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Jayco: Built on Principles of Family and Quality

Jayco is an RV company built on foundations of family and an abiding appreciation for the outdoors. In 1968, Lloyd Bontrager set out to create the perfect family-friendly RV. Starting out in a pair of barns on his property, he brought Amish craftsmanship to the task and committed Jayco to combining old world quality with the newest technology and latest advancements in construction. The first RV to come out of the Bontrager barns was a fold-down camper that featured a newly invented lifter system, a system that was then patented and is still in use today. By the end of 1968, Lloyd Bontrager’s little company of 15 employees had produced and sold 132 of those newly designed fold-down camping trailers.

Silver Jayco trailer with slide-out

More than four decades later, Jayco still believes in family-focused outdoor adventures, and are committed to creating the best RVs to meet the needs of all ages. At their rural factory in Middlebury, Indiana, they still bring the best Amish craftsmanship to the task, combining timeless woodworking skills with innovations like their Jayco Magnum Truss Roof System, which makes Jayco roofs 50% stronger than those on many RVs in their class. By staying true to Lloyd Bontrager’s dream, Jayco has become one of the biggest names in RV manufacturing today.

Here at Guaranty RV Super Centers, we know that Jayco folding campers, with that patented lifting system, are still family favorites. Jayco travel trailers are the top selling models in the United States. Jayco fifth wheels and motorhomes have earned a reputation as some of the best on the road, particularly in the lighter weight categories. And of course Jayco toy haulers are unsurpassed. That’s why we’re proud to carry a wide variety of Jayco RVs.

Jayco EcoAdvantage: A Commitment to Protecting the Environment

Jayco believes in sustainability. Through their Jayco EcoAdvantage program, they work hard to build the best RVs using fewer resources and making sure to use renewable natural resources instead of depleting our most beautiful landscapes of the very qualities that make them so special to us. That’s why they work with suppliers to reduce their packaging, and have upgraded their factory to be more energy efficient, and use more sustainable and recyclable materials in their RVs. Through smart sustainability efforts, they have reduced their energy consumption by 40%, have reduces the fresh water use and now recycle water. In 2013, they saved enough landfill space to accommodate a year’s waste from more than 40,000 people, but they haven’t reached their goal yet; they want to be landfill free by 2015. And they have developed ways to reduce the overall weight of their RVs by 30%, which not only saves resources in building, but improves your tow car mileage and saves you money in gas. Jayco wants to build a better RV and do a better job of protecting the plane at the same time, so that every generation has a beautiful place to camp.

The Jay Series: That Famous Folding Camper With the Patented Lifter System

Whether you call them a pop-up camper, a folding camper or a tent camper, these economical camping trailers have been an American classic for generations. As we know, Lloyd Bontrager cut his RV teeth on this style of fold-up camper trailer and took it into the modern world with his patented easy-to-use lifter system. Today, Jayco camping trailers like their Jay Series are some of the most popular in the nation, with four different floor plans that accommodate as many as eight people and give you a wealth of amenities and options, including a stainless steel carry-out stove that lets you decide whether to make dinner inside or outside.

The construction in a Jayco camping trailer is unmatched. As well as that one of a kind lifter system, they wrap their one-piece wooden floor deck with water resistant Poly Flex material and double bond the floor to the frame to give their camping trailers one of the strongest foundations available. Their roofs have superior leak protection. And they’re built for long hauls with integrated frames that resist buckling and torque during towing. All of this is why Jayco provides 5 Lifetime Component Warranties on their new camper trailers. They guarantee they’re built the best.

interior of Jayco trailer

Jayco Travel Trailers: Best Sellers and Memory Makers

Jayco is one of the biggest names in travel trailers today. Along with their bestselling Jayco Jay Flight trailers, they make a variety of models that give consumers a wealth of options and amenities. The Jay Flight series, true to Jayco’s roots, are family-oriented trailers that can sleep as many as 12 people. With open floor plans, slide-outs to maximize living space, as well as options for extra water carrying capacity, they are ready to accommodate your entire extended family. In today’s world of smaller tow vehicles, the Jayco Jay Flight Swift is also a popular favorite for its lighter-weight towability and affordability. These trailers can still sleep up to 10, but your half-ton tow vehicle can handle a Jay Flight Swift just fine. And if you’re looking for the most compact, lightweight trailer that can be towed by your minivan or SUV, look no further that the Jay Flight Swift SLX. Jayco builds travel trailers with old world dependability and with the modern world in mind.

If you’re looking for a Jayco folding camper, travel trailer or other Jayco RV, be sure to check out our wide selection online or come visit us in Junction City. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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