Class B and Class C Motorhomes: Get the Best Gas Mileage and Ultimate Comfort – Part 1

Update: In November 2015, Winnebago decided to reintegrate its Itasca vehicles under the Winnebago name. These great models will continue, but under the Winnebago name instead of Itasca.

Lately here on the Guaranty blog, we’ve been looking at some of our favorite RVs, including fifth wheels and toy haulers, truck and folding campers, accessible RVs, the best RVs for snowbirds, and Class A motorhomes. In this two-part blog, we’re going to talk about some of our favorite Class C and Class B motorhomes: those gas-saving smaller siblings of the grand Class A. These models offer the advantage of fuel economy and ease of driving, and—whether you need the perfect RV for two, or a model that will accommodate the whole family—our favorite brands have a number of excellent floorplans to choose from, so you can get exactly what you need for your unique RV lifestyle. This week we’re going to focus on two of our favorite Class C models: the Winnebago Navion and Thor Motor Coach’s Four Winds.

Our Favorite Winnebago Class C: The Navion
As most RVers know, Winnebago has been around a long time and has become synonymous with American camping and road tripping. Founded in 1958, they’ve received the RV Dealers Association Quality Circle Award on their motorhomes every year for 57 years! They also consistently win Gold status for their Class C motorhomes in Motorhome Magazine’s yearly Reader’s Choice Awards, which they won again for 2015. This is a tried and true brand, which is why Americans love them and why Guaranty RV is an official Winnebago dealership. In 1975, Winnebago introduced their Itasca line and for many years it was Itasca that manufactured our favorite Navion Class C motorhomes. In November of 2015, Winnebago announced their decision to officially fold the Itasca brand back into the Winnebago name; from here on out, Navions will be Winnebagos instead of Itascas, which means you’ll get all the same quality, but now you’ll have that quintessentially American “W” emblem that we all love.

The glory of the Navions is of course their overall quality, durability and ease of use. Built on the renowned Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with Winnebago’s award-winning SuperStructure® construction and upgraded with high-quality amenities, the Navion’s reputation as an excellent investment is well earned.

But Americans also love the Navion because the flexibility of having four floor plans to choose from means there is a perfect model for everyone. If you’re a large family you can choose a slide out and sleeping configuration that includes a large cab-over bunk or the twin-to-queen Flex Bed System. Along with the queen-size bed in the private bedroom, these options will give you plenty of room for all the kids, their friends and the family dog, while still providing the better gas mileage and performance of a Class C motorhome. If you don’t need or want so many sleeping options, choose a floor plan with no cab-over bunk; let that area be extra storage instead or leave it open. You can choose a model with a sofa sleeper in case you have a couple of guests, or go for the model with the amazing U-shaped dinette and footrests that turn it into a lounge; that way you’ve created the perfect Navion for two. Winnebago gives you so many options to personalize your Class C. No wonder they’re such longtime favorites.

Our Favorite Class C from Thor Motor Coach: Four Winds
Thor Motor Coach (TMC) produces almost 25% of the motorhomes sold each year, which tells you something about their ongoing popularity and the quality of their appeal. Formed in 2010 from a merger of Damon Motor Coach and Four Winds International, TMC has quickly become an RV industry leader, offering trend-changing innovations and durability at a supremely competitive price.

With outstanding construction methods that include fully welded tubular steel floor systems; fully welded tubular aluminum roof and sidewall cage construction; and Vacu-Bond laminated roofs, walls and floors with high-density block foam insulation, TMC makes their Four Winds Class Cs to last.

Built on a Ford E-Series or Chevy 4500 chassis, you can choose between a V-8 or V-10 engine, which is an important option if you’re intending to tow your boat, car, etc. If your RV lifestyle is going to take you over the Rockies or up that winding dirt road to your camping paradise, you may want all the power you can get with the best gas mileage available. The Four Winds Class Cs also offer you a whopping eleven floor plans to choose from, in lengths ranging from 24 to 32 feet. Your choices include models with zero, single, double or full wall slide-outs. If you’re looking for the perfect Class C for just the two of you, choose a model that will give you a comfortable master bedroom and sleeper sofa for guests. For those bigger families who love to go on vacation together, go all out and get the bunkhouse model that will sleep nine! With comfort and amenities galore, Four Winds motorhomes take the RV lifestyle to a new level.

As you consider your Class C purchase, first determine what your specific needs are. How large of a motorhome do you need? Is a smaller Class B style more what you’re looking for, or do you really want a larger Class A model? The Class Cs are a happy medium between the two, with more legroom than a Class B, but much better gas mileage than a Class A. Other questions to ask yourself include: What are you comfortable driving and parking? Do you need something with multiple sleeping options, or do you travel with just your small family? What kind of amenities are you looking for? If a Class C is exactly what you need, take a look at our Winnebago Navions and TMC Four Winds for some of the best Class Cs on the road today. Also keep in mind that buying a pre-owned Class C can be a great way to get all the amenities you want at the best price. We have a nice selection of pre-owned models to choose from.

If you have any questions or you want to pick the brain of one of our knowledgeable motorhome salespeople, be sure to give us a call. And check back next week to read about a couple of our favorite Class B motorhomes. If you’re looking for the very best gas mileage, and you don’t need a lot of square footage for your perfect camping or road trip experience, then a Class B could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Be sure to check out part 2 of our blog.

Photo: Guaranty RV

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