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The Eco-friendly tent trailer

Can you guess how much electricity would be required to power 1,518 homes for an entire year? Here’s a hint: it’s exactly how much electricity was conserved by Jayco manufacturing last year. As a manufacturer, Jayco has made huge strides in creating the perfect eco-friendly tent trailer. Read on for more information about this company and its green products. Jayco’s Green Ini…

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Tailgate in style!: use an RV this Football Season

Tailgating in an RV takes your party to a whole new level. If you don’t already own your dream RV, it might be time to come by Guaranty to purchase one for tailgating. If the past few overcast days in the Willamette Valley have reminded us of anything, it’s that a beautiful Oregon fall is nearly here and that means—you guessed it—college football season. The first non-confe…

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Selecting RV Insurance

Selecting RV insurance is a crucial part of the process of purchasing your new RV. Of course, insuring your recreational vehicle is going to be more expensive than what you’re used to paying for auto insurance, so comparing coverage and rates from several insurance agencies is important. Here is a list of other tips and tricks of RV insurance that you may not be as familiar with. First and…

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Quality and Durability: The Forest River Rockwood Brand

Many people are hesitant to buy or rent RVs because of concerns about cost and how much time and effort is required. But if you’re interested in RVing, and want something easier to take care of than a motorhome, a tent camper like the Forest River Rockwood may be the vehicle for you.Many people are hesitant to buy or rent RVs because of concerns about cost and how much time and effort is re…

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Get All Your Wheels on the Road: Cycling With an RV

Summer is officially here, which means it’s time for both RV owners and cycling enthusiasts to hit the roads. If you happen to be one of the lucky people who has a passion for the RV lifestyle and for cycling Oregon’s highways and byways, then you know that Oregon offers the best of both worlds. Head to Oregon for some of the best RV roadtrips in the nation, in addition to excellent s…

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Junction City: A Key Role in RV Manufacturing

For decades, Junction City, Oregon has been known as a manufacturing hub for recreational vehicles, and remains one of the top cities in the nation for the number of RVs. Our town of Junction City was originally founded to be the junction for main rail lines in Oregon. Although these plans fell through, it earned the name of "junction" and didn't lose its emphasis on transportation. The town be…

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Best RV Parks in Oregon and the Willamette National Forest

Visit the Top RV Parks in Oregon

The Northwest offers some of the highest rated campgrounds for RVs in the country, no matter whether you’re traveling in a motorhome, towing a trailer or toy hauler, or driving your trusty pickup with a camper. Oregon also has some of the most inspiring scenery one could ask for; it’s a bucket list road trip, from the stunning views of the Oregon Coast with its breathtaking coastline,…

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Perks of an RV Service Center

If you're trying to cut expenses when it comes to RVing, then performing some services and repairs as DIY projects is a useful way to do so. But there are a lot of reasons to turn to an RV service center, too. These are some of the benefits of having your RV services performed by professionals: Maintain your warranty If your RV comes with a warranty, then having your repairs done by authorize…

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Solar Power and Your RV

For ultimate freedom, the savvy RV owner now has more options than ever when it comes to solar power, including both hardwired and portable solar generators and chargers. Solar power is increasingly a solution for RVers who want power, but want to get far off the beaten path and be more environmentally friendly. As technology improves and RVs become more efficient, people are now able to reach vac…

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Windmill at the Junction City, Oregon Scandinavian Festival

Junction City, Oregon: Home of the RV

Junction City’s RV History We love Junction City and we’re proud to say that whether your RV of choice is a motorhome, a camper, a travel trailer, a fifth wheel, or a toy hauler, our community holds a special place in the RV history of America. As you travel around the Northwest, you’ll find many history lessons and landmarks to circle on your map, but be sure and add Jun…

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