PullRite ISR Series SuperLite 20k Fifth Wheel Hitch (click for more)

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Change is inevitable. Sometimes that change can be slow, sometimes it turns the world upside down. PullRite has taken a fifth wheel hitch and a gooseneck hitch, combined their key features, and turned towing upside down. A gooseneck hitch is a ball and socket type connection with the ball mounted in the bed of the truck without rails to interfere with cargo transport. This makes a secure attachment but with the connection point on the bed floor it can be hard to see when you are aligned properly without getting out of your vehicle. A fifth wheel hitch raises the connection point height to a more visible level, but fifth wheel hitches are heavy and require bed rails. The 19-9214 SuperLite 20K uses the ball and socket attachment point of a gooseneck but PullRite has turned it upside down, creating the tightest connection in the industry. Pullrite took their inverted gooseneck coupler and mounted it to a base that fits industry standard rails or PullRite’s totally removable SuperRails featuring Clean Bed Technology (CBT). They added a funnel to the gooseneck coupler so that all you have to do is aim the ball over any part of the funnel to guide the ball into the coupler tube. Because the ball and the coupler funnel are completely visible from the driver’s seat, SuperLite is absolutely the easiest fifth wheel hitch to couple in the industry, and the lightest at only 52 lbs.!

Adapter required for horse trailer or gooseneck type trailer <a href="http://www.guaranty.com/content/superlite-horse-trailer-adapter">19-9215 4443</a> $263.00

Sold as hitch only. Rails and brackets required for operation. Industry Standard Rails and vehicle specific bracket available separately $300.00. Contact us for vehicle rail and bracket options and fit.

• 20,000 Pounds Max Gross Trailer Weight Towing Capacity • 5,000 Pounds Max Trailer Pin Weight Capacity • Vertical Height Adjustment From 16 To 19 Inch • ISR Series Of Hitches Simply Pin To The "Other Guy's" Existing Base Rails In Your Truck, Eliminating The Need To Reinstall And Drill Additional Holes Limited 5 Year Or 31,000 Mile Warranty
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