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Luxury interior of a travel trailer
Coachmen Apex Travel Trailer
Interior of a Jayco White Hawk travel trailer
Exterior camp kitchen in a travel trailer
For camping lovers, road trippers, tailgaters, and weekend warriors, travel trailers are the perfect RV.
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Travel Trailers • Guaranty RV

Travel trailers have long been the favorite RV for outdoorsy families and couples. From small, lightweight trailers to larger units equipped with bunkhouses, residentially-sized bathrooms, and more, we have a wide selection of new and pre-owned travel trailers at Guaranty RV Super Centers. As far as RVs go, the category of travel trailers has the most range, with units suitable for families and individuals of all shapes, sizes and interests. From units that are perfect for couples’ weekend getaways and can be towed by mid-sized to large SUVs, to 36-footers equipped with slide-outs, outdoor kitchens, and ready for everything from a weekend tailgate to a season-long adventure.

But how do you know if a travel trailer is the right RV for you? Well, if your ideal vacation is one spent exploring the sites along the road, heading up to your favorite spot by a little-known stream, or reserving the perfect campsite in a county park for outdoors fun with family and friends, you may be a travel trailer person. If you’re a tailgater, a weekend warrior, and a camping-lover through and through, you’ll love RVing in a travel trailer. All you have to do next is choose your dream trailer and hit the road.

Interior of a travel trailer

Lightweight Travel Trailers

Concerned about fuel efficiency or the tow rating on your mid-sized SUV? Are you the kind of person who wants to enjoy the RV lifestyle, but still wants to be as close to nature as possible when you’re camping? Are you looking for something that’ll be just right for those short weekend camping getaways? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be in the market for a smaller travel trailer.

Travel trailers just aren’t what they used to be–in fact, they’re much better! But with all of the technology and special features that have been added to improve your camping experience, sometimes people think newer travel trailers are heavier. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, there are more lightweight units available than ever–some are even light enough to be towed by your existing vehicle. But always check your tow rating before you purchase.

A brand that exceeds standards in fuel efficiency and continually innovates in order to make its trailers as light and nimble as possible is Coachmen. Known for its environmentally-friendly practices, Coachmen has received the Gold certification from TRA-Certification, Inc., an internationally-accredited organization that assesses and certifies “green” businesses and products. Coachmen’s innovative Azdel Composite Panel technology is much lighter than wood, making your RV more fuel-efficient and easier to tow. Coachmen’s most popular models are the Freedom Express, the Catalina and the Apex.

For something even smaller and lighter weight than a Coachmen, check out these perfect weekender-style models from Jayco. Some of our top-selling RVs at Guaranty RV Super Centers, Jaycos Jay Flights, Jay Flight SLXs and Jay Flight Swifts are perfect starter trailers if you’re looking for that next step up from tent camping. These models from Jayco are lightweight, easy to tow, easy to maintain, and they are some of the most affordable travel trailers on the market.
Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer

Family Favorites

Space optimization in a travel trailer has never been better. The bunkhouse model has become a family favorite in the RV world. Some trailers with bunkhouses allow you to sleep up to 10 people–comfortably! If you’ve got a big family, one of these family-friendly units may be your dream RV. Some of our favorite models for families include Heartland Wilderness bunkhouse models (look for BH in the title. For example, 2014 Heartland Wilderness 2850BH), Jayco Eagle and the Coachmen Apex].

A Trailer for Any Budget: Used Travel Trailers, Financing, and More

At Guaranty RV Super Centers, we’re confident that we have your dream travel trailer, no matter your budget. For ultimate savings, go with a great pre-owned unit–we even have used travel trailers available for under $14,000. If you’re still unsure, come speak to one of our representatives or read more on our website. There are plenty of travel trailer financing options available so you don’t have to compromise on getting the perfect RV for you, without breaking the bank.

Come by for a visit and a tour of your dream RV today, or call 1-800-818-9344 if you have any questions.

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