroll down the steps of your RV with confidence and a spring in your step every morning— but then you open a dresser drawer to discover you’re down to your last pair of socks (and nobody likes to reuse a sock). Your underwear drawer is looking pretty skimpy too. This would be a great time to swing by the Travel Center at Guaranty RV— good thing you were already planning to pass through the Eugene area on your way from Salem to Medford.

With laundry facilities and a fully stocked convenience store, the Travel Center at Guaranty RV is equipped to deal with almost any laundry emergency (fashion emergencies excepted). Forget your laundry soap at home? No problem, the convenience store has detergent and other laundry supplies for sale. Oh, and you happened to notice you’re nearly out of shampoo. A variety of personal care products to choose from are right around the corner. Between spin cycles, check out the RV traveler gear. Did we say we couldn’t handle fashion emergencies? Just kidding, we’ve got you covered there too.

Even if you have a washer and dryer installed in your RV, you can still freshen up at the RV travel center. Is your shower head just not doing it for you anymore? We’ll help you find the perfect replacement. Maybe you don’t have a washer and dryer yet, but you’d like to have them installed. Our expert technicians can help you there as well.

Take a walk, do some laundry, stock up on much-needed supplies, get some new parts installed— the Travel Center has everything you need to relax and start the next leg of your journey refreshed. Even your dog can get the royal treatment from our on-site dog groomer. Swing by the RV Travel Center on your next road trip, we’ll put that “feelin’ fresh” confidence back in your step. Contact us with questions or to set up an appointment for RV service.

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