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Nozzle Windshield Monaco Newmar Fleetwood Forest River Jayco Winnebago Itasca  Nozzle Windshield Squirter for Fleetwood
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A clean windshield not only looks good from both sides it's safer. The windshield washer nozzle sprays cleaner onto the windshield but can often become damaged in snowy, icy, or dusty conditions. It attaches to the windshield wiper with a single screw and is very easy to attach.
Dimensions: This washer nozzle is approximately 1.5 inches long by 3/8 inches wide.

It is compatible with Fleetwood, Monaco, Newmar, Forest River, Jayco, Winnebago, and Itasca RVs.

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On/Off White Switch  Switch White On Off for Monaco Jayco Holiday Rambler Forest River Fleetwood Nash Arctic Fox
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This white switch can easily be plugged in to your RV.

It is compatible with Holiday Rambler, Jayco, Monaco, Forest River, Fleetwood Nash, and Arctic Fox RVs.

Rear Right Hand Drawer Forest Socket Slide Forest River  Bracket Drawer Guide Rh for Forest River
Hidden in the deepest, darkest recesses of your RV cabinetry lurks the rear drawer slide socket. Left undisturbed the drawer slide socket is a docile component of the hardware required for proper operation of your RV’s drawers, but if disturbed it can manifest aggressive resistance to the drawers proper operation. The rear drawer slide socket is used on both sides of a drawer to hold the back end of the drawer slide securely against the rear wall of the cabinet. Because the socket is used on both left and right hand sides of a drawer there are left hand and right hand versions of the socket. The bracket does more than secure the slide to the cabinetry, it also plays a role in keeping the drawer slide level which is imperative for proper drawer function. If the bracket fails and the slide is allowed to go off level the slide may bind or be difficult to operate. Replacement is relatively straight forward, with the hardest part often being removing the drawer for access. Once the drawer is removed you may need to remove the drawer slide as well. The rear drawer slide socket is normally attached to the cabinetry with screws for easy replacement. There are several styles of drawer sockets so make sure the replacement is identical to the original. This will help insure the socket is installed in the exact location of the old unit, which in turn helps increase the chances of the slide remaining level.

Found on Forest River Product Mounting Plate 2” x 1 3/8” Overall length 4 1/8”

 Luggage Door Retainer holds compartment door open while in use.  Retainer Luggage Door  for Fleetwood Itasca Winnebago Monaco Newmar Forest River Jayco
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The luggage door retainer can be installed to the exterior of your RV. The retainer is designed to help you keep exterior compartment doors open while loading or unloading. The holder can easily be installed with screws.

This part is compatible with Fleetwood, Winnebago, Itasca, Monaco, Newmar, Forest River, and Jayco.

Strap 49 1/2" Lance Jayco Nash Northwood Arctic Fox Heartland Forest River  Tv Strap Lcd Swing Out 49 1/2" for Lance
Price per unit.

The 49 1/2“ strap for swing out LCD TVs, can be secured around the TV mount in order to keep the TV from swinging out during travel. This prevents possible damage to your TV mount and TV due to rough travel.

This part is compatible with a variety of RVs including Lance, Jayco, Nash, Northwood, Arctic Fox, Heartland, and Forest River.

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