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Entertain, relax and luxuriate in a top-of-the-line Class A luxury diesel motorhome.
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Class A Diesel Motorhomes • Guaranty RV

Class A Diesel motorhomes, also known as diesel pushers, are some of the largest, most luxurious RVs on the road, providing amenities and features without compare. Their powerful diesel engines make it possible to add much more square footage than a gas powered model can carry, and provide more space for plush furnishings and tons of storage. So if you’re in the market for a top of the line Class A motorhome, a diesel pusher might be exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll find a wide variety of excellent models to choose from with brands like Winnebago, Newmar, Monaco and others. Ultimately, the decision between a gas powered coach and a diesel pusher comes down to your personal needs, travel plans and budget.

We’re discussing diesel Class A’s at the moment, but at Guaranty RV Super Centers, we also have a wide selection of motorized Class A coaches, as well, so you can compare and decide what is best for you. Let’s look at some of the advantages of a diesel pusher.

silver diesel Class A motorhome

Diesel Pushers vs. Class A Gasoline Motorhomes

Diesel Class A motorhomes tend to cost more than a gas powered model, and many RVers think that this is the most important factor in making a decision between the two. However, it’s important to take into account differences in power and amenities as well. Diesel engines provide more torque and can therefore pull more weight than a gasoline engine, making them ideal for pulling a tow vehicle or trailer. Because the engine in a diesel pusher is near the back of the vehicle, they’re also better than a gas powered motorhome of comparable size at climbing steeper grades with less strain on your engine. Newer diesel pushers are more fuel efficient than ever before. Diesel engines, in general, are known to be more fuel efficient and longer wearing than gas-powered ones. So even though these models are some of the largest on the road, you’ll actually be getting better fuel economy for your money.

The most obvious advantage to Class A luxury diesel motorhomes is that they are the top of the class when it comes to long term livability in the most luxurious and stylish fashion. If what you want is the ultimate in living space and luxury, diesel pushers from top brands like Newmar, Monaco and Itasca are ideal for long term RVing, snowbirding and a full time luxury RV lifestyle. For example, an Itasca Ellipse offers a variety of floorplans ranging from 36 to 42 feet, with options for full-wide slide-outs that give you unprecedented living and storage space, and plenty of room for the finest amenities.

Another thing to consider when deciding between a diesel pusher and a Class A gas coach, is the number of people you want to travel with. Diesel Class A motorhomes will usually sleep 4 to 6 people, so they’re great for small families or couples and, depending on which floorplan you choose, they are perfect for short term entertaining.

Luxury Diesel Motorhomes for Living and Entertaining

Diesel pushers can’t be beat when it comes to creating a home on the road, and in a model like an Itasca Meridian or a Monaco Dynasty, there are also endless opportunities for entertaining your favorite guests. Floorplans that position entertainment centers in central locations that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the coach allow you and your friends to gather together around the TV for a Superbowl Sunday or an evening sipping wine and chatting in front of your beautiful electric fireplace. With exceptional residential-style kitchens to prepare meals and just enough elegant dining room for two or three couples to enjoy their dinner while they visit, these high end luxury coaches give you the appliances, furnishings and amenities to entertain in the best style.

Interior of luxury diesel Class A motorhome

If you want the ultimate in luxury diesel pushers, you will love the bold beautiful lines of Newmar’s Essex and King Aire. These elite status coaches offer a level of style that is unmatched in their class. With handcrafted hardwood cabinetry, top of the line residential-size appliances, the finest furnishings, and remarkable use of space and details, these diesel Class A’s exude elegance and comfort, while providing all the power you need in a Cummins diesel engine and supreme driveability with Power Comfort Drive Steering.

If you’re ready for the ultimate RV lifestyle, a luxury diesel Class A motorhome might be the ideal option for your on-the-road adventures. Come visit Guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City, Oregon to walk through our wide selection of diesel pushers, or call 1-800-283-9163 if you have any questions.

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