A “light” message for December

I want you to think about light. Walk into a dark room flip a switch and the room is revealed to you. Step outside on most days, and the sun from 93 million miles away brightens and warms the earth. Light is an amazing phenomenon, part particle and part wave. We pass through it daily without a thought, most of the time you don’t feel it at all, the odd sunburn notwithstanding. We can pass through light without feeling any affect because it is diffused and scattered. So spread out that other than lighting the way, nothing else happens.

What happens however if we start condensing those scattered light particles closer and closer? If any of you have taken a magnifying glass outside on a sunny day and tilted it just right you can see the beam start to narrow. If you put your hand under it, it will eventually become hot enough to burn you. Under the right conditions, and with the right equipment, you can condense a beam of light so small and so hot, it will cut steel. That is a laser. How many people do you know whose energy is so scattered and spread out that events pass around them with no visible affect. That other than lighting a room their energy doesn’t accomplish anything else. Maybe that is you.

What if you started to concentrate your energy, and your attention into a narrower and narrower beam so that the intensity of your light could burn through any obstacle between you and success? Every day we are faced with many distractions that want to diffuse our light. Those of us who are most successful keep our focus on our goals and don’t let distractions get in the way. If you want to achieve your goals in 2018 be like that narrowly focused beam of light. Be a laser.

Just a thought.


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