2015 Lance truck camper by a campfire
Interior of a 2015 Northwood Arctic Fox truck camper
Interior of a 2015 Lance 825 truck camper
For hunters, nature lovers, and adventurous camping lovers, a truck camper is perfect.
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Interior of a truck camper

Lance Truck Campers

Based in Lancaster, California, Lance is the largest manufacturer of truck campers in North America, and in 2015 they celebrated their 50th anniversary. Lance campers are known for their durability over time and their commitment to environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices. With a range of camper designs, Lance strives to provide a product that is both comfortable and attractive. But it’s the key features that you can’t always see that really set Lance Truck Campers apart: from non-rusting stainless steel fasteners to AZDEL walls that eliminate rot, are lighter weight, and improve sound-proofing and insulation. Lance offers a range of floorplans to choose from. Come by Guaranty RV Super Centers today to take a tour of one of the Lance Truck Campers we have on site.

Truck Campers are unlike any other RV type; they’re so unique, they almost belong in a lifestyle category of their own. By far the most versatile RV type, truck campers are great for couples or small families who want to be able to camp anywhere that their truck can drive. Great for off-road or backroad adventures, you can take your truck camper virtually anywhere your truck can go. That gives you quite a few more options than a motorhome or travel trailer. We have an extensive selection of truck campers at Guaranty RV, including popular models from Lance and Northwood, so come take look.

Arctic Fox Truck Camper at the Guaranty RV lot

Truck Campers 101: The Pros and Cons

There are a lot of pros when it comes to truck camping if you live a more adventurous outdoor lifestyle. If you need to tow something extra along, a truck camper is a great idea. For people who love boating, fishing, riding ATVs or motorcycles, people who need to pull a horse trailer or whatever else you need to tow, you can do that with a truck camper and still have a vehicle to drive around after you’ve dropped off the camper in your campsite. Hunters, hikers, and outdoors enthusiasts love truck camping. And when you’re not going off-road or to your favorite hidden mountain retreat, they’re equally easy to set up in a campsite at a campground. They don’t take up much room, they require less maintenance and cleaning, and they’re easy to store. For a few examples of truck camper pros, check out this article from Truck Camper Magazine: "Do MORE and Spend LESS with a Truck Camper”.

So what are the cons? Well, because truck campers are so small and versatile, they also have a smaller sleeping capacity and are really only suited for families of up to four. So if you’ve got a big family or you just like to have more room, a truck camper may not be the right RV for you. They can feel a little cramped—though many come equipped with slide-outs that really help with the space issue—and that means your other capacities are smaller too. You’ll be limited in the amount of fresh water you can carry, your refrigerator capacity, dry goods and clothing storage, propane, and how much your dump tanks can hold. But if you learn all the tips & tricks for dry camping efficiently (sometimes referred to as Boondocking), you can enjoy anywhere from two days to a week of unplugged, off-the-grid camping.

Truck Campers Over Time

The first truck campers were introduced in the 1940s, and they’ve changed a lot over the years. They’re still a convenient and more comfortable way to spend an extended amount of time out on the road or off the grid, but they’re packed with modern amenities. With slide-outs, efficient kitchens, and wet or dry baths, you can get out in nature, but still enjoy the comforts of RV camping. Historically, they’ve been more popular in western states, but they’re gaining ground on the East Coast.

Truck campers are sometimes referred to as a truck camper shell, but there’s actually a big difference between the two. Though they share a similar purpose–both allow you to utilize your truck bed for camping–the camper shell is really just a canopy. Sometimes people use them for shelter and camping in their truck beds, but more often they’re used for storage or to keep your bed under cover when you’re hauling goods or materials. A truck camper on the other hand usually features cushioned sleeping areas, cabinetry for storage, small kitchens and a bathroom. Often they have a slide-out and some, like the Lance 1052 truck camper, have two.

Choosing a Camper for your Truck or a Truck for Your Camper

Matching a truck and a truck camper can sometimes be a challenge. It’s not as easy as matching the RV’s GVWR and your vehicle’s tow rating as you would with a travel trailer or toy hauler. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is certainly a factor, but you also have to consider the dimensions of your truck’s bed. Truck Camper Magazine offers a great guide for people new to truck camping, or we can help you out here at Guaranty RV Super Centers. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right camper for your truck or the right truck for the camper you want. Please contact us with questions or come by for a visit.

Northwood Wolf Creek and Arctic Fox Truck Campers

Known for extreme durability and four season-ready construction, Northwood Truck Campers are at the top of their class. Their Arctic Fox models feature slide-outs, extra tough walk-on roofs, and weatherproofing details only a manufacturer based in a Northern climate would think of. Wolf Creek models are lighter and a bit more nimble without slide-outs. Check out our entire selection of Northwood Truck Campers.

If you need help finding the right truck camper for you, your family, your lifestyle, and your truck, call 1-800-818-9344 or come by for a visit. If you’re interested in dry camping, ask us about add-ons that will allow you to stay out longer including solar panels, generators, extra batteries, and more.

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