A Shout Out to our Lot Support

A shout out this week goes to the lot staff on all the lots. These are the people who make sure all our vehicle inventory is cleaned and shined, ready to be displayed. Sounds like a pretty easy job right? Not at all, first there are the conditions, most of the time, any unit needing to be cleaned is normally outside in the elements. I can tell you from my days when I had an outside job, I generally liked being outside, but there were very few days when it was just right to be there. It was mostly either too hot or too cold, sometimes in the same day, but almost never perfect. Also, whatever the outside temperature, hot or cold, it is worse inside a vehicle, cold after spending a night outside in November, or baking hot after an hour in the sun in June. It is hard physical labor, crawling behind a toilet in an RV, or a trunk in a car to clean a spot in the floor or carpet, on your knees, your back, overhead or bent over, you are always in an awkward position. Speaking of that spot on the floor, what is the best cleaner to use, is it an oil stain, or just water based? Can you use the same cleaner to clean the floor and the carpet and the upholstery? How do you make sure the windows get cleaned without leaving a streak when it gets in the sun? What is the best tool to clean an ash tray, or the spot between the seat and the door? How do you get rid of water spots? How do you keep from scratching the paint on a 900,000 dollar King Aire, or a 100,000 dollar Corvette.

To all of you lot crews, you make it look easy and you do it always with a smile. Thank you.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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