Guaranty Detail Center

Guaranty Detail Center takes pride in doing what's right. Our 91 years of combined experience allows us to perfect the washing, waxing and buffing procedure so your vehicle looks as good as new. We like seeing smiles on our customers faces when they see their vehicle after it's all done. That makes the hard work all worth it. Our team is led by Shop Manager Darryl Emery (30 years), Detail Supervisor Jeff Wilturner (15 years), and Team Members Dan Aries (20 years) and Jerry Jewell Jr. (26 years). Each is intent on perfecting his craft.

We are located at 160 SW Kalmia Street, in Junction City, OR. Our hours are Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm, Closed Sat and Sun. Call us Toll Free: 1-877-447-5331

Guaranty Detail Center

Vehicle Detail and RV Wash Service

The Guaranty Detail Center provides exterior RV wash, buff, and wax services for motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and truck campers. We also provide interior and exterior vehicle cleaning, washing, buffing, and waxing services at an affordable price. No RV is too big. No car or truck is too small. All our jobs are completed within 24 hours or less. Our prices are listed a little further down the page.
The Guaranty Detail Center Employees

Professional Results

Our skilled crew in Junction City uses only the finest quality compounds and polishes, many of which are only available through industry trade distribution channels. These polishing compounds are expensive and virtually unavailable on the open market but because we buy in large volume using Guaranty RV Super Centers factory connections, our retail prices remain lower than the competition. We also use micro-fiber towels during the whole process to ensure the best finish possible.
A Junction City fire truck cleaned up at the Guaranty Detail Center

RV Detailing Services

Tree branches in campgrounds, dirt from mountain passes and swarms of bugs can take a toll on your paint. Most RV exteriors are fiberglass and require different cleaners than regular metal car finishes. This is where having an experienced team wash, wax and buff the exterior pays off. Quality water-based cleaners and orbital buffers leave your RV looking like new and improves the resale value.

Compare Guaranty's exterior RV detail prices to the competition and you'll find that we are typically 40% less for our full wash, wax and buff. This includes cleaning the rv roof, wheels, tires, inner fenders, windows, and door molds. We finish our work by hand cleaning and drying every exterior side surface before buffing, and ultra-coat waxing. You really must see our work to believe your reflection!

Detail services are typically quoted in running feet which can be confusing because this measures one side of the RV. Guaranty charges $2.50 per running foot for a wash, $6.00 per running foot for a wash and wax, or $11.50 per running foot for the complete package of wash, wax and buff. So if the RV is 33 feet long, then the total feet detailed 66' or $759 to wash, wax and buff the entire RV including both ends and the roof.
Buffing an RV @ The Guaranty Detail Center

Auto Detailing Services

Guaranty excels at all auto detail jobs. Give us a day and we will hand clean the upholstery, shampoo the carpets, wash windows and mirrors, hand shine the wheels back to life, pressure wash the hard-to-clean door jams, and buff exterior scratches with a multi-step process that includes orbital buffers. Water-based cleaners eliminate that telltale amateur swirly look.

Take pride in your car or truck* and keep it looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor with our help here at Guaranty in Junction City. Daily driving and family road trips can take a toll on your paint and carpet. Keeping it clean improves the resale value and just makes you feel good.

Prices run $299-$399 depending on the condition of your car or truck. * Sorry no heavily soiled work trucks.
The Guaranty Detail Center can wash your vehicle
Steve McNelis testimonial for Guaranty Detail Center

Detail Center Video Testimonial 1

Steve McNelis of Chico, CA

Says that his RV looks better now
after detailing than it did when it was new.
Guaranty Detail Center Manager Darryl Emery

Find the Detail Center

Guaranty Detail Center
160 SW Kalmia Street
Junction City, OR 97448

Toll Free: 1-877-447-5331
Michael Holmes testimonial for Guaranty Detail Center

Detail Center Video Testimonial 2

Michael Holmes of Erda, Utah

He says his coach was polished and buffed 3 times
for the best finish that he has ever gotten.
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