You're Invited to an RV Rally at Guaranty RV!

The Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 will sweep across the entire United States continent. Every American living in the 48 contiguous states and Alaska will be able to see a partial eclipse and millions of Americans will enjoy one of Nature's most spectacular displays by either living along its path or by driving less than a day from their homes.

All RVers are invited for One Night Free Stay - from August 19 to 22^ If you're searching for Eclipse RV camping, Guaranty RV is only 15 minutes from the path of totality. Reservations are required using the form on this webpage. The Guaranty RV Totality Rally is an oasis for the full time RVer and can be used as a staging area before, during, or after the solar eclipse in Oregon. While our RV Park is still under construction, we invite the public to one night free dry camping behind the Guaranty RV Motorized Showcase. Although there is no shore power we do have a propane fill station at the Guaranty RV Travel Center and dump station across from the RV Service building on 1st street in Junction City. We are an RV Dealership so our parking spaces can fit the largest 45 foot motorhomes to the smallest camp trailers. Most importantly, our warm staff is here to serve and make your stay in Oregon enjoyable.

The Director of Space Science Education at OMSI will be here! Join us at 2pm on August 19th for a very special eclipse education event with Mr. Jim Todd, the Director of Space Science Education with the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI). His biography and picture are further down this webpage to learn more.

Guaranty RV Travel Center

Guaranty RV Travel Center is Your Home Base for Fun! In addition to eclipse boondocking at Guaranty RV, our Travel Center is having a store-wide clearance event for RV parts and accessories. Everything must go before we restock the shelves for Fall RV camping and hunting supplies. Camping chairs, septic hoses, RV LED's, RV GPS systems, RV Solar Panels, RV TV Antennas and Tuners, and hard to find RV Parts are all in stock. Guaranty has 11,000 sq. ft. of RV Parts and Accessories all in one spot. RV tires are sold and installed on site as well.

Eclipse Wine Tasting Guaranty RV will provide free wine and beer tasting from August 19 to 22 @ 2pm every day. Come and taste our selection of fine Oregon Wines or try our new Kamp Host Kolsch private label Guaranty beer made by Agrarian Ales.

Eclipse Wine Tasting'

Everyone will receive a free pair of solar glasses! Our lenses conform to and meet transmission requirements of ISO 12312-2, filters for direct observation of the sun and are manufactured by "Eclipse Glasses" which is listed first by the American Astronomical Society. NASA also refers to these glasses in their reputable vendors link. These glasses are available while supplies last. Two pairs per household limit.

Enter to Win a New Trailer!^^ No purchase necessary. The SylvanSport GO is quite possibly the Coolest. Camper. Ever! We can't keep them in stock they're so hot right now. One lucky winner will walk away with a dream RV.

Guest Speaker

Totality Rally Guest Speaker

Jim Todd is the Director of Space Science Education at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI). He has worked in space science education at OMSI for nearly 32 years. Additionally, Jim manages OMSI's Kendall Planetarium, which includes many hats: programming in astronomy and space exploration; teacher training in astronomy and space education; coordinating OMSI hosting of star parties in conjunction with local amateur astronomy groups. These monthly OMSI Star Parties take place from March through September at both Rooster Rock and L.L. Stub Stewart State Parks. Typically, nearly 200+ people attend a star party, with the largest attendance being for the annual Perseid Meteor Star Party each August. He just recently became a part-time Instructor for PCC Sylvania teaching Astronomy Education. Jim received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education from Portland State University, with a Minor in Integrated Science.