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How to Install an RV Washer & Dryer

If you'd like to replace or add washing appliances to your RV, you'll need to consider how to install the RV washer and dryer units after choosing the right model. If you plan on DIY installation, we seriously recommend looking for models with user-friendly installation! Newer RVs will come pre-plumbed and wired for washer and dryer units. Before you buy your washer and dryer, make sure they…

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Top RV Refrigerators

We can probably agree that one of the most important appliances in an RV is the refrigerator. But with so many to choose from, where do you start? First, think about how much size your RV has for a refrigerator. This will narrow down your choices as you begin to consider other features, such as your preferred power source. RV refrigerators are built use different power sources: gas, which uses a…

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White RV Washer & Dryer combo

Choosing an RV Washing Machine

Many people don’t think of RV appliances like washing machines as the most important things to consider before purchasing a vehicle. But because these costs accumulate quickly, we recommend you seriously take a look before making your final decision. There's a very simple reason we love RVing: it’s the best of both worlds! We can enjoy the adventure of camping while keeping some of…

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Top 5 RV Service Tips

1. Winterize your vehicle Winterizing is one of the most important things you can do for RV maintenance. It’s done before winter hits, and involves treating the plumbing system, tires, and a number of other things to protect your RV from the cold. Although a lot of maintenance can be DIY, it’s very important that winterizing is done correctly, which is why we recommend getting pro…

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Fuel Efficient Class A Motorhomes

Update: In November 2015, Winnebago decided to reintegrate its Itasca vehicles under the Winnebago name. These great models will continue, but under the Winnebago name instead of Itasca. When shopping for a Class A Motorhome, keeping fuel efficiency in mind will save you money at the pump in the future. If this is as important to you as it is to us (and we think it should be!), here is a list of…

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Travel trailers are the new tent!

If you love camping, but would like more comfort and security than what an old-fashioned tent has to offer, travel trailers are a perfect solution. They are more affordable than other RVs, and have a number of other advantages. First, a travel trailer offers mobility— something a tent clearly lacks! If you travel from campsite to campsite, your travel trailer requires no setting up or ta…

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The Best Used RVs for Sale

When shopping for an RV, directing your search to used RVs has a number of advantages. Especially for a first-time RV buyer, used RVs are a great option as they are much less expensive than buying new. It’s important to be informed on used RVs before buying. Do your research, and consider attending a seminar for important RV information. We recommend compiling a list of everything yo…

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2014 R-Vision Trail-Lite Crossover 210RB is great travel trailer for families.

Our Top 5 Towables: Travel Trailers, Folding Campers, & More

If you’ve already got the truck or other large vehicle with towing capacity, your best RV option might be a towable like a travel trailer, folding camper, fifth wheel, or toy hauler. Now that was the easy part. The hard part is choosing the towable that will suit your needs. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and finding your dream towable can be a challenge. Read on for an overvi…

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Top 3 Class B Motorhomes for 2013

2013 is going to be a great year for RV'ers, and the latest releases of Class B motorhomes show why! Here are our top 3 Class B motorhomes this year: 1. Roadtrek Agile SS This class B is available brand new, with 0 miles, and is a beautiful model for any RV enthusiast. Even though it runs on diesel, the Agile SS has great fuel economy, especially for its size. Although it's a bit pricier tha…

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New RV Trailers

Here at Guaranty, our selection of new RV trailers is constantly being updated, but below are the top 3 brands you can always find on our lot: 1. Northwood Northwood is a travel trailer manufacturer that somehow manages to create small-sized trailers with the same high quality you’d expect to find in larger vehicles. Models like this 2013 Arctic Fox demonstrate just how seamlessly the si…

By: Guaranty RVPosted On: February 8, 2013 Read More
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