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Northwood • Guaranty RV

From the Arctic Fox to the Nash, Northwood Delivers on Quality and Durability

If you’re looking for the toughest of the tough, Northwood RVs are some of the strongest, most durable RVs available on the market. Based right here in Oregon, in the small, high-elevation of La Grande, Northwood Manufacturing produces RVs that are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and off-road terrain. Since 1993 Northwood has been producing travel trailers, fifth wheels, truck campers, and toy haulers for adventurous, outdoorsy RVers.

Northwood Arctic Fox travel trailers, fifth wheels and truck campers are our most popular line of Northwood RVs at Guaranty RV Super Centers. The Northwood family of RVs also includes the Northwood Nash line, another favorite here at Guaranty, as well as Snow River, Desert Fox, Fox Mountain, Wolf Creek, and True North. Each line features a variety of floorplans, both for families and couples, but every Northwood Nash is built for real adventuring and exploring.

interior Northwood Arctic Fox with flatscreen TV

Nothing Less than Absolute Northwood

The Northwood motto is Absolute Northwood,” which refers to the guaranteed quality, durability, and strength of their products.

A top feature to expect on a Northwood RV is the full walk-on roof. State-of-the-art building techniques, combined with high-quality and durable materials, produce a roof that is impressively strong and sloped to eliminate standing water. One famous image that demonstrates just how tough these roofs are features 32 Northwood employees sitting or standing on top of one of their Arctic Fox 992 truck campers. Now that’s “Absolute Northwood.”

The chassis on a Northwood towable is also “Absolute Northwood Certified.” Built on-site at Northwood Manufacturing, these heavy-duty chassis are made from structural grade steel and are certified for off-road travel. Top-quality finishes prevent rust, double primed welds strengthen the joints, battery racks are welded directly to the frame, and combination of features ensure that your Northwood RV will hold up even over rough terrain.
Other “Absolute Northwood” features that you may find on your next Northwood camper or towable include solid wood cabinetry, one-piece laminate fiberglass walls, aluminum superstructure, 4-season, insulated coaches, energy-efficient LED lighting, and their exclusive “Back Road Armor,” which prevents scuffs and scrapes when you’re off road in your RV.

exterior Northwood Arctic Fox with slide-out

The Arctic Fox Family of Northwood RVs

The Arctic Fox is so named because it was designed for the tough, unpredictable conditions of northern climates. Arctic fox travel trailers, fifth wheels and truck campers are all certified for 4-season use. This includes heated and enclosed tanks and dumping valves, as well as top-quality insulation. They also feature the tough chassis, made of structural grade steel that’s designed for off-road use. An Arctic Fox is an RV you can count on, even in harsh conditions.

An Arctic Fox travel trailer ranges anywhere from 23 to 34 feet in length and all but the Northwood Arctic Fox 22G feature one or two slide-outs. Some, like the Arctic Fox 25Y and 25W, come equipped with two separate entrances, and all are thoughtfully laid out to maximize space. For the true outdoors loving family or couple, Arctic Fox travel trailers are tough enough to go wherever your next adventure takes you. Similarly, Arctic Fox fifth wheels are a great choice for either families or couples. If you’re more a fifth wheel kind of person than a travel trailer kind of person, take a look at a Northwood Arctic Fox fifth wheel like the 27-5L.

For those who are really looking to get out into the backwoods and want the next step up from tent camping, the Northwood Arctic Fox truck campers are impressive. All of their truck campers feature slide-outs, an especially nice feature to maximize the space, and options for both wet and dry baths. The Arctic Fox 992 comes with not one, but two, opposing slide-outs; an exceptionally rare feature on a truck camper.

Northwood Nash: A Northwood Classic

Northwood’s classic Nash travel trailers include a variety of floorplans. You will find family-friendly bunkhouse models among the Nash lineup, as well as smaller units that are just right for adventurous couples. The Nash motto “Forged on the Frontier” is reflected in the understated, cozy interiors on these coaches, as well as the attractive, classic exterior lines and graphics.

To come take a look at a Northwood RV, come by Guaranty RV Super Centers today or contact us if you have questions.

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