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This Carbon Monoxide Detector will alert you if you have any Carbon Monoxide floating in your RV. This product can save your life. Model 9RV
Granules Dehumidifier Camco Bucket And  Mini Dehumidifier for
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Compact Moisture Absorber. Works To Remove Dampness From The Air, Helping To Reduce Mildew, Mold And Musty Odors Weight: 6.8500 Type: Granules In Bucket Size: 12.5 Ounce
CV1500 Vacuum Devil for more) Central Dirt (click  Ddevil All-In-One Vac for
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Exploring the great outdoors is a wonderful part of the RV experience. Bringing the great outdoors back into your RV is less wonderful, but hard to prevent. Finding room to store an upright vacuum in any RV is difficult and they can be too bulky for the smaller spaces and hard to clean corners. The 03-1210 Dirt Devil CV1500 central vacuum system lets you take the convenience of a central vacuum on the road. The CV1500 central vacuum system is the perfect, versatile cleaning solution. Vacuumed dirt and debris are captured in a remotely located dirt canister, and the Maxumizer Tool Kit provides accessories for every cleaning job in your RV. Always there when you need it, the Dirt Devil® CV1500 is the ultimate built-in companion for your next RV trip.
High-performance central cleaning system Provides quiet, powerful vacuum power Features HEPA filter bags. HEPA filters capture 99.97% of all particles .3 microns or smaller. This size covers all common allergens, from mold and animal dander to dust mites and pollen, along with some small particles from smoke and polution. Saves space - installs easily under seats, in closets or storage compartments. Can be used on rugs, carpets, furniture and upholstery, cabinets, dashboards, vinyl floors, ceramic tile and window treatments Maxumizer Deluxe Cleaning Tool Kit available (stores in less than half a cubic foot of space)
Maxumizer Deluxe Cleaning Tool Kit Includes: RugRat Handheld Turbine Powerbrush 7' hose which expands to 35' One-piece adjustable wand Selectable Rug/Floor Tool Crevice, Upholstery and Dusting Tools Mesh Tool Bag
ALSO AVAILABLE: VacPan Automatic Dustpan: VacPans are a great add-on to the CV1500 RV Central Vacuum System. The VacPan provides quick clean-ups with a convenient toe-kick switch.Simply sweep dust and dry debris up to the vacuum port to be whisked away.
Dirt Devil® CV1500 Specifications:
Model: Dirt Devil® CV1500 Weight: 14 lbs. Dimensions: 7.5" x 7" x 14.25" Voltage: 120 Volts (AC) Amperes: 11.7 Max Amps Motor: With overload and overheat protector, automatically resets when cooled Dirt Capacity: 1 Gallon CFM: 100 Air Watts: 501 Water Lift: 120"
Central Vacuum HEPA Bag Replacement Dirt Devil For  3Pk Ddevl Cv1500 Repbags for
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The Devil is in the details. The details here are that these 03-1211 (MFG# 9597) genuine Dirt Devil replacement Hepa bags filter down to 0.3 microns and capture 99.97 percent of all particles leaving your RV cleaner and healthier with no recirculation of dust and vacuum odors. This is great news for those suffering from allergies, asthma, or other breathing ailments. The disposable bags come in a 3 pack and are compatible with your Dirt Devil CV1500, Dirt Devil CV950/LE and Maxum 2000 systems. There is nothing worse than buying a vacuum and then not being able to find bags. Dirt Devil has been in business since 1955 so you should have no trouble finding replacement bags no matter where your RV takes you.

Dirt Devil CV1500 Central Vacuum System complete 03-1210 (MFG# 9614)
High Regulator 30PSI Pressure  Hi. Pres. Reg Preset 30Ps for
The propane gas regulator is one of the most important parts of a propane gas system. The regulator controls the flow of gas and lowers the pressure from the tank to the appliance(s) in the gas system, functioning as a safety barrier between the high pressure of the tank and the end use appliance(s). Propane tank pressure can range from under 10 psig to over 200 psig. Residential applications will generally require 11 inches water column (or about 6.3 ounces per square inch) and the regulator compensates for the pressure differences in the tank to supply a steady flow pressure. Although the purpose of all propane regulators is the same, different applications will utilize regulators for higher and lower pressures as required by the appliance(s). Regulator selection is determined solely by the propane application requirements. Some propane systems incorporate multiple regulators for efficiency while others such as a grill need only a low BTU grill regulator.

The MEGR-130 series fixed high pressure single stage regulators are designed to provide an economical solution for pounds to pounds service applications. The MEGR-130 can be used to regulate air as well as LP gas. Regulators must be installed in compliance with federal, state or local codes or laws in accordance with NFPA 5 Regulator Specifications • Type: Fixed / PSI • Max. Inlet Pressure: 250 PSIG (17,2 bar) • Inlet Connection: 1/4” FNPT • Outlet Connection: 1/4” FNPT • Orifice Diameter: 0.0625” • Exterior Finish: Red Anodized • Diaphragm: Fabric Reinforced Buna N • Bonnet/Body Material: Die Cast Zinc • BTU / H Capacity: 1,200,000 BTU/H @ 40 PSI • Listings: UL LISTED / UL 144

    • All propane related diagnosis and repair must be done by a trained and licensed professional**

Cooktop Burner 56493 2-Burner Drop-In Cooktop for Lance Jayco Heartland Nash  Drop-In 2 Burner Black for Lance
Now we're cooking with gas. The Atwood line of propane cooktops and ranges brings the cooking versatility of gas appliances to the RV industry, and has for over 30 years. With a larger 7200 btu burner and a smaller 5200 btu burner this 07-0258 56493 provides a home cooking experience on the road. Most commonly found in tent trailers, truck campers, or the outside kitchens of larger RVs.

