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Quality that Stands the Test of Time

Winnebago is one of America’s best known RV manufacturers. They are also one of the oldest independent RV company’s in the industry and the only RV manufacturer who has consistently received the RV Dealers Association Quality Circle Award every year since 1958, the year they were founded. Winnebago has been making quality RVs for so long that to some Winnebago has become synonymous with all motorhomes. A leader in the RV industry, Winnebago became the first RV manufacturer to celebrate 20 years of motorhome production way back in 1986. In the same year, they also became the first manufacturer to reach 200,000 motorhomes built, with an amazing amount still on the road. RV enthusiasts know they can count on Winnebago—when they choose Winnebago, they’re getting an RV that will stand the test of time and keep their families safe, and this company has the awards on the wall to prove their track record isn’t just hype.

For 2018 alone the 4X4 Revel Class B Motorhome received the RV Pro Best in Show award,

and the Horizon diesel pusher line was named the RV Business RV of the Year.

Winnebago continuously innovates and brings added value to their customers. Nearly ever year a new offering from the engineers at Winnebago improves on previous design or sets the industry in a new trend.
For 2018 the Intent re-imagines what an affordable Class A motorhome can be, with four new floor plans and unique features like refill or exchange LP cylinders and an exterior pet tether. The 2018 4X4 Revel Class B is designed for the outdoor enthusiast that likes to camp off the grid. Winnebago produces some of the finest travel trailers and fifth wheels, award winning Class A, Class B and Class C motorhomes on the market, truly providing an RV for every lifestyle. From the top of the line
Grand Tour to the entry level Minnie Drop travel trailer painstaking attention to detail and unmatched quality is evident throughout. In addition to offering a wide range of options under the Winnebago name, they also manage several brands under the Winnebago Industries umbrella, each with its own unique identity and offerings, including Itasca and Winnebago Touring Coaches. In November 2015, Winnebago announced the merger of its Itasca lines back into the Winnebago name, so although we will still be selling pre-owned Itasca RVs built between 1975 and 2015, going forward it will be Winnebago all the way.

At Guaranty RV Super Centers we also offer a broad selection of used Winnebago RVs in every type and size. Best known for their motorhomes, Winnebago’s line features Class A, Class C and Class B motorhomes. In fact, Winnebago has consistently received gold and silver medals from MotorHome Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards for their Class A and Class C models. Meanwhile, Winnebago Class B motorhomes are moving up the charts on the Readers’ Choice Awards and are a particular favorite of ours at Guaranty RV. We always have a variety of both pre-owned and new Winnebago models to choose from.

A History of Innovation

How has Winnebago become a household name and one of the foremost RV manufacturers in the country? Well, the answer is a consistent commitment to quality, safety and innovation. Winnebago is so devoted to ensuring quality and the most up-to-date advancements in their RVs, that they manufacture most of their RV components, furniture, parts and features on their 200-acre site equipped with the latest, most technologically advanced equipment available. Their best-known innovation is perhaps the Thermo-Panel® system, which was featured on the very first motorhome that rolled out of the factory in 1966. Unlike anything the industry had seen before, this technology provided a strong, lightweight and insulated system for the walls. They are also well-known for their all-metal welded subfloor, three-point seatbelts for both the driver’s and passenger’s seats. The 10-year parts and labor warranty for Winnebago single-piece fiberglass roofs is unparalleled by any other RV manufacturer. All Winnebago coaches also go through rigorous testing to ensure quality and safety.
All of this success may have you picturing a giant corporation, with overseas factories and urban offices as far removed from the RV lifestyle as can be. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Winnebago was founded in 1958 in Forest City, Iowa and still resides there today. The company has had a huge impact on the economy of this town in the heart of the country, and many of the members of the Winnebago family are family members in actuality. The staff at Winnebago really are dedicated; many of these hard-working employees have been with Winnebago for 30 years or more. The average employee has worked there for 16 years. Winnebago RVs are a labor of love, and they truly believe in their product, from the bottom to top.
Winnebago Itasca Tribute Class A motorhome If a Winnebago Motorhome is the RV for you, whether you’re interested in Class As, Bs or Cs, or you’re looking for something new or used, we have a variety to choose from at Guaranty RV. Contact us today with questions, or come by for a visit and a tour.

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