Lippert/Powergear Slide Room Controller 140-1130 (click for more)

Relay Control,  Powergear Slide Room Controller 140-1130 for Fleetwood
A relay race is run by multiple participants who pass a baton from beginning to end. Powergear calls this slide room control circuit board a control relay board because it is one of the participating components that extend and retract your slide rooms. Power from the RVs batteries is supplied to the switch, the switch passes power to the relay board, the relay board sends power to the motor, and the motor extends or retracts the slide room.

Common on most Fleetwood motorhomes and trailer slide rooms, but may be used by multiple RV manufacturers. Uses Tyco 0-1432868-1 relays. The number on the circuit board is 140-1130. Board is 4" long by 2" wide by roughly 1.5" tall. Slow blow fuse not included.
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