Accidents happen > No they don’t

Dear Guaranty Team:

It is only the 9th of January, and we have already recorded 3 accidents, not a good start. We have all heard the expression “accidents happen” Well guess what NO THEY DON’T. We have accidents because people ignore the rules, get in a hurry or become distracted from what they are doing. I know because every one of them crosses my desk with the investigation. They cost us a lot of money every time we have one, either from damage to property or personal injury and that then is money we don’t have to give out in pay increases, or better health benefits or higher retirement plan contributions. As I said, virtually all of them are preventable. Follow the rules, we have a safety procedure for every job in this company and ways to do those jobs designed to keep you safe from injury and from getting into an accident. If you are operating a piece of machinery, there is a proper way to do it and you should know it and follow that. If you drive one of our vehicles, you are required to obey the speed limit, not follow too closely. Don’t get in a hurry, there is a difference between working fast and efficiently and working carelessly, know the difference. Don’t become distracted, pay attention to what you are doing every minute. If you are driving one of our vehicles, you cannot use your cell phone, and you cannot smoke and you must be able to hear what is going on around you. These all sound simple and commonsense and they are and they will keep you out of trouble if you just follow them. The monetary cost is bad enough, God forbid that someone gets seriously injured or worse killed.


Be safe everyone.


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