2015 Forest River Rockwood soft sided tent camper.
Rockwood Pop-Up Camper
Interior of a 2015 Forest River Rockwood folding tent camper
Interior of a 2015 Forest River Rockwood a-frame, hard side folding camper
Get close to nature and off the ground in a folding camper.
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Folding Campers and Tent Trailers • Guaranty RV

Some know of this RV type as a pop up camper, others call it a tent trailer. Folding camper, camper trailer, pop-up trailer, tent camper—these are all terms used to refer to these versatile and unique RVs. One thing that everyone can agree on is that camping in a pop up camper is a completely unique experience, closer to tent camping than other forms of RV camping. If you love being close to the outdoors—hearing the bullfrogs croak at night, waking up to fresh, pine-scented air—and you’re really into an authentic camping experience, a tent camper might be the RV for you. They are great for large groups and some can even fit 6 to 8-person families comfortably depending on how small the kids are.

At Guaranty RV Super Centers, we have a large selection of folding campers available to choose from. These models come in all sorts of floor plans. From A-frame, hard-sided units to traditional soft-sided models, pop ups come in different shapes and sizes; some feature bathroom/shower units, slide-outs, bunkhouses, high walls, and more. Read on for more pros and the cons of folding campers.

Rockwood hard-walled tent trailers on a lot

Tent Trailers: The Pros and Cons

There are a lot of perks to pop-up camping; an important one being that they are a step up from tent camping, but they are by far the most affordable RV type. With a camper trailer, you can still enjoy the proximity to nature, but it’s a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground in a tent. They’re also a little more secure and you can fit the whole family inside. More than just a tent on wheels, tent trailers are also great for hauling cargo. If your tow car is too small for all of your camping gear, the tent trailer gives you a lot more storage than you would have otherwise.

Speaking of your tow car, another great thing about folding campers is that they are lightweight. In fact, your existing vehicle may be able to tow it, even if you have a sedan. Of course, if you have a truck you won’t have a problem with towing, but almost all SUVs, even small crossovers, have high enough tow ratings to pull a tent camper. They weigh in at about 2,800 pounds on average, so there are even a number of sedans and smaller cars that have a high enough tow capacity. This is really convenient if you’re concerned about fuel efficiency and versatility.

One more perk to think about: There are pop up camping enthusiasts all over the web. You’ll find a ton of resources available, even for inexperienced tent campers. There’s a wealth of information available on everything from a comprehensive history of tent campers available at popupcamperhistory.com to tips for tent trailer camping. A simple Google search will provide you with all the information, tips and tricks you’ll need to maximize your pop up camping experience.

So what are the cons? Well, folks who are looking for all of the comforts of RV camping are going to get a stripped down version. Yes, some tent trailers have kitchens with refrigerator and stovetops, sometimes they have bathrooms or showers, but they aren’t going to be like the facilities you have at home, or even like the ones you’ll find in bigger RV units. Additionally, they may or may not be four-season ready. Travel Trailers can get cold in the winter (some aren’t equipped for winter camping at all), but there are some tricks you can employ for winter pop-up camping. Ask us about winter-ready tent trailers at Guaranty RV if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for. We’ll help guide you toward the best unit to suit your needs. Pop up trailers are more similar to tent camping, so if that’s not the experience you’re looking for, you may be better off with another RV type.

Interior of a hard-walled pop-up camper

Go Green in a Forest River Rockwood Tent Camper

Forest River has been in the business for a long time, and their pop up tent campers are some of the best. The Forest River Rockwood comes in so many different floor plans—from their A-frame, hard side series, to the high wall series, to the Freedom series—with a huge menu of features to choose from, so there’s sure to be a model for you, whatever your needs.

For the environmentally-conscious camping enthusiast, Forest River tent trailers will exceed expectations. Not only will you save on fuel and overall materials in a pop up camper, when you go with Forest River, you’re choosing an environmentally-friendly product. Known for their green practices, Forest River is a top choice for outdoors enthusiasts who are invested in protecting their favorite camping spots.

Jayco Camping Trailers

Another favorite RV manufacturer when it comes to camping trailers is Jayco. High-quality construction and an unparalleled devotion to customer satisfaction makes Jayco one of the most popular RV manufacturers in the country. That same dedication to customers and a durable product extends to camping trailers; with a 2-year overall warranty and a 5-year tent warranty, Jayco is invested in making sure you have the best tent trailer camping experience possible. Their Jay Series tent campers feature family-friendly floor plans with sleeping capacities of up to 8 people and a king-sized bed on every model. The Jay Series Sport models are a little bit more nimble with sleeping capacities of up to 7 people on some units and both traditional and hard-wall versions are available.

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