The SylvanSport GO is a versatile camper trailer that transforms from a utility trailer to a fold-out tent camper trailer. Guaranty RV Super Centers is the authorized SylvanSport dealer for the state of Oregon. The SylvanSport GO is made in America with strong aluminum components. Now on display at the Guaranty RV Travel Center, you can sleep a family of four, carry your bikes and kayaks and make the most of every weekend in the Swiss Army knife of camping trailers.

If you really love to camp, the SylvanSport GO camping trailer was created especially for you. GO delivers that wonderful experience of tent camping: lightweight, airy materials, the feeling of actually being outside (no hard-sided walls), the sounds and smells that make camping so special.

Carry more. Go further. Have more fun, in the Coolest. Camper. Ever. Versatile - Carry up to a dozen bikes, boats, and all your gear, up to 800 lbs. Lightweight, low-profile and easy to load - perfect for big boats. Sleeps a family of four in spacious comfort. Includes large rear awning for shade and rain protection. Control-Tilt Deck allows for ramp-free loading of vehicles.

Three modes make the GO a practical investment:

SylvanSport Go Transforming Modes at Guaranty RV

Travel Mode – Light enough to be towed by any small car. Includes a standard 2" ball coupler, flat 4-wire electrical connector, LED tail lights, and high-speed trailer tires. Trailer requires license plate with DMV.

Transport Mode - Carry up to twelve boats, bikes or any combination up to 800 lbs of cargo - even an ATV or refrigerator using the Control-Tilt deck.

Camping Mode - Six configurations to sleep up to four people off the ground in a durable Kelty-made tent camper with large awnings, 6′-4″ of standing headroom, four self-inflating mattresses, and two internal bed/table panels including a lockable 9 cu ft storage pod that functions as a cooler.

1-888-982-7976 Call, click, or come by the Guaranty RV Travel Center to see the SylvanSport GO on display.

Highly Awarded

Coined after the great American inventor, Thomas Edison, The Edison Award honors excellence in new product and service development, marketing, and human centered design and innovation. The SylvanSport GO was a finalist in the Athletics and Recreation category of the Edison Awards, which are known informally as the “Oscars of Innovation.”

Sylvan Sport Go was an Edison Awards Finalist 2015

Convenient Financing options with OCCU

The SylvanSport GO is the perfect versatile camper trailer for your next outdoor adventure. At Guaranty, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and your financing. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends at Oregon Community Credit Union to get you the best financing in the area.

Financing through a credit union like Oregon Community Credit Union can save you a lot of money. Financing can be intimidating, but with OCCU’s loan calculator, you’ll know exactly how much your loan will be every month. Instead of adding this purchase to your personal credit card, talk with one of their professionals about financing. In fact, with OCCU’s financing, you can save money in the long run. For example, with the price of a Sylvan Go at $10,000 and an annual interest rate of 3.15%, you’d pay $180.35 with OCCU. The average credit card has an annual interest rate of 13.12%, meaning your monthly payment could be as much as $228.15. That’s more than $2,800 back in your pocket over a 5-year period.

For more information on the Sylvan GO, contact us today. If you want to discuss financing options, visit OCCU’s payment loan calculator, or contact one of their professionals.

What People are Saying

We already have six nights in our go this summer, which puts us over 130 nights total in now our 6th season!! We are leaving this Saturday for a 2.5 week trip to Banff and Jasper…sure am glad I could convince my wife to allow me to buy our go, sight unseen, way back when!
- Brian, Oregon

I thought you might be interested in some of these photos we took on our inaugural summer camping trip with the GO. We went to the Sawtooth range outside of Sun Valley, Idaho, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone. The GO worked like a charm and was a big hit with other campers.
- Kristen, Burlingame, CA

We shopped for our Outback last spring and coordinated the purchase of our GO just after the purchase of our Subaru. We had both in mind as “the boomer toys of choice”. We couldn’t be more elated…they are like biscuits and gravy, like strawberries and cream, like sauerkraut on your bratwurst, like horseradish with roast beef. Some things just work well together! The Subaru’s rear deck complements storage of camping/kayaking/biking supplies with the GO’s hauling abilities. Our MPG were hardly affected at all and visibility was not hampered when towing, either in the travel or transport mode.
- Michael, Bloomington, MN

Dee camping

Dee camping (bought in January)

go at the GTC