Sundance Travel Trailer
Sundance Travel Trailer
Sundance Travel Trailer

Stylish, Innovative, Luxurious—Heartland Delivers Towables that Customers Want.

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Heartland: Turning the RV Industry Upside Down

Most RV manufacturers start their product lines with entry-level offerings, and then work up “the ladder” to higher priced vehicles. Who starts with a high end RV and works down the ladder? An RV manufacturer that has endless confidence in their ability and the quality of their product, or Heartland for the short answer. While the RV industry is healthy and thriving today, that wasn’t the case only a short time ago. The road is littered with the wreckage of many RV manufacturers, both start up and long lived, that did not survive the recession. It may have been Heartlands approach to RV manufacturing, or it may be the fact that Heartland was formed by a group of people who have worked together in the RV industry for more than a decade, before venturing out on their own that allowed them to not only survive but grow. When you have the 125 years of combined industry experience of a head of engineering, a head of sales and a head of marketing and advertising sitting down together to discuss how to make better RVs with the features that people want, you get a unified goal. In 2003, when this very thing happened, it resulted in the creation of Heartland, a company that is today the third largest retailing fifth wheel manufacturer in the world and is on the verge of being among the top five towable manufacturers of fifth wheels and travel trailers combined. Known for their inspiring RV designs, quality construction and affordable pricing, Heartland’s RV experts listened to what customers wanted, and delivered on their promises. Heartland debuted with a high end 5th wheel—the now iconic Landmark, loaded with exclusive features that RVers loved.

With the phenomenal success of the Landmark and then the Bighorn fifth wheel, Heartland never looked back, and set out to make innovations that would change the RV industry.

The Sundance name graces both fifth wheel and travel trailer vehicle types and over two dozen floor plans manufactured by Heartland.

A consistent industry leader in innovative design and engineering, the Sundance product line has been the first to bring a multitude of features to market that are now “standard” on competitor’s products. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and while recognition is nice it doesn’t keep Heartland from forward thinking.
Heartland’s Tight Turn Technology made the world of fifth wheel travel accessible to those with short-bed extended-cab pickups. Until Heartland introduced this feature, these popular, easily-parked trucks were often unable to tow a fifth wheel through a turn without the fiberglass front cap of the 5th wheel hitting the cab of the pickup. By altering the front design, Heartland eliminated the need for expensive add-ons to correct the problem.

They also made industry-changing improvements to where the major hook-ups were located in their fifth wheels by bringing them all together in one place: the Universal Docking Center, a concept that had previously only been available in the most expensive motorhomes. They added large, unobstructed, drop-frame exterior storage compartments with rubber flooring for slip-resistant surfaces and easy cleaning, and on it goes. It’s no wonder people look to Heartland to make some of the most reliable and enjoyable RVs in the world.

It’s innovation like this that makes Guaranty RV Super Centers proud to carry a wide variety of Heartland fifth wheels, travel trailers and toy haulers.

Fifth Wheels: Luxury, Full-Profile and Mid-Profile Options

Unlike other RV manufacturers, who tend to cut their teeth on less expensive towables before they venture into the luxury market, Heartland jumped into the luxury fifth wheel market with both feet and immediately raised the bar with their commitment to innovation, style and quality. Their luxury 5th wheels feature loaded floorplans, component groups that are packed with value, solid craftsmanship and trustworthy resale value.

Right from the beginning, the Landmark had the best of everything—Armstrong flooring, Corian countertops, hardwood cabinetry, residential furnishings, full showers with monogrammed glass doors, king beds and unique storage capabilities that set them apart from the pack.

By 2004, when they debuted the Bighorn 5th wheel, these innovations and other luxurious features became standard, and the Bighorn hit the road at a more mainstream price that quickly made it the flagship of the Heartland company.

Heartland has now added the Big Country and the Gateway to their luxury fifth wheel line, giving you even more options. Heartland’s full-profile and mid-profile fifth wheels have all the same dependability and quality craftsmanship of their luxury line.
So whether you need the extra head room and heavier frame that is offered by full-profile models like the Elk Ridge, or you need a mid-profile model like the Sundance to tow behind your half-ton vehicle, you can count on Heartland to give you five star accommodations that will make your next vacation the best one ever.

Travel Trailers: An Ideal Towable

Heartland offers a wide variety of travel trailers, ranging from good entry level models to luxury models, giving you a wide choice of amenities and lifestyle. As people are seeing a need for more fuel efficient, lighter tow vehicles, the folks at Heartland put their heads together to create an excellent lighter weight travel trailer that could be towed by a half-ton pickup, SUV or minivan. They created their North Trail line to meet this demand. In the Heartland RV world, lighter weight doesn’t mean fewer amenities.
In models like the Northtrail and Wilderness, Heartland incorporates many of the features from their Landmark and Bighorn fifth wheels, including everyone’s favorite Universal Docking Center, luxurious interiors, and large pass-through storage compartments.

Toy Haulers: Residential Designs With Room for Your Toys

Heartland’s toy haulers are all about the multi-lifestyle family, with plenty of room for your toys, your friends, your pets, your children and all your camp gear. From basic models to designs that include kitchen islands, solid surface countertops, stainless steel appliances, private master bedrooms, full showers, electric fireplaces and more--and you still have room for your toys--Heartland has listened to what their customers want and have created a perfect blend of rip-roaring fun and homey relaxation. So whether you’re loading your Cyclone toy hauler with ATVs and heading for the coast, or packing up the Road Warrior to hit a jeep jamboree, Heartland has thought through all the features you’ll need to make your trip perfect.

If you’re interested in taking a tour of one of our Heartland RV’s, contact us today or visit Guaranty RV Super Centers.

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