Exterior of a 2015 Evergreen Bay Hill Fifth Wheel
Interior of a 2015 Evergreen Bay Hill luxury fifth wheel
2015 Lifestyle luxury fifth wheel exterior
Ease of towing, large floor-plans, RVs suitable for full-time living or great for family weekend fun are all possibilities when you choose a fifth wheel.
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Fifth Wheels • Guaranty RV

Fifth Wheels have long been a favorite among RVers for their ease of use. Because 5th wheels connect to the tow truck with a hitch over the rear axle, a percentage of the trailer’s weight is on the tow vehicle’s front suspension instead of being entirely on a rear bumper hitch. This gives a fifth wheel less sway than a travel trailer while going down the road and makes them easier and safer to both tow and back up, with fewer concerns about jackknifing. Commercial trucks and trailers often use this same hitch configuration because it is a safe way to carry heavy loads, it reduces the overall length of the trailer and it gives truckers better control. For RVers who own an appropriately large pickup or truck with room in the bed for a fifth wheel hitch, this type of RV gives you the same advantages that it does for commercial truckers, opening up a new world of possibilities in terms of the size of the home-away-from-home that you can pull.

At Guaranty RV Super Centers, we carry well over 100 new and pre-owned fifth wheels in a variety of sizes and styles, from family friendly models for camping trips to large luxury designs that are perfect for the full-time RVer. If you’re looking for a towable RV that rates high in safety and maximum living space, a fifth wheel may be exactly what you need, particularly if you’re thinking about a more active RV lifestyle, long road trips, or full time RV living. Let’s take a look at your options.

Fox Mountain Fifth Wheel Exterior

Maximum Living Space per Square Foot

Fifth wheels give you the most living space for any given trailer length because the master bedroom is situated in the raised area over the truck bed. This bi-level floorplan allows for more living space downstairs, where you need it the most. When you also have strategically placed slide-outs in your fifth wheel, you can get even more space, making room for amenities like residential style living room furniture, full-size kitchen appliances, large bathrooms and more, including features that are normally only found in higher-end motorhomes.

Budget-friendly models like Keystone’s Montana or Everest give you everything you need to take the whole crew on the road, whether that’s the entire extended family or a bunch of hunting buddies. If you have a large enough tow vehicle, award winning fifth wheels like Heartland’s iconic Landmark and Bighorn feature loaded floorplans, solid craftsmanship and components that are packed with value, so you know you’re getting the most for your money. Similarly, Coachmen’s Brookstone has the longest list of standard luxuries of any fifth wheel in its class.

Interior of fifth wheel

If you have a half-ton truck, look to mid-profile fifth wheels like the Chaparral or Chaparral Lite by Coachmen. Using Alumicage construction, these models can weigh thousands of pounds less than a full-profile model and will give you more maneuverability on the road, while still providing you with up to three slide-outs for more living space and a variety of floorplans. For shorter-bed half-ton pickups, Heartland has altered their front design on models like the Sundance and pioneered a Tight Turn Technology so that the popular short-bed extended-cab pickups can tow them without damage. So long as you have a pickup or truck to carry the fifth wheel hitch, there is very likely a perfect fifth wheel trailer out there for you. If you’re not sure about your tow vehicle, give us a call at Guaranty RV; we’re here to help you make the best decision.

Full-Time RV Living

Fifth wheels are ideally suited to full-time RV living and snowbirding. Their spacious, open floor plans offer more living space than motorhomes because they aren’t vying with the cab and engine areas for room, and they provide more storage space than most other RVs. Also, because they are easy to hook up and unhitch, you have the convenience of using your tow vehicle for local adventures, leaving your fifth wheel at the campsite to come home to at the end of the day. The bi-level floorplan gives a sense of privacy where you need it, and plenty of room in the living area for entertaining. If you have a model with a slide-out in the bedroom, as well as the living and dining areas, you’ll have room for amenities to make your life on the road all the better. For some models, this means the inclusion of home offices, a stackable washer and dryer, beautiful entertainment centers with electric fireplaces and large flat screen TVs, full size bathrooms and kitchens, and much more. Fifth Wheels like the Heartland Landmark and the Lifestyle by Lifestyle Luxury RV are designed for year-round living. Invest in an on-board generator, and you can park wherever you want and have all the comforts of home amid the beauty of nature.

If you’re looking for maximum living space, easy towing and the amenities normally offered only in higher-end motorhomes, a Fifth Wheel Trailer might be for you. Come on over to Guaranty RV in Junction City to find the right RV for your family, and be sure to call 1-800-818-9344 if you have any questions.

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