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Nozzle Windshield Monaco Newmar Fleetwood Forest River Jayco Winnebago Itasca  Nozzle Windshield Squirter for Fleetwood
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A clean windshield not only looks good from both sides it's safer. The windshield washer nozzle sprays cleaner onto the windshield but can often become damaged in snowy, icy, or dusty conditions. It attaches to the windshield wiper with a single screw and is very easy to attach.
Dimensions: This washer nozzle is approximately 1.5 inches long by 3/8 inches wide.

It is compatible with Fleetwood, Monaco, Newmar, Forest River, Jayco, Winnebago, and Itasca RVs.

Wiper Windshield Blade Refills Only Windshield Wiper  for Fleetwood  Blade Refill Only Windshield Wiper  for Fleetwood
Wipe on wipe off. Wipe on wipe off. Wipe on wipe off. If your wipers are wiping on as much as they are wiping off, then its time to change your blades. Wipers that no longer perform as expected, or no longer provide a high level of safety, should be changed. Over time, a rubber wiper blade naturally dries out due to the aging effects of UV rays and heat. Dust, sand, and other contaminants can also damage the rubber wiping edge. As the rubber dries and ages, the blade stiffens, and can crack or separate. An aged wiper blade will chatter, smear, streak, or skip across the windshield. Cleaning the windshield regularly with soap and water or a household glass cleaner is recommended because windshield contamination is also a common cause of poor wiper performance, even when the blades are still in good shape.

A wiper blade consists of the rubber wiping element and the superstructure with brackets and joints that distribute the arm pressure and give the blade its flexibility. A refill is just the rubber element and one or two tension springs inside the rubber element or on its outside. While replacing just the refill can be a low-cost alternative to changing the wiper blade, the wiper blade
superstructure will wear out over time as well. Denso Wiper Blade Refill Features • Precision Wiping Edge for Cleaner Windshield • Designed to Meet Various Weather Conditions • Aerodynamic Design Provides Superior Surface Pressure for a Smoother Windshield Wipe • All-Metal Frame Provides Maximum Strength and Durability • Evenly Spaced Contact Points Apply Even Pressure Across Wiping Edge • High Compression Special Rubber Compound Insert Reduces Chatter and Squeaks
Price per box. 2 Blades per box. LA060150-0010 MFG # Dimensions: Approximately 24” long
Winnebago, Itasca, and Roadtrek Lens Porch Light Recessed Clear for Roadtrek
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This clear lens can be installed in recessed porch lights. The lens attaches to the light fixture, protecting the light bulb, and diffuses the light to create a soft glow. The porch light lens reduces glare, allowing you to see more clearly in dim light.

Dimensions: Approximately two inches wide.

This part is compatible with Winnebago, Itasca, and Roadtrek RVs.

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Water Fill City for Winnebago Itasca  City Water Fill Cap

Windshield Washer Reservoir including pump assembly for Winnebago Fleetwood  Reservoir Windshield Washer Container for Fleetwood
Washer reservoirs will wear out over time, as harsh weather conditions often cause them to crack.

To replace your washer reservoir, you will first need to remove it. Detach the wiring connecting the pump to the vehicle. This reservoir comes with pump assembly, so reattach wiring to the new pump. Reinstall the new washer tank and fill with washer fluid. A ratchet, sockets, and screwdrivers may be needed to complete the installation.

This part is compatible with Fleetwood and Winnebago RVs specifically but may fit as replacement on multiple brands.

Seal Bulb  Bulb Seal for Jayco
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Price per foot.

Designed for Jayco RVs with slideouts, this bulb seal keeps water from getting through the cracks along the edge of the slideout.

To replace bulb seal, first remove the existing seal by pulling it off all the way around the slideout. Then begin attaching the new seal by fitting the groove in the seal around the slideout flange. There may also be metal clips attached to the slideout flange that help secure the seal. If you experience difficulty, a flathead screwdriver can be used to push the seal into the crack when your fingers can’t reach. To fit the seal around corners, cut a slit in the wiper part of the seal at the corner points. Cut off any excess. Finally, it is a good idea to secure the seal with caulking or silicone, which will extend the life of the seal.

This part is compatible with Jayco RVs.

Quad Off White  Off White Quad for Jayco
OSI QUAD is an advanced VOC formula window, door and siding sealant designed for superior performance on exterior window, door, siding and trim applications. OSI QUAD VOC can be applied to wet or dry surfaces, even at freezing temperatures. And unlike other sealants, QUAD VOC resists dirt and dust collection, yellowing and water washout. QUAD VOC is self tooling and once cured, it is paintable. OSI color specialists work closely with leading window, door, siding and trim manufacturers to ensure perfect color matches. OSI QUAD Advanced VOC Formula Window, Door and Siding Sealant is specially designed for sealing around windows, doors, fiber-cement siding, vinyl siding, roofing and gutters. It bonds without a primer to most common substrates like cedar, fiberglass, aluminum, masonry and concrete.
Solvent formula, all weather sealant can be applied in rain, shine, heat and cold for superior performance all of the time Available in over 300 colors, matched precisely to leading window, door and siding manufacturers Self tooling, saves time and provides a professional finish every time Paintable with oil based or latex paint after full cure Remains permanently flexible, will not crack in temperature extremes Resists dirt and dust pickup Superior UV resistance, will not crack or yellow Low VOC formula compliant nationwide with all Federal and State regulations
 Protector Corner Slide Out Clear for Jayco
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Lens Clear Interior for Light Jayco
This clear lens can be installed on interior light fixtures in Jayco RVs. The lens attaches to the light fixture, protecting the light bulb. It reduces glare and diffuses the light to create a soft glow.

Dimensions: Approximately 5 ½” long

This part is compatible with Jayco RVs specifically but may fit lights found in multiple brands.

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