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130 Watt Dehumidifier (click more) for Air-Dryr  130 Watt Air-Dryr for
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Air-Dryr is the safe, inexpensive & effective way to fight mildew, mold, cold drafts and corrosion. Ideal for boat, RV, home, office and any area with moisture build-up. Cool, damp air is drawn through the bottom base panel, then heated and released through the top perforated surface.110 volt. Model 1458 is recommended for enclosed space up to 1000 cubic feet (10x10x10) in motor homes, trailer, campers, boats, cabins, stored vehicles, etc. Measures 14"D x 14"W x 4.5"H. Draws 1.1 amps. Silent operation - no moving parts. Trouble free - no switch, no fan, no
Cleaner (click Coil more) for Coil Conditioner Condenser Clean Air  Coil Cleaner, No Rinse for
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RV roof top air conditioners work just the same as those at home. The hot air in the interior is pulled into the ac unit and is then blown over evaporator tubes filled with refrigerant to cool the air down. The refrigerant is then treated by the compressor, going from a cold gas to a hot liquid. The hot liquid refrigerant then runs through the condenser coils which release the heat into the exterior air. If the condenser coils are dirty it limits their ability to release the heat. The dirt and contaminants act like an insulator and prevent the dissipation of heat. This causes the unit to work longer and harder, leading to premature failure of components or the unit itself. The 13-3013 3X Coil Clean Condenser cleaner provides a no rinse highly effective option for condenser cleaning.

Weight: 1.5000 Used For: Remove Dirt/ Lint/ Grease And Matted Material From RV Condenser Coils And Fins Unit Size: 16 Ounce Unit Type: Aerosol Can Unit Quantity: Single With Deodorant: Yes Foaming No-Rinse, No-Wipe Cleaner Formulated To Quickly Penetrate And Remove Dirt, Lint, Grease And Matted Material From RV Condenser Coils And Fins The Powerful Spray Generates A Thick Foam That Breaks Down The Soil Dirt And Lint Are Washed Away With Condensation, Leaving Unit Cleaned And Deodorized
for Fan 2 12volt speed (click more) Dash
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The large windshield of a Class A motorhome provides both the driver and passenger a panoramic view of the open road. While this is an advantage when you are exploring it can be a disadvantage when the dash heat and air do not have the ability to effectively maintain a comfortable temperature. Most Class A units use dash heating and air designed for use in much smaller passenger vehicles and therefore it may have difficulty with the extra square footage of the cockpit area of a motorhome. The btu output is normally not the issue, it is generally the amount of airflow and a great way to increase air flow is with a dash fan. A dash fan can also be beneficial when the vehicle is parked, helping to circulate air when using the roof top air conditioner or the forced air furnace. The 523139 fan is a stationary 2 speed 12volt fan with a Mate N Lock connector making installation easy. This fan is a factory replacement for the “old style” Continental Imports used in many Fleetwood motorhomes, but can be used in virtually any 12 volt application. The new style has no switch and the old style has a dash switch. The new style fan can replace the old style fan, but it will need to be rewired for the different switch. The other option is to take off the fan head portion and replace it with the new fan head to prevent rewiring.
Horn for Replacement Air Hadley Solenoid  Bully Solenoid  Bully Repl Solenoid for
Here a solenoid, there a solenoid, everywhere a solenoid. Solenoid valves are found in the simplest machines to the most complex systems, but they always do the same job. A solenoid valve is a gate, which allows or prevents flow. A solenoid valve opens and closes depending on the needs of the application when voltage is applied.

Hadley Air Horns are not an incredibly complex system. You have a compressor, accumulator tank, solenoid, and horn bells. The compressor fills the accumulator tank to the appropriate pressure, regulated by the <a href

”" target

"_blank">H13940S pressure switch</a> and when you hit the horn 12volt is supplied to the H00550B solenoid which opens and allows high pressure air to travel across the diaphragm and down the horn bells creating the horn sound. The shape and length of the bell controls decibels and tone, but if you are experiencing a decline in your horns performance the solenoid could be the culprit. The solenoid may not open fully if it is aged or rusty internally. Any time we deal with compressed air condensation is present and without a water separator there is no way to prevent the eventual rusting of the solenoid. This solenoid is tank mounted and should be easily accessed. To test it as a separate component without activating the horn, apply 12volt and listen for an audible click. If the is no click the solenoid is not operating correctly.

Weight: 0.8000 Voltage Rating: 12 Volts Inlet Size (IN): 1/4 Inch NPT Outlet Size (IN): 1/8 Inch NPT Mounting Style: Tank Mount


Newmar # N010968 UPC 729008000262
Switch Pressure Air Horn Hadley  Bully Repl Pressure Switc for
Pressure makes diamonds, but it can also make dust. The difference of course is the amount of pressure applied. Water pressure can help you clean the driveway or cut through steel. Hydraulic pressure is used to stop your RV or used by construction equipment to lift heavy loads. Air pressure inflates our beach toys or allows an air horn to reach very high decibel levels. In an air horn, sometimes referred to as a train horn, high-pressure air flows past a reed or diaphragm causing it to vibrate. The vibration creates sound waves, which are amplified as they travel the length of the horn. Hadley makes a large number of air horns and provides the lions share used in the RV industry. The H13940S pressure switch is used in almost all of the Hadley horn kits for vehicles without their own air source. It is rated at 100psi to 135psi and operates on 12volts.

Connection Type: Male Threads Connection Size: 1/8 Inch-27 NPT

UPC 7290080000606
Ceiling Ac White Vent Regiser  Vent Ceiling Regiser White Ac for Monaco
A white ceiling vent that puts out cold air coming from your A/C.
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This vent can be installed in the dash of your RV. It is held in place with screws and is easy to install. The dash vent controls air-flow and helps filter air passing through the vent.

This part is compatible with Winnebago and Itasca RVs.

Vent Dash Round for Monaco
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Price per unit.

This circular vent can be installed in the dash of your Monaco RV. The dash vent controls air-flow and helps filter air passing through the vent.

This part is compatible with Monaco RVs.

Round - Heater Dash Black Vent Register  Register Heater Dash Vent Black Round for Fleetwood
Price per unit.

This circular vent can be installed in the dash of your Fleetwood RV. The dash vent controls air-flow and helps filter air passing through the vent.

This part is compatible with Fleetwood RVs.

Dash 054-00011 Receiver For Air Drier  RV #  Drier for

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