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The Basics of RV Bathroom Maintenance, Part 1

When it comes to maintaining your RV, there is one topic that many often overlook: the bathroom. Sure, you keep the bathroom in your RV clean, but there is more to maintenance than simply cleaning it. A well-maintained bathroom ensures that your RV never experiences odors, problematic leaks, or expensive repairs. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about maintaining…

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Ed Morgan
Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

Thoughts on the coming year

This is my last message to you for 2017 but not my last message, as I plan to continue these in 2018. In only a few more days, it will be a brand new year, full of possibilities, triumph, joy, a little sadness perhaps, we just don’t really know what this year is going to bring. To me, that great unknown is very exciting, I just love the possibilities, and I don’t fear the other things …

By: Ed MorganPosted On: December 29, 2017 Read More
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Red Barn in front of snow capped peaks

Why Your Winter Should Include Oregon and an RV, Part 2

Peanut butter and chocolate. Cookies and milk. Winter and an RV. Those are classic combinations, aren’t they? As we shared last week, there are lots of reasons to get your RV on the road in January and February—especially by heading to Oregon for a winter RV camping trip. If you love solitude, access to wildlife, and plenty of fun, Oregon is the best destination for a winter campin…

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Quinn Larson

A New Definition of Progress

Guaranty’s Word of the Year 2017 – INREACH There has been a lot of attention given to Guaranty RV and Guaranty Chevrolet’s Community outreach in the past several blogs, but today we are going to talk about Guaranty’s INREACH. I know that’s not a word, but by the end of this article you will see that it is a perfect description. In The Beginning….   Ne…

By: Quinn LarsonPosted On: December 22, 2017 Read More
Guaranty RV
Night shot of Heceta Head Lighthouse

Why Your Winter Should Include Oregon and an RV, Part 1

Here at Guaranty, we are looking forward to the New Year. It’s time to make a fresh start, set some resolutions, and plan some RV trips, of course. As we look at our calendars, we often notice a pretty big gap between the last trip and the first trip of spring. That big gap, in the shape of January and February, can feel pretty cavernous. If you’re passionate about RVing, January an…

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Quinn Larson
Junction City Downtown

Guaranty Supports the Community Because the Community Supports Guaranty

The Giving Spirit Lasts All Year at Guaranty Throughout the course of the year Guaranty quietly donates to a wide variety of charity organizations in our community. It is important to Guaranty to donate to the local community because it is the local community that has made Guaranty a fixture for over fifty years. While there are a number of one time donation drives and fundraisers that Guaranty s…

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Ed Morgan
Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

Life is a measure to be fulfilled, not a cup to be drained

Dear Team: About 4 months ago, we started having a modest lunch each month to welcome new employees from both companies who had been hired the past 30 days. If we are around, all the senior managers try to attend and introduce ourselves to the new people who have joined us. I have been able to attend all of them and I really enjoy doing it as I think they all do. Once we have all had a slice or …

By: Ed MorganPosted On: December 15, 2017 Read More
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RV Service Technician working on an RV at Guaranty's 46 bay Authorized Warranty Repair Facility

The Complete Guide to Servicing Your RV: What, When & How to Select an RV Service Technician

There is one thing we know for certain about RV owners: they are an incredibly diverse group that all share a passion for travel, the outdoors, and exploring. Owning an RV allows them to take the vacations of their dreams—affordably, comfortably, and with everything to their liking. Here at Guaranty, we always want RV owners to have the best experience possible out on the open road. And s…

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Ed Morgan
Ed Morgan, General Manager of Guaranty RV Super Centers

A "light" message for December

I want you to think about light. Walk into a dark room flip a switch and the room is revealed to you. Step outside on most days, and the sun from 93 million miles away brightens and warms the earth. Light is an amazing phenomenon, part particle and part wave. We pass through it daily without a thought, most of the time you don’t feel it at all, the odd sunburn notwithstanding. We can pass th…

By: Ed MorganPosted On: December 1, 2017 Read More
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Woman hiking in winter

How to get your RV Winter Ready: Our Top Winter RV Safety Tips, Part 2

When it comes to getting your RV ready for the winter season, whether that means a camping trip or packing up for the season, there is a lot of information to know. We covered everything you needed to know about getting your RV winter ready last week. You can view that post How to Get Your RV Winter Ready, Part 1. When it comes to winter RV trips, there is plenty of fun to be had: from skiing …

By: Guaranty RVPosted On: November 30, 2017 Read More
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