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Pump 12volt more) Shurflo (click Demand Water On for  Revolution Auto Demand Pu for Jayco Lance Heartland Northwood Nash Arctic Fox
The amenities of home sometimes get taken for granted on the road. Turn on the faucet and the water flows. If your not hooked up to city water then that water flow is produced by your water pump, and more than likely it's a ShurFlo 12 volt on demand water pump. The Revolution water pump from Shurflo is the standard RV water pump used by various manufacturers for over 30 years. Basic 1/2 mpt connectors are easily adaptable to multiple types of connectors. This pump is designed to deliver 3 gallons per minute of fresh water and is remarkably quiet during operation. This pump is the newer model 4008-101-E65, but will replace most other 12v water pumps and is the direct replacement for Shurflo 2088-403-144.

SHURFLO’s(R) REVOLUTION™ fresh water pump design was created with a unique one-piece diaphragm and internal by-pass, assuring long life and top performance in all plumbing systems. Designed as the next legendary pump to exceed the expectations of our customers, the REVOLUTION™ Pump is built for high flow demand, low noise and no rapid cycling. SHURFLO’s(R) quality reputation has been built on the reliability and dependability of every pump we build. The 4008 REVOLUTION™ fresh water automatic demand pump is super quiet, thermally protected and can run dry without damage. Mounts in any position.
Weight: 4.5300 Type: Internal By-Pass Voltage Rating: 12 Volts DC Flow Rate: 3 Gallons Per Minute Pressure Rating (PSI): 55 Pounds Per Square Inch Length (IN): 8.1 Inch Width (IN): 4.9 Inch Height (IN): 4.3 Inch Material: Polypropylene Housing And Santoprene Diaphragm With Thermal Overload Protection: Yes
Self-Priming Internal Bypass-Low Cycling Quiet Operation Runs Dry – Thermally Protected Built-In Check Valve Limited 90 Day Warranty
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Converter WFCO Door Black for Northwood Arctic Fox Lance Nash Jayco Heartland   Door Converter Wfco Black for Lance
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What's behind door number one? In this case it's the power distribution center for your rv's converter/charger. The 110volt breakers and 12volt fuses are not very attractive so WFCO utilizes a hinged door to "beautify" the converter. This WF-8910PEC-DOB black converter door by WFCO can replace missing or worn doors on your RV’s power or distribution center, where the converter is housed.

This part is compatible with new PEC model WF8900 series WFCO converters found in Lance, Jayco, Forest River, Nash, Northwood, Arctic Fox, and many other RVs.

Romex Connector Molex T for Northwood Arctic Fox Heartland Nash Jayco Lance
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These connectors can be used in the electrical systems on Lance, Northwood, Arctic Fox, Heartland, Nash, and Jayco. They are designed to connect to Romex cables.

Marker Light for Nash Arctic Fox Northwood
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Clearance/marker lights are required on all RVs and are used to indicate a vehicles presence (height and width) and overall length. Basically this means all corners of the RV are visible, marked, at night whether the vehicle is in transit or parked. If the vehicle is parked the parking lights will need to be in operation as clearance lights are normally illuminated when the parking lights are engaged. Rear clearance lights are required to be red in color and be placed as far to the rear as practicable. This F30-1008 red clearance light is designed to replace the existing clearance/marker lights on Northwood RVs. Clearance lights are also called marker lights, marker lamps, or clearance lamps.

This part is compatible with Nash, Arctic Fox, and Northwood RVs.

May fit RVs from multiple manufacturers
Strap 49 1/2" Lance Jayco Nash Northwood Arctic Fox Heartland Forest River  Tv Strap Lcd Swing Out 49 1/2" for Lance
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The 49 1/2“ strap for swing out LCD TVs, can be secured around the TV mount in order to keep the TV from swinging out during travel. This prevents possible damage to your TV mount and TV due to rough travel.

This part is compatible with a variety of RVs including Lance, Jayco, Nash, Northwood, Arctic Fox, Heartland, and Forest River.

 Dock Light for Nash Arctic Fox Northwood
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Dock Light for Nash Arctic Fox Northwood 
 Chrome Nash Sink Strainer for Nash Northwood Arctic Fox
Dump Handle for Northwood Nash Arctic Fox 8" Extension Dump Handle  8" Extension Dump Handle for Northwood
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8" handle that extends under your RV so you don't have to reach as far when preparing to dump.
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