Atwood Drop In Cooktop; Black; 17 Inch Width; One 7200 BTU Burner and One 5200 BTU Burner; 2 Burner; With Removable Grates
Lightest On The Market! Burners Are 33 Percent Larger And Made Of Cast Aluminum For A Residential Look. The Larger Burner Also Spreads The Flame Out More Evenly Underneath Your Pots And Pans Linear Burners With Knobs That Rotate A Full 270 Degrees, Can Tailor The Flame To Your Desired Level Self Trimming Top Creates A Seamless Appearance That Eliminates A Gap Where Food Crumbs And Liquids Can Accumulate Limited 2 Year Warranty

    • All propane related diagnosis and repair must be done by a trained and licensed professional**
Extra Capacity Washer/dry for Appliances Newmar Monaco Itasca
Now matter the size of your RV, storage is always a consideration. To take the comforts of home with you on the road sometimes you are forced to give up some of the already precious storage space available. Luckily this is a common concern and the RV industry has designed products that save on space while still providing a home like experience. The Splendide XC Washer and Dryer Combo is just such an item. It is a space saving appliance that uses only half the space as a traditional washer dryer set. It is only 23 1/2" wide by 22 5/8" deep by 33 1/8" tall and weighs 155 pounds. As the name implies this appliance combines a washer and dryer into one unit that automatically switches from wash cycle to dry. The XC stands for X-tra Capacity allowing you to wash and dry larger loads than ever before, 15 pounds washing and 11 pounds drying. This WD2100XC model has 10 wash settings and 3 dry settings, and is vented to improve drying time. The door on the current model is larger than previous models allowing for more ease of use. It boasts a "Super Silent" operation which means you can run it at anytime, even while sleeping, and not be disturbed. And the unit is built RV tough to withstand the rigors of the road.
120volt - 11 amps - 7 1/2 to 16 gallon per wash cycle
Vent Everest 4" Ii Star  4" Everest Star Ii Vent for
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In with the good air, out with the bad. This is a good relaxation technique and how a forced air furnace works in your RV. The good air is pulled into the furnace and passed rthrough the combustion chamber where it collects heat. This heated air is then distributed either through ducting or front discharge. The bad air is is essentially the discharge from the combustion needed to heat the good air and is vented to the outside for your safety. The 08-0273 35955 vent kit consists of the exterior vent and exhaust tube and a small air box extension.

Furnace Vent; For Atwood 79-II/ 80-IIA Series Furnaces; Complete Exterior Vent Assembly; Vent Length 0 To 3-5/8 Inch; For 20-1/2 Inch To 24 Inch Cabinet Depth Dimensions: Exterior vent plate 6 1/4" wide by 3 3/8" tall
Magnatek Lower Half 7345R Converter for Winnebago Itasca
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Ever had someone in your life want to go by a new nickname, or their middle name, but you met them as Joe and no matter how hard you tried to call them by the new name they were always Joe to you? Well the Parallax Power Supply lower section replacement unit will always be a Magnetek lower half to me. For many years Magnetek converters were the most common converter used in all classes of RVs and replacement was simple. All you needed to know was the model of your current converter and replace it with the same amp model by simply sliding the old unit out and slide the new unit in, with some wiring involved. Then one day they were Parallax Power Systems. Luckily the product stayed the same quality and the replacement process remained simple. This is the 7345R lower section replacement for the 7300 and 6300 series converters.
Ignition Water GC6AA-8 Gas/Electric Heater Atwood Pilot Atwood Water Heater  Atwood Water Heater for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Water Heater Gcaa8 for
A cold shower can be of benefit from time to time. Camping however is not normally one of those times. The Atwood GC6AA-8 96117 6 gallon pilot ignition lp gas/110v electric water heater makes sure you have a comfortable shower experience. It is convenient, safe, and simple to ignite the water heater by going outside to light the pilot. Or you can run the unit on the 1400 watt 110v heat element to conserve propane usage. With 8,800 btu of heating power the Atwood GC6AA-8 water heater provides a homelike shower temperature and water hot enough to feel safe doing dishes. Atwood water heaters boast greater overall efficiency and versatility than other options available to RVs. Ninety-Five percent of all serviceable components a accessed through the 15 1/2"Tall x 16"Wide included access door making servicing the water heater more convenient. The Atwood GC6AA-8 water heater has multiple protection features built in like the high temperature limit switch, a thermostat, pressure and temperature relief valve, and an aluminum tank that can be replaced separate from the water heater and does not require an anode rod. 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Water Heater; LP Gas-Electric; 6 Gallon Tank; Pilot Ignition; 1400 Watt; 8800 BTU; 12-1/2 Inch Height x 16 Inch Width x 18 Inch Depth Cut Out Size; 24 Pounds (When Empty)/ 107 Pounds (When Full); With Access Doors; Non Portable
Serviceable - 95 Percent Of All Serviceable Components Are Accessible Through The Exterior Door Reducing Service Time Multiple Protection Features - Problems Are Prevented With The High Temperature Limit Switch, Thermostat, And Pressure And Temperature Relief Valve Matching Access Doors - Atwood Access Doors Are Painted With Tough, Durable Paint In A Variety Of Popular Colors Which Ensures A Clean And Attractive Exterior Mounting Options - All 6 And 10 Gallon Models Can Be Mounted Flush Into The RV Sidewall For An Integrated, Attractive Appearance Aluminum Clad Tank - Less Weight And The Cladding Eliminates The Need For An Anode Rod Limited 2 Year Warranty

    • All propane related diagnosis and repair must be done by a trained and licensed professional**

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